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My Full Bladder! I'm Bursting!

I'm Dying to Pee! I'm So Close to a Peegasm!

Dear W4W, I am still feeling very sore from trying (and almost succeeding at) to hold 4 pints of pee after last Saturday's party, I was amazed at my bladder muscles and my pee holding capabilities. More about that later! (still very bruised in my pelvic area!)

There seems to be many blokes interested in peeing and female bladder desperation, I just don't seem to be able to find them! My boyfriend is turned off by pee and my girl friend, Aileen's not that pee keen.

I think my real kicks about seeing a bloke desperate to pee is one of power! Aileen and I can match blokes pint for pint with our bladders and it is always them who have to pee first. I usually last the whole evening without a pee, so it gives us a great thrill knowing we can outlast them!

I don't really know quite how I got into getting kicks from making myself bursting to pee. I think that my bladder fills to the point the pelvic muscles start to convulse to expel the pee, then within a split second the pelvic muscles convulse to restrain it and the whole rhythm soon brings me to the verge of an orgasm .. almost as good as a shag ...well maybe better to have both!! (but not missionary posture!)
Now to what happened at the party on Saturday night. I will tell you what actually happened ....
As I told you, I've now got into the habit of having a pee once a day, in the evening.
On Saturday, getting ready for the party, I decided not to pee before going, my goal was to see if I could get my full bladder from 3 and a half to 4 pints. (The past two weeks I have done some research on my holding capacity - 2 pints is easy, two and a half I need to pee badly and anything over 3 and I'm really bursting to pee).

I already had quite a full bladder, although I was nowhere near desperate to pee

So setting off to the party I put on a skimpy top with no bra underneath and a short skirt with no pants (it would be dark at the party, so no one except me would know).
Was a nice warm night .. and so sensuous .. imagine: short skirt, no undies and quite a full bladder!
The two large mugs of coffee I'd had before leaving work were starting to make their pee presence felt, but I knew I could easily cope.
I arrived at my friend's party and I immediately set eyes on a most gorgeous bloke getting off his motorbike .. (underneath his jeans I could see what a nice neat and firm little bum he had!) and I went to chat him up (my boyfriend was on duty so I had the evening to myself).
He immediately suggested I join him for a drink, so we went inside and helped ourselves to a lager each. I realized this could be an interesting full bladder holding exercise, because although I have always outlasted a bloke before needing to go for a pee, I already had quite a full bladder, although I was nowhere near desperate.
We chatted and had a second beer, then a third. Midway through the third I realized my bladder was filling up fast and was also aware of the long queue for the toilet, stretching all the way down the stairs, but I also noticed that he was getting a little 'uncomfortable(!)' for want of a better word. By the end of the third beer I could see he was getting desperate and wanting to have a short absence but he was obviously hoping I would need the toilet first. Well I NEVER let on to a bloke that I need a pee, no matter how desperate I am (not even crossing my legs) and he seemed unnerved when I said 'shall we have another beer?' He said yes and we drank and chatted. I was by now absolutely bursting to pee (it was 1am, 3hrs after the party had started) and so was he! But he didn't know that I was!
Near the end of that beer he suddenly said 'just remembered, I have to make a phone call .. mobile's with the motorbike' and he made a dash for the front door. My friend gave me a wink from across the room and we looked and watched him through the window. She had recently fixed the broken outside lights, so it was all lit up and there was nowhere near that he could pee in private!
A few seconds later he charged in, pushed to the front of the queue of girls waiting for the toilet and said 'excuse me ladies, my need is greater than yours!'.
By now I was in the toilet queue and waiting for a much needed pee and believe me, the next ten minutes was the closest I have ever come to peeing myself. Unfortunately, where the queue was forming it was well lit and I had a short skirt with no knickers on, so there would be no way people wouldn't know if I'd let go.. and I did not want to give the blokes in the queue the satisfaction of seeing me pee myself. My over full bladder started to convulse and my pelvic floor muscles held my pee back. It seemed quite exciting .. a bit like being without a safety net, when I knew how obvious it would be if I did let go and flood the stairs with my steamy pee!
5 mins later I could feel the first drop of pee trying to push itself out and I knew full well that if I let that happen, an absolute TORRENT would follow! So I put all my will power into restraining that drop! 'Well Fi, you have NEVER wet yourself, don't let this be the first time!'
Another five minutes later, all this was working me into a state of near orgasm and then the pelvic muscles almost finally won .. but, just as I was near the front of the toilet queue, that gorgeous bloke came up to me and said 'Fi, join me for another beer and the last dance?'
I must have shocked him when I left the toilet queue and went downstairs with him (by now the risk of wetting myself seemed to have passed). We had another beer, then a very close 'pelvic rubbing' dance which was massaging my swollen bladder - boy was I feeling horny! As the party was winding down he said 'Fi, come and spend the night with me' .. boy I felt tempted, but realized there were too many people there who knew my boyfriend, so reluctantly I declined .. but I took his telno, though!

So me, my swollen bladder and I made our own way back home, I was feeling somewhat frustrated 'cos I knew I would not have a sleeping partner that night. The walked back, although only 10 minutes, was quite 'interesting' for someone who enjoys holding their pee as much as I do. The lower half of my abdomen felt hard and that it was going to explode and the effect of me twitching my bursting full bladder holding pelvic muscles, the whole scene was about to push me into a full bladder enhanced orgasm.
I got home and thought seriously about a long overdue pee. But I thought if I could just make it to the morning, I might be able to do 4 pints, a new holding record for me! I went to bed and the first hour was a never-ending battle between my bladder muscles and my pelvic floor muscles and I was permanently on the verge of orgasm (if my boyfriend had been around, two strokes would have got me there!). I fell into an uneasy shallow sleep, with the never-ending convulsing of my pelvic muscles waking me up to a feeing of near orgasm. Finally I fell into a deeper sleep.

The next morning I woke up in absolute agony!!! Judging by the severe pain in my pelvic area, it was the most pee I have ever held, I couldn't even turn over in bed without unbearable pain 'down there'. Very gingerly I got myself out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I took the graduated potty (pencil marks at pint, one and half and also at two pint levels) and tried to pee, but couldn't. Took me a minute of conscious relaxation before the first trickle of pee came.
After a short while this turned into a torrent of gorgeous hot pee and after about ten seconds the potty was full and I 'shut off' just in time to stop the overflow, noticing that the pee level was about 3 millimetres above the 2 pint mark. I emptied the potty, then started to pee again.
Half filled within a few seconds, then the stream slowed down. Finally, I had emptied my painful, full bladder and when I looked at the potty, the pee level was just 2 millimetres(!!) below the 2 pint mark. So overall I was just ONE MILLIMETER short of my 4 pint goal i.e: about half a dessertspoon! ... oh dear!!

I don't know if and when I'll be trying again for 4 pints. The pain in my bladder was terrific and I don't want to damage myself. We'll see - in the meantime I'll just enjoy the outrageously sensuous feeling that comes from a short skirt, no knickers and a very full bladder!

Cheers - Fi

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