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Holding Her Pee. A Desperate Bladder Battle!

My interest in watersports is quite recent - in fact not long ago I'd have thought watersports meant water-skiing etc!

Then one day, in February I think, I saw a TV show (The Priory, with Zo� Ball & Jamie Theakston) on which a girl was challenged to win a holiday at Niagara Falls (!) by managing not to pee for a whole hour after she'd drunk 3 pints of water (and this was on live TV). Throughout the hour-long program there was a small superimposed screen showing her biting her lip with the effort of holding it in - and Zo� and Jamie added little extra "tortures" like making her listen to a splashing fountain etc. To my surprise I found it all quite arousing and videoed the repeat, which I've watched a couple of times since.

Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at doing it myself - I drank 3 pints of water and waited to see if I could hold on for an hour as the girl on the show managed to. After about 40 minutes I was desperate to pee but, again to my surprise, I found it a very arousing experience; both the holding it in and the massive pee I had when the hour was up!
Having started, I decided to see if I could improve on my "record", both in terms of time and quantity held, and I started to use a measuring bowl to pee into to see how I was doing. My first measured effort was 650 ml, then 800 ml, which I thought quite respectable until I came across your website and found out how many women could hold 1 litre plus. If they could, why couldn't I? So one day I forced myself to drink a pint every fifteen minutes, and held on and on even though I was BURSTING to go. I'd taken my jeans and knickers off because I didn't want to risk wetting them if I "lost control" and I was dancing around, holding myself, desperately keeping it in ...

... when I finally did give in I found that I had indeed been holding just over 1 litre. The relief when I peed it all out was indescribable!
I don't have a man in my life at the moment and although I masturbate fairly frequently, it seems that my major turn-on from now on is going to be in training my bladder to cope with ever-increasing quantities. I'm already trying for the one-and-a-quarter-litres mark!
Best of luck with the Cascade W4W site and please feel free to post any part or all of this message on it if you want to.

Cheers, Claire

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