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A Female's Huge Bladder Capacity!! (She can pee much more than men!)

Dear W4W + Cascade
Got onto your page quite by accident .... interesting(!!)
I did not realize other girls had similar kinky fantasies!!
(I also seem to get some horny kick from holding on and have developed an incredibly strong bladder ..... my boyfriend gets very embarrassed at parties 'cos I can drink pint after pint and last the whole night, whereas he has to go for a pee quite a few times). So last Saturday (after reading your page) I decided to go the whole night at the party without peeing and go to bed and last till morning. We got home, then I deliberately did NOT go for a pee before we had sex (almost instant mind blowing orgasm!!) and then went to sleep. Woke up the next morning really needing to go and went to the loo. Peed into a potty and afterward measured the quantity ... three and a half pints! And what fun peeing it out!!! (AND I could have lasted a bit longer if I had to).

How does that sound? Can anyone better that?
Best (wet) wishes .. Fi <e-mail Fi

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