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Vivian's huge piss by her big bladder, she does a huge long pee!

We love huge female bladders, we want to listen to her peeing!

Hi, W4W,

Nice womens' pee pages you've created. Hopefully more women will contribute.

My name is Anne. I have always loved to hear other women pee, especially those few who are blessed with huge bladders. In particular, I love to listen to the extremely long peeing sound that my closest friend Vivian is able to make. I have secretly timed her on several occasions. Her record so far is 3 minutes 53 seconds. I have always wondered what quantity she is able to hold. But as she is totally uninterested in peeing and only regards it as a biological necessity, it would be no point in asking. In fact, I would probably have shocked her if I had asked her directly to measure her pee quantity.

But Vivian is a health fanatic and after giving the matter much thought I came up with a plan and just a few weeks ago, it went into action. Vivian came over to me a Saturday for a night of drinking wine and talking about the good old days. I soon had to go to the bathroom. After a few hours I had to go once more. Although my bladder is probably above average for the female community, I knew it is nothing compared to the dimensions of Vivian's.

After coming back from the bathroom for the second time I waited for about an hour, then I started talking about the effect of too much salt in the food. Salt binds the water, I said, and you're probably using far too much of it in your cooking, Vivian. I thought you were more careful with your health than that.

I don't use too much salt, Vivian protested.

You must be, I said. I've been to the toilet twice already and now I feel that a third trip is just around the corner. You haven't had one pee yet, Vivian, I said.

But I have a huge bladder, Vivian said, that's why I haven't been to the toilet and still don't feel the need to pee.

I have a large bladder - probably just as large as yours, I lied and I have been for a pee twice already. We have drunk about the same quantity of wine and mineral water, so there you see.

To cut a long story short, Vivian - who loves to show people that it's she who's right - decided to teach me a lesson. When it finally became her turn to pee (when I had been there four times!) she asked me to find a bucket and come with her to the loo.

Now I'm going to show you that the reason why I go less frequently than you to the bathroom to pee, is that my bladder is much larger than yours and NOT because I eat unhealthy food, she said (being a little bit drunk, too) and then she squatted over the bucket and started to pee. She peeed and peeed and peeed and peeed. Watching her was probably a once in a lifetime experience. It must have lasted for at least 4 minutes. (I couldn't time it, of course, when standing in front of her.) But I certainly could measure it and I couldn't believe my eyes: 1.89 litres!!! I have never peeed more than 0.79 litres myself. So even the DIFFERENCE between Vivian and myself qualify for membership in your Litre Club.

Maybe others can benefit from this experience. If you know an uninterested superpeeer and want to find out how much he/she can really pee, try to find a weak spot and try relating it to peeing and don't let him/her be right, let him/her SHOW you that he/she is right. That could give you a memory for life.

W4W:    Thanks Anne, you have a very good point there, get into almost an argument and you'll have to prove yourself right. We have a girl who does pee sound downloads for us, she has a lovely sound, but nowhere near the almost un-natural volume your Vivian friend has. You are joined by many who enjoy the sound of the female pee, I record mine occasionally we have a listen to my pee, I'm quite proud of my efforts sometimes. Maybe you could get Vivian to do a recording for us so we could listen to her pee???
If you'd like to respond to Anne's contribution please Send W4W a Message! thank you! W4W

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