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Pee Holding Messages.
Women Who Love to Hold Their Pee Too Much

LyLy says: When I reach my critical point I start leaking pee just a little and then I can't stop it!

Dear W4W, I've seen a lot of what you've done on the Internet about pee. Well, I first want to tell you that I enjoy it that somebody who shares my feelings about this explains it in B*I*G characters.

I agree with you on many topics and I've personally tried some of your...suggestions and I enjoyed it. But now it's the time for me to suggest you something that you might try?

I'm actually 24 years old and I try to turn my bladder into an explosive fun thing whenever possible. I find the idea of measuring the quantity of pee that I can hold is stupid. But the idea of holding my pee for as long as I can is way much better. I found out that nobody in your website ever held it for too long.
W4W: haven't you seen the Pee Olympics?
It seems like every girl who wrote a letter is afraid of wetting herself, but I think this it is a very fun thing to do!

When I really have to pee (if I'm home), I put on some old underwear and old panties. I make sure I drink more liquids than my bladder can hold. I hold on and on and on to my pee until I reach my "critical point". This is where you must decide that it's too hard to hold your pee any longer. Then I walk into my shower.

 I sit in my shower until the need to pee becomes an explosive emergency

I sit in an appropriate position and I try to hold on. Because you are still wearing clothes it creates a "psychological effect" that makes your bladder stronger. Yeah! I've tried to do the same thing naked and I failed 'cause of this. When I reached my critical point, I started leaking pee just a little and I couldn't stop it at all. It kind of tells your bladder that you are still in an inappropriate place to let yourself pee. If I look at a toilet, I feel my need to void increasing rapidly. So I sit in my shower until the need to pee becomes an explosive emergency.
I just don't move! You'll see & you'll experience weird feelings. All your bladder muscles are contracted, you have to take small breaths not to compress your bladder...and then THE thing happens. I close my eyes 'cause it's too much, way too much effort. I suddenly feel relieved and I look at my panties : I'm peeing and all my muscles are still contracted!
It is sure weird! Oh, I forgot to tell you : I don't know if I'm the only one to experience that but, when I reach my critical point, my vagina gets all wet with juice and it goes on 'til I'm finished.

Please, but please try it. After it's done then please Send W4W a Message! to tell me how you felt. 
But PLEASE try it! Bye! Lyly

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