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Penis Envy Peeing. A Woman Uses a Catheter to Pee!

One of my girl friends used a catheter once to pee to see what a peeing penis was like.
There was a little too much abrasion due to insertion to do it all the time, but she liked being able to the "direct" her pee stream and she "plugged it in" about once a week to go to pee like a man.
She found out for real what men are always complaining about that "the last three drops of pee always fall in your pants." :)
She always wanted to aim her pee stream for me all the time too. She was really hung up on peeing with a penis.

If doctors figure out a way to build or clone penises, just about every girl on the planet will have one! They may not want the balls, but *every* woman I've ever known wants a penis of her own for peeing.
And they want a *big* one too. That says "penis envy" to me. Go figure.

Think it would be a nice addition to the female form, IMHO.

- Axel

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