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Girls Personal Watersports Free Pee Fun Site. Females Pissing Stories

If you'd like to contribute to our pages/our female site please do.
As a female I respect other female's personal privacy and therefore, I'll treat you how I'd like to be treated - OK?
I'm one of the female contributors, I also used to help edit & produce the Cascade Panties Wetting magazine back in the 90s and since starting the website I've noticed that there's a severe lack of pee fun entertainment on the 'net for the female gender. Do you agree? Do the girls want their own pee fun site? Or is it just me?
Do we just want to compare girlie notes? Please prove me right by helping Cascade build our page(s) by sending your contributions, then eventually we can turn it into a whole site - especially for the girls' own wet sex and pee fun enjoyment. This is going to be a site where female visitors play an active part in contributing to it's content, in other words, it's OURS!
Please send your peeing comments and wetting contributions to: W4W
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