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Really gushy pee, 2 women try to stop the pee flow with a finger.

Hi W4W - Watersports for Women,
I'm something of a newcomer to peeing (the erotic aspect anyway!) and came across your site by accident, but I found it really refreshing to find something for women on the subject.
I just wanted to tell you about my first experience of someone else peeing, as I think it has probably changed my sexual preferences forever. I'm 23 and I share a flat with Amy who's 19. We've often kissed and touched each other, but never anything really serious until last week.
We'd been out in Leeds and having missed the last bus home, we decided to walk 2 miles back home in the rain. When we got in, we were both absolutely freezing, so we ended up jumping in the shower together to get some warmth back. We were huddled up in the cubicle when I realised I really needed to pee. Amy said she didn't really mind, so I just peed where I stood, next to her. I was that cold from wearing no knickers that my lips had really tightened up and as I let go, whereas the pee usually just runs down my legs, it squirted straight out forwards over Amy's pubes and on her thighs. I was that desperate I couldn't stop, but as I looked up at her, her eyes were wide open looking at my pee stream going all down her. Suddenly I felt myself getting really turned-on and what surprised me even more was Amy putting her hand between my legs, parting my lips and running her finger gently right from the bottom up to my clit. She said she was bursting to pee too and I told her I'd love to see her pee as well, but I asked her to wait until she couldn't hold it in for a second more. After about another 20 minutes of kissing and touching each other we were both getting seriously hot, so I took the plunge and knelt down between her legs, holding her open so I could see what she looked like.
Just as I put a finger on her clit she said she couldn't wait and she was going to pee whether I moved or not. I wanted to see how much I could frustrate her, so as the first burst came out, I put my little finger over her pee hole to stop her (like you do discreetly stuck in the Ladies queue). But I found the end of my finger start to push inside her and the pee kept coming. I thought for a split second that my finger had slipped into her fanny, but then I realised it was in her pee hole. I certainly can't do that with mine, but what amazed me the most was that she was still peeing really hard, with it coming out around my finger. I put my first finger in instead and it sunk in right up to the first knuckle, and eventually stopped her flow. She looked like she was going to explode and begged me to let her go, so after a couple of seconds I pulled out really quickly and pinched her lips together just below the hole so she sprayed it all over my tits. That was my first and so far, my best experience and since then we've shared my bed most of the time. Have you ever heard of girls who can get fingers in their peeholes ? I sure haven't and am just pretty fascinated by it.
Best regards, Leanne Carrington
W4W: I've never heard of anyone being able to get their finger up a pee hole, it's so wee-ny, but it must be able to expand because you look the next time you have a really gushy pee, the jet is a half an inch wide, so perhaps it's possible to get something up there? Also, when you're in hospital and you need one of those pee tube things, (a catheter?) they slide it up your pee hole don't they? Maybe some of our readers can tell us more if they have experience of this?? Please???

If you'd like to respond to Leanne's contribution please Send W4W a Message! thank you! W4W

John would like to respond to Leanne's thing about pee hole size:
Here is John's letter .... Women have a urethra which can expand to twice the diameter of a man's because it's shorter. Hence, the flow rate can be 2/3 times faster when a woman strains to pee. Men can't make their pee flow go much faster. Women pee with greater force and velocity because of the shorter urethra and longer diameter. Women also pee further for this reason.

It's much easier for women to take a catheter than a man but I haven't heard of a finger. Perhaps if done over time it could be done?

Women probably hold more pee because they can expand out during pregnancy and they have more hollowed out hip bones: there's more room. John x

Michael would like to respond to Leanne's letter:
I, many years ago now met a lovely girl on hols she was called Sally and I still remember the fun we had with peeing on each other. I especially enjoyed watching her pee hole expand as she peeed her socks off and I decided to stop her flow by putting my finger over her pee hole, letting it spray everywhere and with a little bit of pressure applied, I slowly inserted my index finger into her, stopping her flow and how it made her cum by pushing in and out was absolutely sublime.
I have tried this with my wife of a few years and now have resorted to buying a very small vibro - about a inch in diameter and with a bit of lube, she is able to take the whole six inches into her urethra and her orgasms are immense, especially when on full power. Go on try it, you'll not regret it. I enjoy reading your experiences, Mike

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