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Wendy and her lesbian friend take an outdoor piss.

Dear Cascade W4W - Watersports for Women,
I stumbled on your site today and would like to tell you of a recent experience in Spain this year. My partner Sue and I were on holiday in Calella and were walking back up the long steep hill to our apartment after an evening watching the fireworks and drinking in the town, but before I go on, has anyone noticed the complete lack of public toilet facilities in Spanish towns? They are non-existent and that fact alone makes me think that all the Spanish men are Pee watchers!
Anyway, we were less than half way home, walking up that ghastly hill when Sue began to clutch her crotch and walk with her thighs and knees pressed together. We stopped for a breather and the look on her face told me she wasn't going to make it. Is peeing infectious? I needed to pee desperately by now too and was looking round for a convenient doorway to take a leak in when another gigantic firework exploded, seemingly very close.
I was mega startled to say the least, but Sue just stood there and peed herself. As a lesbian couple we saw each other on the toilet every day, but this was so different somehow and so excitingly erotic to see her shorts darken and the pee run down her legs first, then spurt from the material for ages, running in a steaming stream down the hill. It turned me on so much and I told her so.
She didn't think of it as a turn on just then, but we now regard peeing in the shower or bath with our panties on as part of our sexual diet these days and both of us love to watch the other pee - especially from underneath.
Love, Wendy
P.S: I nearly made it back to the apartment, but as I crouched a stray dog came a sniffing which made me stand up quickly......well you can guess the rest.

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