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Wet Sex Pee Fun Holding Pee. All About Adult Watersports!

Curious about peeing fun & wet sex? Adult Watersports Holding your pee for fun? Is peeing for pleasure the fetish for you? It's so erotic and it's fun!

Now, who thinks Adult watersports, wetting sex and
holding pee is just peeing on someone or being peed on ....?

.... wetting sex isn't just about peeing on someone, that's a narrow opinion of folks who don't know anything about it and they've just made a silly foregone conclusion, made up from the term 'golden showers'. Yes, water sports is golden showers, but it's also panty wetting, public peeing, voyeurism, holding your urine in your bladder, (a favourite with the ladies) peeing contests, distance peeing, kinky peeing, watching ladies pee, (a favourite with the guys) - in fact, it's everything that's pee related, it's exciting and it's sexy. That's where, as an adult, your pee fun imagination comes in to play, whether it be just for your own private entertainment while on your own, or with a consenting (or unsuspecting) partner, or even in a group?

Maybe you're in a sex relationship where you think your partner wouldn't be keen on pee games and you're frightened of losing them, so you've decided not to approach him//her and you pee solo? Maybe you know that your partner would like to experiment with some peeing fun, but there's something holding you back?

The most popular enjoyment of peeing for pleasure amongst women is holding their full bladders, holding their pee as much as they can. This pee fun fetish develops into some really satisfying sexy fun that can be done secretly without ever attracting anyone's attention and for the woman it's very erotic & pleasurable - ever heard of the female 'peegasm'? A woman holding her pee turns into lots of sexy fun for her and in most cases, the pain mixed with the pleasure is extremely orgasmic & highly sexual. A full bladder for a woman can be (and usually is) a huge sexual turn-on and often leads to intense female masturbation. Women who masturbate with a full bladder achieve far more satisfying deeper orgasms (or peegasms). The sexual turn-on for a man in this case is actually seeing a female who is desperate to pee, he can see your secret because an experienced male who enjoys watersports & women peeing can usually tell if a female is bursting to pee, this is because he has a lifetime of similar occasions on recall. He will get very aroused seeing a female in this desperate 'I need a pee' situation and will be stored in the 'wank bank' or used later as a prelude for arosal or good old sex.

Now if it's a male who is holding his pee, he will go for the competition side of watersports, (similar to males comparing dick size) like the amount his bladder can hold or the amount he's peed or how far he can pee, but there is no sexual turn-on for a male with a full bladder. Some females like to see a man bursting to pee and get him to admit it. It gives the woman a feeling of power over the man as he has been the one to give in and admit to needing a pee, where she has been clever with her bladder, holding her pee gracefully, she's not revealed or displayed her need to pee and she has enjoyed it along the way, while successfully managing to wait him out. Some women will privately try and have a 'competition' with other women: say on a night out in a restaurant or bar, trying not to be the first one who has to leave the group to go and break the seal and have a much needed pee, or when she's out on a date with a new man, holding her bladder to be one better than him. Nowadays, with women drinking pints the same as men, it's a one for one 'pee fun' wet sex situation!
There is of course, the shy woman who doesn't pee for that reason alone, she sits and suffers in silence with her bladder throbbing and that's no fun at all! Cascade has recordings of women trying to pee when they've left it too long.

This is where the interest in peeing starts and generally the female will keep her new found source of peeing for pleasure to herself, thinking that she's discovered something 'new'. She doesn't mention it to anyone and just quietly enjoys her full bladder, pee holding sessions and maybe later on in her life, she may take the next step and develop into having a discreet public pee or she may develop into a deliberate panty wetter, which would probably be done at home or somewhere she might not get caught. But also, it's the pee fun side of the naughty thrill of being actually caught in the act that can be the sexual turn-on?
The male on the other hand, probably won't stay alone with this wet sex fetish and will try and find a pee partner to extend his peeing pleasure. Sometimes the male isn't able to confide in his regular partner of his fetish for wet sex, so he'll go off looking elsewhere by placing or/and replying to adverts, becoming a voyeur or maybe paying for it by visiting a prostitute.

The conclusion from the above paragraphs is what was clearly and painfully visible in all of the letters about peeing, the panty wetting stories and the wet sex confessions that Cascade Magazine received from its contributors during the 90s.

Now of course, with the Internet at everyone's fingertips, it's so much easier to seek out willing partners who have the same wet sex fetish; sexy and directly poignant 'anon' messages can be exchanged on Adult watersports message boards and peeing sex chat rooms to find out if they have the same peeing likes and dislikes, the main objective is all voiced from the comfort of the home behind a completely safe screen. What normally would have taken years (or simply never achieved) in the previous decades, now can be achieved within weeks. When the two 'strangers' feel reasonably safe after exchanging their pee, wet sex fun messages and want to take it further, then the mobile numbers are exchanged (which is the next safe 'anon screen'), then in their own time they eventually meet and only then can they put out the fire - literally!

If you're inquisitive, attracted or just pee curious and you'd like to find out more about this particular peeing, wetting or wet sex, pee fun games aspect of sex & foreplay, then you're welcome to read on and if you'd like to, contribute with your wet sex ideas and wetting experiences to pass on to others who may also like what you do.

When Cascade used to compile their knicker wetting magazine back in the 90s, it was made up from reader's contributions and the amount of people (of all ages) who used to write to us and say, "thank goodness I've found you, I thought I was the only one who liked peeing and I thought there was something wrong with me" - yes, honestly, they really thought they were on their own!
But of course, that was the days before the Internet, at the very most in the pre-Internet days there were peeing letters and articles on the wet sex fun theme in Adult magazines and of course the odd one or two adverts in top shelf magazines for the new Adult phone lines, a few of these lines catered for the wet sex & peeing fans. Cascade had some of those numbers, they were called premium rate numbers and were about 36p per minute! One of the numbers was used to promote Cascade magazine and that's initially where our subscribers came from and that's the moment in their lives when people who were curious about peeing and its sexual connections stopped and realised there were other males and females who enjoyed the same wet pee sex watersports thing.
In the mid 90s, Cascade had a mobile phone number, (one of the first) 0838 8380 (it read the same back to front) - and the number was advertised in Forum magazine, it was called the 'Ladies' Live Line' and it invited women who enjoyed aspects of the fun side of peeing to ring in and talk to someone who had complete understanding and felt the same way, it was an experiment if you like, but one that paid off as there were no end of calls, mostly from women, but we did get a laugh from the female impersonators as well.
It was then that the realisation came about that there are men & women who enjoy the pleasures of peeing but obviously don't realise that they need not be on their own with their pee fun sex fetish. Not everyone wants to admit they have a wetting or peeing fantasy, some people never come out of their water closet, they choose to never disclose to anyone that they like holding their pee, or they'd like to wet themselves or something wettingingly similar, it's such a shame.
Some of the contributors' letters sent for inclusion in the Cascade Magazines featured how they got into having fun with their peeing and most of the stories talk of experiences years ago when they were a kid, telling other readers about something that happened during childhood, (usually the school years) that laid dormant until later in life, then it was triggered and their wetting & pee fun fascination began.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of pee fun and wet sex websites for you to look at, some are more explicit than others and don't have much 'fun' about them - some are more of a commercial venture wishing to make money out of Adult watersports fans than wanting to help and encourage. But if you look, there are peeing web sites for people who are curious and want to find out more about the many pleasures that can be enjoyed with peeing, these are pee fun sites that care for their visitors where you can get free watersports stuff and information about the fun side of the pee fetish, including the terms: wet sex, Adult watersports, golden showers, urolagnia, pee fun, public peeing, peeing games and panties wetting - you get the idea?
If you're pee curious and would like to see what other people get up to, you could try watching a Peeing DVD, or with your specific genre in mind, DVDs cater for all different fetish tastes nowadays, but you WILL see the artists & models on Adult watersports 'pee fun' films having exactly that - FUN!! Nowadays you can download them onto your computer so it can be done discreetly. Pee fun is exactly that, it's folks having a good wet time, so that fact in itself is a BIG clue, because it's not gross at all! It looks like folks who like peeing are really enjoying themselves, they are peeing for pleasure!

So, realising it's been 30 years since Cascade started and 20 years since it finished, there must be two more decades of males and females who might think they are on their own with their 'kinky' wet sex idea?

Cascade have put this page together to help you, to encourage you, to assure you and make you realise there is nothing wrong with you as a person, it's all a perfectly natural development of normal sex, acceptable to most, it's good clean pee fun and you are definately NOT on your own!

So if you're a woman and you want to be a little pee devil and pee on your lover, go ahead! Or you think you'd like your fanny, your arse, your clit or your tits peed on - ASK! Maybe you'd like to try wetting yourself discreetly in public, or to hold a man's peeing cock and wave the pee stream about, or dip your hand into the pee stream and feel the warmth and power of his pee? Well, TRY IT!! So whether you just enjoy holding your pee 'til you burst, or you just simply enjoy the feeling and relief of a lovely long pee, carry on, have fun and enjoy!! Or you simply enjoy seeing others in a desperate to pee situation? Well, welcome to the world of women peeing for pleasure!

If you're a fella who wants to feel the lovely warm stream of a woman's pee flowing over your body, ask her!! If you like watching women peeing, or hearing the sound of her gushing and her moaning with relief get a DVD! If you fancy drinking her urine, or her to hold your cock and play with your pee stream? Place a free wet sex advert!! If you think you'd enjoy any of the afore mentioned and believe me, there's much, much more, then you are about to become a pee fetish fan and it's time to start to enjoy wet sex watersports!!

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