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Women Holding Pee For Fun!
Exciting Site for Ladies Who Hold It!

Women Holding Their Pee For Fun. Site for Ladies Who Hold It! Women's peeing web site on female urination - free website for females to compare peeing notes!

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Cascade pee fun for women, wet sex peeing and peeing full bladders fun! Presented and run by W4W - Watersports for Women, this is wet n' wild pee sex games fun, bladder holding, pee fun for women, peeing a plenty for our women friends with our pee fun for women pages with peeing wee mails, bladder sizes and bladder holding competitions and my pants wetting wee mails. Peeing in the toilet and longest pee competitions, pee squirting for fun and full bladders, the pleasure and the pain!
Holding your pee can be so sexually stimulating, lasting out longer than your lady friends can make you feel good even though you can't stand the pain! Letting your pee go down a dark alleyway on the way home from a pub or wetting your jeans or your pants because you just can't hold it any longer, it's so thrilling. Cascade sell secret ladies toilet peeing sex recordings, actual recordings of desperate women in a hurry to use the loo, they have no idea they are being recorded and they act quite naturally peeing hard and fast and long!
Cascade's web site is mainly for men: they like to buy wet panties, read peeing stories or hear the secret microphone Ladies' toilet recordings when a woman has been holding on, they are available to download, they write to watersports for women at Cascade with their peeing stories and experiences, or they go straight to the Cascade shop and order, or on our wetting shop home page. Marianne's Ladies' Piss Olympics is still a favourite with the men, it is basically a pee fun chart consisting of peeing and bladder holding, huge quantities of pee held in a woman's bursting bladder, sex charts about women and their full bladders desperately holding on for the toilet and finally watching their pee gushing out. There is also the woman's longest pee chart too.

The pleasures of peeing aren't only especially for men, they're for women too!

Cascade and the pee fun For Women features peeing for women or wet sex peeing fun for girls, with lots of panties peeing, or panties wetting wee mails and holding experiences, charts of girls who are good at holding on for the toilet, holding their pee and pushing their already full bladders to the limit. Miss JD is one of those pee girls, you can get her sexy peeing recordings and panties wetting downloads in the Cascade shop also. Hey, remember, you get free peeing sex pictures of women with every order that you make in the Cascade pee shop. Women's wee mails Also, please remember that Cascade and the pee fun For Women section is a FREE pee fun, wet sex site, this 'For Women' site belongs to W4W - Watersports for Women and as you may have guessed, the pleasures of peeing is not only especially for men, it's for women too! Most women have the strong connection between a full bladder and the desire for sex, this is why so many women are holding their pee,so it's not only a sex fetish for men, it's women as well.
The free Cascade panties wetting site features in the main: topics on full female bladders with a lot of pee holding, straight peeing, fun had by women squirting wee, holding on to a full bladder for the toilet and the longest pee, spurting it out and doing lots of pee. Female gushing cunts, hissing labia, all because of desperately full women's bladders! Remember, free pictures of undinism and ladies' toilet recordings. Mariannes Piss Olympics where girls pee standing, with a section on full bladders holding.

Here is a pee holding story from a single male pee lover in Suffolk:

Although it would be wonderful to share my enjoyment with a lady of like mind, this is not to be; therefore., all my stolen moments have to be secret and solo. I was first turned on to this by reading FORUM. At that time I wanted to wet myself but could never let it show through my clothes. I overcame this by wearing adult disposable nappies and plastic pants, although I have never considered myself as an adult baby. I was a representative at the time which meant I could put them on in a public loo and drive home to enjoy the slowly increasing need to pee and wet the nappy. The excitement I got from this required that I stopped in a lay-by to let go. This was the only way I could guarantee control of the car; I also found a very convenient place for the nappies afterwards. I get great excitement from knowing that my hot golden shower of pee is running from me and I have had to hold on to it through the first feeling of wanting to go to the climax when I have had to hold myself tight to hold it in, right up to the magic moment when it all floods of pee flow out.
Now to the beach!

For two years now I've been able to use a naturist beach; by their nature the are always remote. The one I use in Essex has loos but they're about a two-mile walk from the nudist section so you can imagine they don't get used very often, you have to dress/undress each time you want to go to the toilet.
The section of beach where it is accepted that people let go their golden rain is at the back beyond the car park. But this is not always so. On my first visit, when I had just taken all my clothes off for the first time ever in public, I was walking amongst the cars towards the dunes and the beach when I heard the glorious sound of a female peeing her golden showers. The gorgeous blonde girl responsible must have been about twenty. Her body was bliss. She was squatting behind a van, but this was in my view as I walked on. I had to retreat to my car, as by this time I had the most powerful erection I can ever remember.
Another time at the beach, I was sunbathing towards the end, by a clump of bushes giving me shelter from a breeze, when this man came over on the other side of the bush. We did not speak, but I know he wanted to let go of his pee.
Seeing me there, he changed direction and only a very short distance away, went down on one knee and released his pee fountain for all to see.
On another occasion, I was sitting on the beach when I was joined by an older gentleman. The feeling of needing to go to the toilet was by this time getting urgent.

He started a conversation but I did not tell him my situation of my full bladder at first. My need turned to desperate so I got up to move to somewhere else on the beach but, to my amazement, he followed.
There was a section frequented by gays, but I was not on it. By this time my pressing need had got too desperate. My pee stream burst from me while I was still standing. As this was happening I squatted: my cock remained upright because of the long grass, the pee was streaming out of me. I could not stop it before it hit the ground; it was flowing over my thighs. The gent had a grandstand view and a hard-on. One special day at this beach, my time there had to be split as I had an afternoon appointment some 25 miles away. I made sure that I had had a lot to drink; I take four litres of lemonade for this purpose. I drank and drank but nature was very slow in working for some reason before I had to leave for the appointment. You can imagine how the next forty minutes in the car felt. With still miles to go and nowhere suitable to stop, the critical level of the contents of my bladder had passed ages ago but I still hung on. I even decided I would stop but could not find anywhere to release my bladder load. By the time I got to my appointment, I had to ask to use his toilet before we sat down. Once in there I only just found my cock in time before pee stream burst from me. I now know how it feels when people have said, “It just wouldn't stop”. Mine went on for what seemed like an age at the time.

The business with the guy only took twenty minutes or so. I was offered two cups of coffee, which I drank with anticipation. When I came out of the house, I drove straight back to the beach. As I drove, I knew that by the time I got back to the beach I would be feeling just as desperate as on the outward journey but I knew I could hold on, since I had to - I had another appointment later that evening and no spare clothes.
On reaching the beach, I was holding my cock to hold the pee in. The urgency got worse when I had to let go of my cock to take my clothes off again. I decided to go to the back of the carpark and sit down with my legs in front and my cock on top when the second major flood of pee within two hours erupted. Seconds later, I was soaked to my ankles. I went into the sea and I am sure no one was the wiser for what I had done.
I had a massage once when the girl willingly created her own pee fountain for my benefit. It went everywhere. Her flood of pee went all over me and I even got to drink some. I was in seventh heaven. I have never as yet been there when a girl would wet her knickers for my benefit. I must now end this letter as the very act of writing it has brought on a very urgent need to pee. I will have to have a wank afterwards to complete the total joy I have had in writing it.
Congratulations on the Cascade magazine website. I hope the wee mails for pee fun peeing addicts like me continue to flow (forgive the pun!). J. F. Suffolk

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