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Girls Bursting to Pee on a Coach Trip. Busting Bladders!!

Joe the sadistic coach driver has lots of good memories of girls bursting to a pee on his coach trips. He tells you in his own words right here in these panties wetting, bursting to pee stories which are available to buy and download.

The stories contain humour, girls' bladders bursting to pee, piss fun situations and sex. There's 12 humorous watersports pissing stories in all & you can read the details here and hear the free story sound samples by clicking below.

Voice Sample


Coach Driver Stories 15a Pt1. 45 minutes. Download Size: 18Mb

Story 1) Real Ale Trip ~ a boozy outing sampling real ale with a coach load of girls bursting for a piss and their full bladders - well, all that booze needs a way out eventually and this pissing story has rather a unique women peeing position.

Story 2) Mystery Tour Outing ~ one lady has taken a shine to Joe the driver and he has other things (pissing) on his mind, he's not stopping for any Ladies' toilets until he's sure his coach full of women are really bursting for a piss. On arrival at the destination, one of the women has to take an urgent piss in a warehouse and guess who's spying on her? Hear Joe tell you all the full, wet pissing details.

Story 3) The Wild Hen Night Trip ~ a group of hen party girls of the 20 - 40 age first visit a wine bar, then on to a country pub. The bride's sister, Kate, has taken a fancy to Joe the coach driver with his twisted pissing mind and at the end of the night she gives him a treat, now I wonder what that could be? A full bladder of hot piss perhaps?

Story 4) The Nurses Let Their Hair Down Outing ~ a coach trip to the Lake District with some mad nurses & a few mad docs in winter with an overnight stay. There's more nurses than Joe can handle and he gets roped in on their bursting, full bladder inspired pissing antics. The outrageous nurses have annual yearly outdoor peeing games, with the winner getting the 'Squirter of the Year' award. Joe tells you how the watersports pissing competition is arranged and who wins it - and how it was done!

Story 5) The Ladies' Footy Team Outing ~ a coach load of ladies guzzling some home-made wine which fills their bladders and all this on the coach, before the game! Joe the coach driver has to stop on the way there for their bladder relief and let them have an urgent bursting piss. After the game it's party time and a free piss show for Joe with lots of lovely bladder bursting women peeing for him to witness.

Story 6) The Loo-less Fashion Show Trip ~ the fashion model's bladders are full and bursting for a piss and being it's a country show, the two cubicle public Ladies' toilets has a monstrous queue, so Joe has to fix up a chemical toilet in his coach. The most convenient spot is by the driver's seat for Joe to hide and see a real eyeful of the women's full bladder emptying!

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Coach Driver Stories 15b Pt2. 45 minutes. Download Size: 18Mb

Story 7) The Cider Inside Her Trip ~ an incident back in the 70's with an 'all you can drink & eat' do. The Ladies toilets are outside and Joe grabs a seat by the open toilet window. He's so involved with listening to the pissing full bladders (and imagining some golden showers!) that he's nearly missing watching some more wet sex evening bladder emptying activity by a table full of girls on the pub lawn!

Story 8) The O.A.P.'s Tour ~ Joe the driver wasn't too keen on doing this trip - until he met the guide - a young French girl called Annette. She drank plenty of water during the coach trip and she had to get rid of it without getting off the coach. Annette is bursting for a piss, so how does she manage to relieve her over full bladder?

Story 9) The Ski Trip ~ Joe the wicked, scheming coach driver makes friends with Carol on this trip, she turns out to be very submissive. They go for a few drinks without a toilet visit and then an evening stroll. Carol's bladder gets taken short and she needs to piss badly, she is bursting for a piss. Joe gets her to pee and wet herself, she describes the wet warm feeling, she enjoys wetting her knickers more than she thought she would!

Story 10) Another Wild Nurses Trip ~ an excursion to another nurses sex party, an 'inside out' party. The normal toilets were officially locked with temporary toilets in the car park. Joe's found an old flame, Norma (or Blondie - she was a hot contender for the 'Squirter of the Year' award (from story 4)). They sit watching the female party go-ers stagger across the car park with their bursting bladders, bursting to piss and use the chemical toilets, but they soon get full up. Blondie ends up giving Joe a personal piss squirting award show, then gets fucked behind the toilet tent as they quietly listen to the bursting girls' conversations on where to pee now that the toilets were full.

Story 11) Hockey Team Caught Short Trip ~ a coach load of women & only two men. Some of the girls are bursting for a piss and have to stop on the way and they do their pee in an unusual way - up the side of Joe's coach! At the ground there are no toilet facilities and Joe notices a few girls going over to an old bike shed to pee, so he makes his way over and hides to spy - and nearly gets caught watching them piss!

Story 12) Drain Blockage Trip ~ Joe takes a friend along called Melanie on this coach trip to Devon. After stopping at a rest area for bladder relief they resume their journey, only to find out later that, although her bladder was full to bursting, Mel didn't go to the toilet when she should have done and she is now bursting for a piss! Joe the 'nice' coach driver does the decent thing and turns off into a garage for the Ladies' toilet, but the drains are blocked, so a quick piss alternative is found for Mel's bladder full.

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