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Storys of Women in Desperate Pissing Situations. Bursting to Piss Stories.

Download All Audio Peeing Stories From 21 to 26
Click HERE for full descriptions and sound samples of the pissing stories Nos. 21 - 26

All the watersports pissing sex stories described here are in a female voice.
The reader's name is Julie and she has a quiet well spoken, sexy southern UK accent.
The watersports pissing stories are confessions about desperate pissing situations and they are ex 0898 phone line numbers from the early nineties and in those days we were not allowed to be so direct on phone lines, so all stories had to have 'alternate expressions' rather than the direct words i.e: 'I was dying to spend a penny' instead of 'I was dying for a piss.'
These panties wetting and bursting to go stories are desperately bursting to pee, wet panties confessions and the pleasures of knicker wetting, they are authentic, realistic and were written by one of Cascade's subscribers, who, at the time was a part time author who specialised in writing wet sex stories. The ladies pissing stories numbers list carries on from the pee stories already listed on our other pages. These pee fun stories are audio only, they number from 21 - 26. They have a total listening time of over three hours.

You can go to the descriptions page for the outline of the stories and there's a link there for you to be able to buy and download if you decide to make a purchase.

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