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Wet Panty Desperate Female Peeing Audio Pee Sound

Pissing Panties Storys & peeing sounds on mp3.
Desperate women tell you about their pain & suffering!
Audio pee sounds & stories on public pissing.

This is the contents description of

~ Bargain Basement Number 3 ~

22 panties wetting stories on mp3 & female piss sounds totaling 300 minutes!

All wet sex pissing stories and female peeing sounds on mp3!!

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Descriptions of Wetting Stories
& Women's Pee Sounds on mp3

BB3 MiniDownloads (as below) 6 - 19

BB3 MiniDownload 6 ~ Three Toilet Desperation Stories - 24 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Bladder Holding Story 1) The Carnival. An angry husband's letter describes how his wife and daughter had to queue publicly for ages and ages while desperate for a piss for the inadequate toilets at a big carnival. Detailed description of how the ladies had to queue and hang to a huge bladder full of pee in desperation.

Pee Desperation Story 2) The Choir Festival. A group of choir girls who are all desperate to pee after giving a concert end up peeing themselves on the coach on their way home. Loads of wetting accidents, good descriptions - all good panties pissing stuff.
(With Sound Effects)

Bladder Holding Story 3) The Chief Executive. A mean female boss who doesn't let her P.A. go to the toilet, she could have done with some incontinence pants! In the end the P.A. gets her revenge on the 'Iron Lady' who has to leave the company without a sound under very humiliating, desperate pissing circumstances.

BB3 MiniDownload 7 ~ Three Panties Wetting Stories - 22 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Panties Wetting Story 1) The Engagement Party. Sarah's friends are jealous of her good looks, her 'fab' figure and her brain for business. The 'friends' plan and scheme to ridicule her by making her desperate for a piss and wet her panties on her special engagement party night. (With sound effect)

Bladder Holding Story 2) The Charity Event. Female committee members come up with a charity fund raising idea ~ a sponsored tea drinking contest. But it all goes wrong and each contestant either ends up bursting her bladder beyond belief or wetting her panties in the toilet queue because the toilets had been locked by the sadistic caretaker. However, sweet revenge is taken by the women, still desperate with crossed legs and full bladders, on this poor, damp, sad little man.

Panties Wetting Story 3) The Coffee Morning. A group of female friends each reveal their most embarrassing wet sex and pissing experiences while enjoying a coffee together. They are un-aware that the house owner's son is listening to their pissing interviews, hanging on every word! He plots to make at least one of the bursting females wet their panties - again.

BB3 MiniDownload 8 ~ Three Bladder Holding Stories - 22 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Panties Wetting Story 1) Liquid Lunch. A young woman typist who's desperate to piss embarrassingly pees her panties in her bosses car after a free lunch after he devilishly plied her bladder with too much free wine. The bosses excitement grew so much that she didn't get the sack, on the contrary he got her INTO the sack - and a regular extra job.

Bladder Holding Story 2) Diane's Door-to-Door Desperation. Young Diane sells household goods door-to-door and one day ends up with a huge bladder full of pee, she is completely desperate and got nowhere to pee .... until she knocks on a kind old man's door.

Bladder Holding Story 3) Jackie and Marie go to the pub and drink plenty but as the toilets are outside and down a clod corridor, it's a real pain to keep going there to pee, so they make sure their bladders are REALLY full before going on the long trek to piss. A holding on peeing contest ensues to find out who has to piss first after drinking pints of cider - resulting in endless peeing when they do finally go.

BB3 MiniDownload 10 ~ Two Panties Wetting Stories - 16 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Pee Desperation Story 1) Denise's Wet Confessions. A young girl goes out with a group of others on a bus. She complains to her friend Sally of how desperate she is, she's really desperate to pee and Sally says that she needs to pee badly too. There are other girls who also would like to have a pee. However the bus driver won't stop to let the desperate ladies relieve their bladders - will they hold it and make it home?

Panties Wetting Story 2) Distended Plight. Another girl describes how Sally and Denise wet their panties and adds how she sometimes has problems trying to pee when she's been hanging on and holding it for a long time and how she can't piss in front of anyone else. (With sound effects)

BB3 MiniDownload 11 ~ Three solo Pissing Stories - 16 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Pee Desperation Story 1) Suzie is feeling sorry for herself after not 'pulling' at a nite club so she has a few drinks. The queue to the Ladies' toilets in the club was unbelievable so she has to pee outside in public after closing time.

Panties Wetting Story 2) Suzie loves to piss her knickers and loves to tell you in complete detail of how she feels when she's wetting her panties - randy or what?

Peeing Games Story 3) Michelle describes in sound detail her pissing wetting games she has with her female friend. The peeing games are usually golden showers, peeing indoors and outdoors and imitating the peeing sounds of other woman pissing in public toilets.

BB3 MiniDownload 12 ~ Two Pissing Games Stories - 11 mins on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Pee Desperation Story 1) A desperate bladder situation for our poor girl Diana who is 'caught short' whilst travelling with a group in the Far East. The story is taken from her watersports sex letter she wrote to Cascade. She ends up having to pee in a ditch with an audience watching!

Pissing Games Story 2) Diane is trying to find a fella who is into watersports pissing and at last a guy called John comes on the scene through a personal ad. A piss fun relationship ensues with lots of wet and dirty phone sex and lots of wet sex piss fun.

BB3 MiniDownload 13 ~ One Long Panties Wetting Story - 7mins 30secs on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Just one seven & a half minutes panties wetting story on this download. It's a girl who's wetting her pantys and she's talking dirty to you while she does it.

BB3 MiniDownload 17 ~ Three Bursting to Pee Stories - 32mins 30secs on mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Bladder Bursting Story 1) A male worker gives a female colleague a lift home and they end up in a traffic jam on the motorway. She's got a bursting bladder and desperate to piss, how does she tell him she needs to pee? Not in the normal way that's for sure. (with sound effects).

Pee Desperation Story 2) A few girls queue for the toilets after a concert only to be told they had to leave straight away because the coach was leaving. So reluctantly they leave the toilet queue, which later leads to the coach seats getting a bit wet with hot girly piss, along with wet girly underwear and soaked denim jeans. For those girls who managed the journey without pissing, they have to queue to use a doorway to piss in when they arrive at the destination.

Pee Desperation Story 3) Female work colleagues have to travel to another branch to help out, but they'd been out for drinks at lunch time and had no time to visit the toilets before leaving. Desperate Denise had great difficulty in trying to hang on to her bursting bladder, squirming around and clenching her pussy and Diane is just as desperate to piss. They only just make it to the toilets and what a noisy piss!

BB3 MiniDownload 18 ~ Ms JD's Pissing Sounds - 34mins in mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Female Pissing Sounds) A full forty five minutes of a female subscriber's full bladder peeing sounds in the toilet. Some really nice recordings of Ms JD's lovely long, hissing female piss, squirting and spraying, gushing her sexy hot piss.

BB3 MiniDownload 19 ~ Women Pissing ~

Various Bursting Women's Piss Sounds - 80mins in mp3 ~

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

Another of our biggest sellers. This one is different to 13a although the women pissing content is the same format, if anything it's even clearer and the bladder quantities are up. All desperate women pissing audio sounds, all different and the duration is 80 minutes!


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