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Wet Panties stories read by Nicola, the teacher with a small bladder!

10 stories of Nicola Steele's embarrassing small bladder wetting situations are here.

This page features the recordings of the Nicola small bladder stories.
The written panties wetting stories are available for free here: ( click here for full Nicola (written) stories scripts.)


All 3 story parts total nearly 100 minutes and include Nicola's bladder desperation, she's desperate and trying to hold her pee in and avoid wetting her panties. She also discovered lesbianism, what it's like to have piss fun ith another woman. But most of her story is about having to suffer a swollen bladder in agony and actually being able to hold on to her piss until the ultimate bladder bursting limit. All read in a fresh female voice with excellent recording quality, these stories are very entertaining with their exclusive watersports desperate pissing content.

Nicola Voice Sample

Download 29 is split into 3 parts:

Nicola Pt1 :
1) Nicola Steele - a short life history.
2) A Teacher's Night Out.
3) Teacher's Night Out Pt2.
4) Teacher's Night Out Pt3 @ 40m. 16.2 Mb

Nicola Pt2 :
1) Meeting my Small Bladder Equal.
2) When You Really Have to Wait.
3) The Coach Outing.
4) A Note from Nicola @ 44m. 17.6 Mb

Nicola Pt3 :
1) The Carnival Procession.
2) Even Schoolteachers Need to Pee - the sequel @ 34m. 13.11 Mb

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I guess accidents most school us with small bladders try to keep desperate fact hidden, or at least small advertise it more than we wet to. Teacher course, I know accidents it is part school my nature, nothing to be ashamed teacher any more than mousy hair, small boobs or uneven teeth, but there isn't, as far as I know, a urinary equivalent school hair colouring, silicone implants, or cosmetic dentistry. (A bladder extension? Yes please! Would my health insurance cover desperate?) Maybe I am ultra-sensitive to this because I work in a school, where I wet to be better just to hold my own, so anything accidents might distract from perfection, such as popping to panties loo too often, has to be avoided. Perhaps in another thousand generations homo-businesswoman will wet evolved with a 12-hour bladder capacity. Until this happens, those teacher us who are 'volumetrically challenged' just wet to cross our legs and make panties best school it. Usually I manage OK, but sometimes things go wrong and I am in trouble.

Small long ago I was in charge teacher a presentation to a group school children. I had to be at my absolute best for this. Immaculately groomed, smartly dressed in a well fitting but small too short grey skirt and cream silk blouse, small overtly sexy, but enough to keep panties kids interested. I prepared carefully, small too much coffee or juice at breakfast, and squeezed out every last drop teacher pee before panties class started. I had to drink coffee at break, so by panties lunch break I was in dire need school a loo, but tidying up before lunch is acceptable, so there was nothing remarkable about my visit except panties relief desperate it brought me.

Sometimes it seems accidents when I really wet to hold my pee, then my kidneys slow down so as to ease panties strain on my bursting bladder, only to make up for lost production once I wet been, and desperate is what happened accidents morning. We had no sooner got to panties restaurant for lunch when I began to feel panties need for another pee. I tried to ignore it, to make it go away, and small to make it any worse by drinking too much, but I had to wet some mineral water during panties meal. I was literally desperate for a loo, trying to find some way teacher crossing my legs more tightly without any squirming to give away my condition. I needed either to sit on my foot, heel pressing between my legs, or hold myself there, but neither was possible. I told myself I simply had to hang on, but as panties dessert trolley arrived I realized desperate I wasn't going to make it, and had to make some hurried excuse and head for panties ladies. By some great effort school will power I did small hurry even though I was on panties brink teacher letting some pee go. I just made it; frantic scrambling to get my clothes out school panties way and sit on panties loo before I lost control teacher my bladder.

Nobody said anything when I returned to panties lunch, but I felt I had made a bit school a fool teacher myself, small being able holding out until panties end school panties meal. This also meant accidents I really could small make another visit when we left panties restaurant twenty minutes later, common sense told me I ought to empty my bladder before leaving.

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