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Continued from Stories 2
pee. I think one of these days a big bladder will be a more provocative physical asset than a big pair of knockers."
"Well, Cheryl, you certainly have the knockers; I would die for them. It's sweet of you to say that about my bladder. I can hold a lot of pee, but I just never do! I can hold it even if I'm desperate to pee. Not since I was a little girl. Maybe I stretched it then. So let's go!" ........................... Zack saw her the first time during Freshman orientation and found it difficult to think of anyone else. He thought Betty Bobson was the loveliest girl he had ever seen. However, he got distracted by some of the "faster" girls, like that wicked Cheryl and he hadn't seen Betty at the usual places the first few weeks of the new school year.

But there was Betty at the Mellow Yellow dance, standing by the palm trees right next to Cheryl. As much as he admired Cheryl's impressive figure (and he had explored it at length several times), he preferred the more modest assets of a woman like Betty.
There was something just too forward about big boobs, but he knew he was sort of unusual that way. What he did love about Cheryl was the hard pee she took when they were through making love. He didn't think too many girls could hold it the way she did, but there were reports along the men's grapevine that there was a weather balloon capacity girl at the local high school. Fat chance!

As Zack wandered over toward Betty and Cheryl he noticed that, unlike the little wiggle Cheryl gave when her bladder was full, Betty was standing rather still... but then he saw her squeeze her thighs together and stick her ass out in sort of a half-crouch, as if she were trying to hide how full she was.
Zack had never seen Betty exhibiting any signs of fidgeting, so he wondered if she was one of the water girls? He glanced around the party scene and all the girls seemed to be fidgeting in one way or another. Betty was showing the least of any of them. Perhaps she wasn't into it?
Just before Zack got to the palm trees where Betty was, Cheryl was grabbed for a dance by some other guy, which left Betty all to him. Betty looked around and did her little squeeze again just as Zack got there.
"Looking for something?" Zack said, hoping the conversation would go the way of his dreams. Betty saw him and smiled. She knew Zack and had been hoping he would notice her for as long as since he first saw her.
"No!" she blurted out, painfully aware of why she had been searching for the rest rooms in case this all got out of hand. But she took a deep breath and with a determination to find out if there was anything to this story Cheryl had told her, she continued, "Well, that is, I frankly needed to know where the rest rooms were because..." she found herself blushing wildly, utterly at a loss as to how honest to really be with a subject she had never discussed with a boy before. "...I'll need to slip in there before too long." ("Like right now,") Betty told herself. She had not had to go so desperately since she could remember... maybe that bus trip from hell with a broken toilet two summers ago and here she was advertising her plight to the cutest boy in her class... and then as she noticed Zack staring at her, she felt this exquisite, hot, sexy glow radiating out from her crotch, making her nipples firm and her sweat glands flow... "Wow!!" (Betty told herself.) "How does a girl learn about holding herself back?"

Zack made the natural assumption that Betty was playing hold-it like all the other girls.
"Oh, I've just gotten myself caught; I didn't have time to stop on the way to the party," she lied, "and now I'm just suffering until I, uh, until I take a break. But I'm O.K." she lied again, "since it isn't really desperate. What do think of the university? Much different from where you came?" Betty was desperate: to change the subject. She wasn't certain she could continue to talk about her swollen bladder without losing it.
"You mean you don't get full because you enjoy it?" Zack ignored her ploy to change the subject. "I thought women loved the feel of a full bladder and more often than not are bursting for a pee."

Zack was beginning to wonder just what this girl was up to. "Oh, Zack. I really am bursting and it does feel great, but I've just never done it before on purpose. This... this is new for me." Betty blushed again and knew that Zack was probably going to just give up on her. " I'm just afraid, since it is so new, that I'm going to misjudge myself and have an accident. These are new jeans; they are very tight, and ..."
"And you look smashing in them, Betty. If you're figuring it out for the first time, let me assure you that I think the idea is great. Fidget all you want; it's a real turn-on for me and if you ever think you absolutely must relieve yourself, just let me know and we will take care of it. For now, come on; let's dance."
Zack took her hand and wrapped his arm around her waist for one of those old slow-dance classics. Betty loved laying her head on his shoulder and feeling her hand in his. When his other hand slid down just above her ass and nudged her body into his she realized that he really did like her. Her heart was beating like crazy; she was getting terribly horny and her bladder was getting to that point where she had never been before, but she found herself able to hold it despite intense pressure. It was like on that school bus; she knew she could not relieve herself so she just willed her body to obey - and it obeyed.

Zack and Betty ended that evening in the pine grove, conveniently secluded, a trysting place for generations of university couples. When Zack convinced Betty that they were absolutely alone, with utter privacy, Betty melted into Zack's arms. Her body exploded with desire and she gave into it completely. She found that the fidgeting she had been forced into all evening was no longer necessary; her body was getting what it needed, and her bladder

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