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Continued from Stories 3
could wait. Only when Zack had her naked, lying on the soft, cool grass and was about to enter her did she protest.
"Oh, Zack. I couldn't bear to have you lie on me like this. I'd just start peeing like a fountain, or it would hurt beyond belief. I need to be on top so I can control this. Remember, sweet Prince, your Princess is so full she'll burst at any moment."
At that, Zack gladly rolled over and this lovely beauty rose over him. Her gorgeous breasts fell down to his lips like ripe oranges and she cried with joy as he tongued her nipples. She lay her wet fanny on his hard penis and slowly rubbed it up and down; she was so wet and swollen that she was embarrassed; her body had never responded in quite this way. Then she reached down and raised his penis to meet her eager, open vagina. As it slid in, the extra pressure on her bladder was exquisite and she couldn't take it all at once; she played just taking its swollen head, bobbing up and down and breathing heavily.
Finally she sat on him and took his full length and she exploded with an orgasm she felt she could not control. Wave after wave of ecstasy swept over her body and her bladder began to empty.
Zack saw this beautiful woman orgasm and it was like a dream. She cried a long, high, cry and then he felt a strange force poking him in his stomach, just above his penis and he heard a soft splattering and then louder hissing and a forceful splattering sound. Betty was peeing her whole bladder onto him and she had a stream like a fire hose!
He looked down at her fanny and as she involuntarily thrust her body up and down over his penis, he saw this thick, strong stream of pee as thick as a lead pencil. It hissed and splattered and trickled over his stomach.
Betty came to her senses and knew what she was doing. She looked down at Zack's huge grin and his eyes glued to her pee stream. She looked down and saw how much pressure was behind it. She knew she couldn't stop it and it would take a long time to empty, so she enjoyed it and Zack enjoyed it ~ and sex in the twenty-first century was enjoyed as never before. END

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