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Message from Dawn holding her pee after a beer drinking competition.

Dear W4W - Watersports for Women,
What a wonderful idea to create a girls' pee fun page! All the other sites I know of are run by men on men's terms. If you are to succeed in your effort you must keep the guys out of the pages, as editors and contributors I mean of course - it's OK if they read the page, but it must be run on our terms.

Every woman sooner or later finds out that, drinking loads or not,
she has to be able to hold a certain quantity of pee.

For us it isn't that easy to take a leak, not with the scandalous shortage of public loos and not to mention the state of some of those that are actually open. For obvious and natural reasons this afflicts us more than the men, peeing behind a bush to do our 'business' isn't that easy for a woman.
So, as I said, we learn to cope by teaching our bladders to hold the necessary amount of pee.
But in this bladder adapting process many of us come to love the feeling of a bursting bladder and we appreciate a good, long bladder relief when been out drinking and finally being able to pee, (or allowing ourselves) to do so. Judging from my circle of acquaintances, 'holding it' is a female thing rather than a male thing.
Therefore, I believe that your page should have a column about great pee holding feats.
You used to have something called the "Litre Club". That was a very good feature. Whatever happened to it?
W4W: The Litre Club is back on and is highlighted just above, please contribute if you wish.
Also I notice that Cascade's Message Board (go to our Home Page & click Message Board) has a few 'holding' entries by anons.
One more thing: We women think twice before giving away our identity.
W4W: please see my Privvipledge
There probably are far more male subscribers than female subscribers to your peeing magazine. Am I right?
W4W: Yes, only between 7 & 9 %
I truly believe that this is so not because we are less interested in peeing than the guys, but because subscribing means giving someone our names and addresses, which we are more reluctant to do. I think my point is excellently illustrated by the Pee Journal on the Elite Gold site. Look how many male contributors reveal their e-mail addresses and compare that to the percentage of the female contributors doing so.
Therefore, my advice to you is: Let every woman who can make an interesting peeing related contribution do so, regardless of whether she actually subscribes to your magazine or not.
W4W: Magazine subscription is NOT necessary
Besides, even the Cascade magazine, in my opinion, caters more to the male peeing interests than the female.

You have probably guessed already that I'm a woman who's very much into holding and so, here's a little story you can use on our pages if you want to:

"A little while back my husband and I and another married couple played a little beer drinking and bladder holding game. We were to drink 50 centilitres of beer every minute. No stops for peeing were allowed and we were to sit at the table while playing this holding game. The goal was to continue doing so for one hour. After half an hour the two guys had given up, but the other woman and I were still in the pee game. After about 50 minutes, the other woman yielded, but I was determined to walk the whole mile and I did. Needless to say I was pretty drunk when the whole thing was through. I don't remember all that much about what happened afterwards, but my husband has told me that he carried me straight to bed. I remember waking up early the next morning with the worst hangover I've ever had. But the bladder agony was even worse, in fact far worse. I staggered into the loo, pulled down my knickers and saw this enormous bulge in my bladder region. One should perhaps think that my pee would shoot out with an enormous force, but it was quite the opposite, I had difficulties in getting my bladder to let go and my pee flow started and when it did start, the flow trickled, stopped, trickled and stopped several times. I guess I spent 10 minutes on the bladder emptying process. I often measure my amount. I'm able to pee 1.3 litres without too much discomfort. The most I've ever measured 1.62 litres. In hindsight I really wish that I had measured the quantity of pee this memorable morning, but in my painfully swollen state it never crossed my mind to do so. I'm almost certain that I must have voided at least 2 litres. My bladder kept aching for a long time after I had emptied completely and for the next 2 or 3 days I couldn't even hold a litre. One can say that the bladder kicked back".
I don't know if you find this interesting. As I said, you can put it on your page if you want to.
Are you into holding it yourself?
W4W: A full bladder of pee is a great enjoyment and it can be a great discomfort, it depends what the situation is for me.
If you are, you will understand me better.
How has the response been so far?
W4W: Very slow, but potential (male?) readers are in abundance!
Is it likely that the Watersports 4 Women page will be up soon?
W4W: Here is where our women's pee pages begin!

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