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Penis Envy Poetry. Anita develops her peeing interests & wants a penis!

There once was Anita & her brother Peter,
both far below puberty years,
knowing nothing of cries, V.D. or lies,
childhood was laughter, not tears.

Playing together, whatever the weather,
no secrets between them were held,
Anita watched Peter and he watched Anita
and learned peeing skills that they excelled.

Like kids do, they'd experiment,
their wet gift was heavensent
and bathtime was always such bliss,
they'd look at each other, look out for their mother
and make bubbles as each had a piss!

Years came and went, but somehow the event
of their pee skill development stayed,
Anita was 30, dark haired and flirty,
Peter? - tubby and bald I'm afraid.

She was a good looker, a wonderful fooker,
no shortage of men for this lass,
but one thing was missing,’ twas her love of pissing,
to perform and to watch the wet mass.

She'd developed her bladder, a match for no odder,
a powerful jet she'd emit,
but one thing was missing, to make complete pissing,
‘twas the opposite's long squirty bit.

Poor old Anita, she could be complete-a,
if only a ‘thing’ could be found,
to enable the miss, to be able to piss
in the air, up the wall, on the ground.

It was driving her mad, it really got bad,
it turned out to be her ambition.
Some 'urethral’ gear, to attach to her rear,
an idea that must bear fruition.

She'd already tried a funnel she’d spied,
a hose pipe, a bottle and tube,
she'd make herself raw, all swollen and sore,
"Oh I must make my pee hole protrude!"

Her friend was a nurse, over wine they'd converse
about hospital duties and stuff,
"to officially hold, the mens' things"- 'nete was told,
"while peeing was more than enough".

Anita told Sandra, "I think there's a chance
that you could possibly help me?
For the last 20 years, (or so it appears)
like a man I've been wanting to-pee!"

Sandra looked shocked, Anita she mocked
for a while and then settled for thought:
"Ahah" she said, "fine" - while swigging her wine,
"I think I know just what you want!"

"It's simple you see, to allow you to pee
like a man up the wall in the street,
I can get you a tube, you smear it with lube
and just tuck it in here - nice and neat!"

"Tomorrow then San', I shall pee like a man?"
"Yes 'nete, I shall steal you a few
and you've got me thinking, perhaps it's the drinking,
but do you mind if perhaps I join you?"

Next night, nice and calm and wanting no harm
to come to their sensitive snatches,
Anita and San' drank more wine while they ran
the tubes up the hole in their crack-es.

"Who’s gonna try first? Oh I feel I could burst!"
"Ahh!! I'm pinching the end San - it works!"
The then happy girls, did 'twisties' and ‘'twirls'
they sprayed high and sprayed low and did fountains,
fine accurate streams, poking out of their jeans,
up the wall, in the air and in round-tins!

Oh what bliss, Anita could piss, anywhere, anyplace, anytime,
her lifetime ambition, now filled with fruition -
A Happy Ending - and it made a good rhyme!

Copyright ~ Cascade

An Extract from: 'I Nearly Wet Myself Laughing!!'

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