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Watersports Pissing Poetry (Peeotry) from Aquarius for the girls!!


She used our date
As a bait.
And I was late.
Which she hates.

So I found that my fate
Was to be her submissive mate.
What a state.
Especially as when she could no longer wait,
She would urinate,
Upon my bald pate!
At the most outrageous rate!!
Copyright: P.Aqua 11.95

Here's to outrageous fantasies and web sites I guess!

I feel I have a lot to contribute. Finally I've written a lot of erotic poetry about watersports, covering varied fantasies and erotic gear, some very romantic, some very 4 letter word raunchy. I've had a little red wine, put the 1st Enigma download on to put me in the mood and dedicate the following to the women of the Piss Olympics:-
I gave up my place in the queue for the loo
To a sexy girl bursting to pee Who was so grateful to me.
"My pleasure" I replied, Thinking dear lady if you but knew
How I long to extend my chivalry.
Though I'd love to see You wet your knickers in front of me,
I'd kiss your cunt and take you to bliss
'Til you'd shower upon me your golden piss!
Would you shout shame? Or would you give me your golden rain?
Copyright P.Aqua 6. '98.

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