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Debra and her Free Panties Wetting
Bladder Bursting Pissing Stories.

My name is Debra, I'm a piss loving female and here are my free pissing stories for you to enjoy.
They are all watersports sex, knicker wetting or panties peeing. My literotica is all wet piss fun.
I hope you enjoy the different ways in my free stories how I wet my panties.
If you like a particular panties wetting story, you can send me a message of encouragement by
e-mail, here is my address -
e-mail Debra then I will know what turns you on and I will tell you some more! Please enjoy!

Here is my list of free knicker wetting and panties pissing stories.

Debra Wets Her Panties Needing a Piss When Camping Debra Pisses Herself at the Dentist's   
Pissing in Plymouth Dying to Piss at the Radio Station An Emergency Piss
Bursting to Pee at
the Hairdressers
Emergency Piss in the Park Peeing in my New Shorts  
Dying to Piss on the Bus Debra Needs a Toilet Badly Driving with a
Bursting Bladder
Desperate to Piss on a Boat In Hospital with a Full Bladder Needing a Piss on a Train
Door to Door Selling with
a Bursting Bladder
A Planned Knicker Wetting Accident   Ultimate Free Pissing
Fantasy Pt1
Ultimate Free Pissing
Fantasy Pt2   
Victoria's Distended Bladder  




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