If, as a male pee lover you want to submit your holding abilities, distance peeed or your quantities held, please Send W4W a Message! at Cascade and providing it is realistic, we will post it.

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Hi, I'm Mark, just having read your female & male stats page,
here is some stats of mine:

                                   Best ever       Average (normally)
Maximum amount held:               1700 ml         1200-1300 ml
Longest pee:                      84 sec          60 sec
Maximum time between peees:       20 hrs          8 - 12 hrs
Maximum pints drunk in a pub
before peeing:                    5 pints         3 pints

I have to mention that I have managed those *special performances*
only a few times - 1700 ml just twice, 20 hrs. only once, 84 sec. three or four times, five pints just once.

Lets read some more stats ;-))

Yours, *Bursting* Mark
And this is one from Matt:
Best hold as measure 1030; longest pee 78 seconds; longest wait 16.5 hours, most drunk in a pub before peeing 3.75 pints (perhaps my beer goes through more more slowly than Mark's does).

I also have a question for Mark about his averages, if you can put it up to see if he replies.  Does he mean that 1200-1300ml is a normal everyday sized pee for him, or just his normal achievement when he is doing a hold.  If the former, that's some capacity!
Best regards, Matt
Answer to Matt's question: Hi Matt, no, 1200 - 1300 is my *average* when doing a hold, a long one, or, even better, a short-time but fast filling up by drinking a lot.
My everyday *normal* is about 800 - 900 ml, average time is 6 - 8 hrs and even then, without any urgent need. But I do those holds very often, so you can reckon that 1200 - 1300 is something I am really used to.
All the best, Mark

Do you believe these stats? Can you do better at one or more of these categories? Send W4W a Message!

John Writes:
I only hold 550cc and is takes me about 90 seconds. Guess it's nothing to write home about.
Q) Have you considered having a contest between women and men?
For example, distance is one area which no one has taken data
on for either sex. John. By the way, I can pee about 2 or 3 feet.
A) We think that's a great idea about distance John and it sex sounds like fun. I know a woman that can pee about 10 feet after lots of wine and one of our female friends says 8'-6" ~ Steve can pee approx 18 feet with some added 'pumping'.
So let's have some statistics from both male and female peeers out there, let it flow!!
 Here's a new one from Octavius
                  Personal Best           Average

Max. amount:     500 ml              250 - 300 ml

Longest time:    25 sec              10 sec

Longest hold:    18 hours*           3 - 4 hours**

Max. pints in
pub before pee:  4 pints         1&1/2 pints - 2 pints

*  dehydrated
** but can drop to as little as 15 minutes if I drink loads of water

Here's a new one from Dan:
My records are: longest time between peees: 36 hours
Largest amount measured: 1250ml, although I am pretty sure I have done more on occasions when I couldn't measure it.
Longest pee: over 3 minutes - unfortunately one that I couldn't measure!
Distance: have managed to pee up a wall about 15 ft (4.5m), by holding my
prick tightly clenched, releasing my bladder muscle, so holding the enormous pressure with my hand, then as I release my hand, push hard with my bladder muscle - you'll be amazed how far you can shoot!

Any females want to talk about this and other filling, holding and
desperation games, please e-mail me on  desperatedan46@hotmail.com

men's pee in bottles, bottled pee, men peeing, Request from Galashiels

As a person who is heavily into pee myself, have you thought about making bottles of men's pee available via your website?
I find it really horny to get a guy to pee in a beer bottle or something larger (if needs be) and then pour it over me while I wank.
I often leave an empty bottle in the urinal in the pub then go back for it a while later and find it full to the brim with lovely warm pee!
I would certainly be interested if anyone wanted to send me some by post...

Hi, I just found this site.. it's great and hope it's still active ..
This is a response to the male distance peeing and endurance, the most I've ever held was 1,250ml and i was bursting, I don't record my normal peees and I haven't recorded my times either. I agree with Dan that pinching your prick will make it go way far and I have a question to
Dan and Mark: how can you possibly hold your pee for 20 or 36 hours? My name is Shane, thank you so much.
distance peeing and pee holding for men I'm a guy, and my bladder holds 1800ml (honest) when I'm on my own and in control. I wouldn't dare to push it much beyond 1200ml in public (at which point there wouldn't be much outward signs). I can drink 3 pints of beer at a pub, chase them with a pint or so of water and still not even begin to worry about a pee for another hour or more.

Do you believe these stats? Can you do better at one or more of these categories? Send W4W a Message!

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