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Here is an excerpt of one of Cascade's
free peeing fetish stories:

I still regularly went back to that pub, I couldn't stay away and even though ten years had passed I never got over the fascination of it being there watching the women peeing and all I had to do was go and look, I couldn't resist it! One night I saw a woman's pee that I will never forget: I could see a couple sitting in the bay window with their tall drinks and they were talking to an old couple who were sitting with them. The girl was a cracker, long dark hair and slim, she looked very shy. They were sitting there all night for about 2 hours or so and hardly budged, only to get more drinks and three of them went to the toilets, but not the girl. I was watching her because if she went for a pee I didn't want to miss watching her. Then, right at the end of the night they looked like they were making ready to leave and the girl used this as an opportunity to leave the group and have a pee. I was tracking and watching her and I was quickly checking out the surrounding area by my car in case there was somebody coming - fortunately it was all clear and then I saw the dark shadow of her hair and her coat in the frosted toilet window. I was really looking forward to watching her pee - having watched her sitting there all night. She locked the toilet door and pulled up her coat together with her skirt and eased her knickers down a little way, then she SAT on the toilet seat, she wasn't going to hover like all the other women pee. She sat on the loo seat leaning over to one side so she was going to direct her pee stream onto the side of the bowl. Then came the pee, a beautiful twinkling silver pee, squirted as a perfectly straight tight jet at really high pressure onto the china. It was being forced out at such high volume it was pooling on the side of the toilet bowl before sliding down! I was watching this wonderful sight with only the thickness of a wall away from this beautiful silver pee stream. She was really pumping away at it, squirting with all her power, there was loads. I could hear the sound of her fanny lips and the crackling sound of the powerful jet of her pee so clearly, I could almost smell it and feel the warmth of the spray. There was lots of fine pee spray bouncing around her pee jet, more force, more spray, it was the best pee I had ever watched, incredible sight.
Unfortunately I had to move after ten years had lapsed to another part of the country, this was due to personal circumstances and nothing to do with 'running away' or other daft things.

I met and married my second wife in my mid thirties and very early on in our relationship we discovered quite by accident by watching each other that we mutually enjoyed the varied aspects of peeing together, this time involving it in our sex life too. She particularly liked making love when her bladder was full, the fuller the better.
I remember that she peed our bed once and she was in such a deep sleep that I couldn't wake her, so I tried stopping it for her and although I couldn't actually stop her pee flow, I still had great fun trying! She awoke very embarrassed and ashamed when she discovered what she'd done, but when I told her what fun I'd had while trying to stem her pee flow she seemed to be alright about it, like I'd tried to do her a favour?
We discovered a mutual love of outdoor peeing and she was the first girl who I'd seen peeing while standing, she was expert at it and enjoyed the fun of it immensely. Watching this woman's pee stream shoot out from her body and seeing the smile of enjoyment on her face always aroused me instantly. She was also the first girl of my own who would do interesting hissy pee, she could make it hiss at any flow rate, her peeing was perfect.

We had a woman who lived next door, she was a very chatty inquisitive type and flaunted herself a lot. Later through some long-term investigations, I found that she would never use any other toilet than her own, she would break her neck for a pee, she would arrive home in such a state, her bladder so swollen and full and if all was quiet in our house, you could hear her peeing in her bathroom. She would run up the stairs, you'd hear the bathroom door slide open (and not slide shut) then this rhythmical peeing, like she was pumping it out of her in 10 second waves. Her peeing quantities were fantastic, I'm sure it used to be over two pints if not more, so I imagine she'd been doing that all of her life. I wanted so badly to see this woman pee or get a recording of her peeing, but sadly I didn't get the opportunity.

This was my 'golden' opportunity and I had to take it or I'd regret it for the rest of my life

There was another woman I noticed when I used to go to a night club at the weekend, she was very attractive and had a lovely figure. She always used to stand in the same place, speak to the same people and drink the same drinks, a creature of regular habit for sure. She always used to pee about once an hour, but she used to be gone for 3 or 4 minutes, sometimes longer and I was curious to know why. This curiosity was short lived when I found out one night when the club was almost empty. It was very late and the staff were clearing up, she was still at the end of the bar with her friends when she made a move to the toilets, I was certain there was no-one else in the women's toilets because I'd been watching the door. This was my 'golden' opportunity and I had to take it or I'd regret it for the rest of my life.
I waited for about half a minute or so just in case she'd just gone in to wash her hands or something, then I went down the corridor and eased the door to the Ladies' open just enough to hear what was going on. At first I heard nothing and I thought that she'd gone, I was mystified. Then I heard this enormous gush of forced pee and an "ooohhhh" - it went on and on 'til she had to pause for another breath, then it gushed forth again, such astonishing pee power and incredible noise. I wanted to carry on and watch this woman pee, I was visualising it to myself. I closed the Ladies' door quietly and went to check to see if anyone was due to come down the corridor - no-one, so I went back and eased the door open again, I was amazed to hear the same thing again, huge forceful long gushes of pee and a sexy groan, but this time, when she paused for breath she had a rest and just tinkled for about a minute and then she stopped, so I was getting ready to close the door as I didn't want to be caught, but just as I thought it was all over, she started up gushing her pee again! I decided that I'd satisfied my curiosity enough and decided to go back and finish up my drink and see how much longer she was going to be. It must have been another minute before she came out and I watched her walk past me. Wow!!!

All through the late 80s and up to present day I have been very lucky and I have never even dreamed of going elsewhere for my pee fun than with my wife. We have such a good time together and I'm not about to spoil it.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed re-calling & re-watching some of my wet memories. Aubrey.

Here's another of Aubrey's female peeing stories . . .

There was another good pee story from Aubrey: ..... Aubrey starts: I think you go in and out of different phases during childhood, lots of ideas go in and out of your head, mixed feelings and emotions all to do with growing up I suppose, some of them stick, some lay dormant and some are forgotten. But later on in life, events will trigger the dormant memories and some of those may appeal to you now more than then.
I remember that when I was a kid, my mother used to take me into the Ladies' toilets with her when I needed a pee, she used to go as well and although I wasn't interested in watching, I still heard the hissing sound of her pee. This is one of my own 'dormant' memories and it's one fascination that's stayed with me throughout my life.

I remember this 'thing' sticking out of my shorts, it was my first erection!

As kids on a council estate when playing outside, there would always be a girl who needed a pee, doing a pee dance, crossing her legs or holding her fanny, it was normal. I remember when we moved house my Dad had put the sections of our garden shed against the wall of our new house. It made an 'A' and us kids used to play in it. One of the girls I played with did a huge pee in there, it was the very first time I'd seen a girl pee, I stood there watching, my first voyeur sighting! Her pee was really loud and splashy - I didn't know what to do so I knocked on our front door to tell my Mum and when she answered I remember this 'thing' sticking out of my shorts, it was my first erection! I was trying to smooth it down while I told tales, I didn't know what it was!
As I grew up I remember my relations coming round at the weekends and the various Aunties who used to use our toilet - somehow always at the same time as me 'just going up to my room'! I must have been aged about 8 or 9 and I used to listen to their pee and hear if it sounded like my mother's hissing sound. I soon found out that not all women did the pee hiss. I found it interesting comparing the huge differences in length, duration, power, noise etc of women peeing. When I used to stay at my grandparents during the school holidays I used to spend all day in the busy town finding public toilets that had the windows open and hang around being a young voyeur, watching until a lady came along to pee and I'd stand near the window and listen to her having a pee. I discovered that the best peeing from women were from the thinner ones, the fat one's peeng was useless. This was all before I started wanking so it wasn't really a sex thing, I just found listening to women peeing interesting.
When at school I used to take an interest in watching how the girls stood while talking in the playground and having bets with myself on how much, (or if) she needed to pee, I got quite good at this and that foresight has stayed with me ever since.
At school I used to derive great pleasure if, when in class, a girl put her hand up to go to the toilet and was denied, I would then just concentrate on watching her and her plight, I'd keep looking at her and wondering what was going on inside of her, if her pee hissed or trickled, noisy or quiet, long or short - it drove me mad sometimes and I couldn't concentrate on lessons.

this was definately step two in the peeing phase of my life

When I was about 12 there was a girl at school who wanted to go out with me, I thought at least I might get a chance to take my developing interest in this peeing voyeurism one step further and prevent her from peeing and hear the outcome, so I thought, why not? When I got the chance to hear her pee it was round her house and it was summer, we'd just returned from a bike ride, the downstairs bathroom window was open and I heard her singing and peeing at the same time, I thought, 'this is a first!' It turned out that she had a huge sexy bladder that never seemed to give in, it just accommodated more and more pee, resulting in her peeing for at least a minute, I was absolutely fascinated as so far I hadn't ever heard a girl pee this long, the longest so far was one of my Aunties who peeed for 35 seconds. This girl was besotted with me and would do anything to keep me, so I told her that I wanted to watch her pee, knowing it would last a nice long time. She was a bit reluctant at first, but I threatened to leave her if she didn't, so she peed for me - loads of times! I was intrigued with the delightful aroma and the hotness of her pee stream when I touched it - this was definately step two in the peeing phase of my life, one I enjoyed so much I wanted to watch her peeing all the time, I'd never get tired of it! We were together for 3 years, I got to like her a lot, but I don't know if I was in love with her, or her super bladder. We split up after I'd started work when I was 15 and I remember all I was thinking of was "where am I going to get my regular 'pee fix' from now?"

That phase of my vivid interest in peeing died out for a while as I'd discovered shagging and I thought I'd do that for a while as I liked that very much too. I was nearly 16, I was working and my mate had a car, so we used to go out most nights picking up birds, we were a very successful duo and we met and shagged dozens of girls, most of which we'd pick up on the side of the road and give them a lift. I remember that when I used to be 'petting' a girl, I used to rub just above their pubic bone, I discovered that some girls really liked this. Now, later on I realise that they would have had a full bladder and it was arousing them with the bladder walls rubbing on their G spot - but of course, we are talking 60s here, so the G spot was unheard of, well to teenagers anyway. This weekly crumpet catching & shagging went on for 2 years or more, it was a great phase of my life, but then I found that I was thirsty for peeing again - I'd been a long time without it! When I think of how many girls I must have shagged that needed a pee and I didn't even think of it - damn!
Well, I was still searching for a girl of my own with a big bladder and so far I hadn't come up with anything, but at a party when I was 18 I met a girl who was later to become my first wife. We courted for a ridiculously long time, I think it was 5 years!! But she did pee extremely well, she held her pee secretly and she enjoyed holding it, but she would never admit to it. She used to pump herself up so full her bladder used to stick out and she was very proud of it and she used to make me feel it, "feel this," she used to smile and say, it was so big and hard and so warm - quite delicious - but that was it, she wouldn't pee for me under any circumstances, watching her was out of the question, in fact I think that it's because she knew I liked it that she refused and she used to avoid using the toilet if I was around. Sometimes she just had to give in, it was always very horny when she did actually pee and I could hear it, hers was always a trickle, never forced out, never hissing, sometimes her pee was as quiet as a mouse and you really had to strain your ears!
She had a lot of female friends: one in particular I suspected of having a good bladder, she came round to our new house one weekend and didn't ask for the toilet although I could see she needed a wee bad, so in anticipation I hid a tape recorder in the toilet hoping she would eventually go - and she did and wow what a fantastic pee, over a minute and a half of constant peeing. I kept the recording for years afterwards, it was one of my prized secret possessions, I would wank off to it, instantly getting a stiff and cumming so intensely I thought my dick was going to fall off! I realised then that there were other females who could pee for a long time, it was just that they were rare and took some seeking out. I remember I was always craving female pee from other sources because my first wife wouldn't co-operate and experiment with me and have peeing fun, so I used to plan ways of preventing her from peeing and plan ahead to one of the many toilets that I knew so I'd be able to hear her pee, it was the only way that I'd get any pleasure from her lovely bladder.

I got loads of recordings of different women taking really urgent peees

After we divorced I was in my mid 20s and my work led me to being in lots of different pubs with lots of different people in the bars, now why didn't I think of this before you may ask? A pub toilet is obviously where you are going to hear the best peeing but it didn't dawn on me until then. My work was maintaining a chain of pubs, repairing doors and windows and stuff. A lot of these jobs had to be done during opening hours, so it wasn't unusual for me to be working in a Ladies' toilet when it was open! So there was I with a front row seat just waiting and watching!! The voyuer carpenter!!
I started carrying my tape recorder with me, it was now part of my tool kit and I got loads of recordings of different women taking really urgent peees and if there was only one cubicle, I could make them wait too, their badly needed bladder relief was in my hands! I could let them have a pee when it suited me! That was a great feeling, a bit sadistic really I suppose? Then I'd listen to how badly they needed to go when I replayed the tape afterwards.
I did this for a long time and I was thinking that no-one else had this voyeuristic peeing streak in them, that I was the only 'strange one' in the whole world who enjoyed seeing, watching and hearing women pee. One of the pubs I maintained had a big air vent right by the back of the WC pan in the only ladies cubicle, this eventually allowed me to move on to stage 3 of my peeing life!

I discovered this toilet air vent quite by accident, we were re-furbishing a pub and I didn't have any work to do in the toilets at all. But on visiting the Gents' cubicle I noticed there was a vent by the WC pan where you could almost see outside and so I thought I'd check to see if the Ladies' was the same - and it was!!
So every morning when I got to the site I'd park my car by the Ladies' vent so it would give me some cover and then every dinner time I would do some maintenance on my car! I watched loads of backward views of women hovering & peeing, the bonus being that I could see who was going in and whether I fancied watching her, I was getting spoilt for choice! As far as I know, no-body knew what I was doing, I was very careful, but not to look at a fanny peeing in full flood is something I cannot do, the build-up to it was the killer: the footsteps, the door closing, the rustling of the clothes, then the magnificent rear view of a hovering hairy female slit poised to pee, the twitching of the fanny lips and the beautiful glistening hot pee stream, oh a voyeur's delight!
I nearly cried when we finished that pub, but it was fairly local - it was a short drive, so I used to go there as many times as I could, not to go into the bar, but to collect a drink and sit innocently in my car with the window down or the car door open, just waiting to watch the next pee show! I wasn't married at the time, so I had all the time in the world to go and watch women peeing whenever it suited me and if I was prepared to wait, the women would always be there for me to watch!


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