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Hissy Peeing From Victoria

Victoria No5 is her hissing peeing sound file.
34 minutes of hissing girlie pee with LOTS of HISSSSSSSSS!

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These are my efforts at holding my pee until I can either take a pee break, or not take one more step getting to a bathroom toilet and see if I can make my pee hiss and I think I was quite successful. All of this 34 minutes of my peeing has my lovely hissing pee included in each take which you will love, I'm very pleased I can make this lovely erotic hissing my pee sound for you.

The female hissing vagina is fascinating, it's such a sexy pee sound

I'm trying to keep my promises of having new peeing sounds pages and here is my latest, these are my hissing peeing sounds guys. The shortest one is a minute and the longest one is 2.58!! - Yes hiss that piss Victoria!
That long hissy pee at nearly three minutes was done at home, I really was dying to pee, I was bursting to go and luckily for me, when I released it, it all came out gently and slowly so I could push a little and make it hiss to make it sound nice n' sexy for you, I know you love that, it's so horny.
I think the female hissing pee is fascinating, it's such a sexy sound, but not every woman can do it and I get so annoyed when I can't, but when I can I'm such a happy girl, so when I hear it hiss, I lock on to the pressure and I don't move, I'm such a smiling peeer (super hisser peeer)!
I've recently got Cascade to put some of my peeing sounds (including my sexy piss hiss) on youtube, only a few of my different variations and peeing styles. I've got them to put my very first attempt at trying to hiss my pee and another where I'm much better at it. I like to make a really loud hissing sound, sometimes it distorts the mic in my phone where I'm pushing so hard!

How I sit when I'm doing my hissing peeing As a suggestion I'm putting one or two pictures up that resemble me, they're not of me, but they're a very good likeness, I hope it jazzes up my dull pages a bit.
My email address is still the same, it's I love all of your suggestions for pee sounds and your comments, but no, no, NO dating! I wouldn't dare, I have to keep this completely anon, I have a regular boyfriend and I'm happy, I would be mortified if my love and fascination for peeing ever leaked out (leaked, ha ha!) so please understand, let me just be the erotic pee artist that I am x

This is only a short sample of the actual recording

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LOTS OF FREE PEE! (48 out-takes lasting 46 minutes)

Hi, it's me! I'm having a clear out of my failures - my inability to pee properly!!
My phone has loads of my peeing on it, peeing that for one reason or another doesn't make the grade, I'm quite hard on myself, I like quality.
There's a whole load of this 'junk' - and I don't want to thrown them all away. For example: ones that are too quiet, (Cascade will put all these in a zip file for me/us) there's my peeing that's too short where I thought that I'd got a load!
The microphone on my phone is very sensitive and it picks up my tummy gurgling (I hate that). Also, in my early days there was distortion where I held the microphone too close to my vagina. Oh yeah and when I record my pee at home, like an idiot I sometimes leave my bathroom window open, such a stupid girl I am - so there's traffic noises over a classic bit of peeing! Doh!
There's also an attack of the squits (which was totally unexpected). I get very disappointed when my bladder and I don't make the spec we're aiming for, like if I'm so looking forward to doing a power pee and I haven't been drinking the right stuff and my bladder won't cooperate, I can't power for toffee. Also when my pee won't hiss, why? and when I run out of pee just a few seconds short of my goal dammit.
Also my experiments which are too numerous to mention, but if you've read my pages and you've bought my stuff, you'll know what I mean. But my pee stream has a mind of its own, my biggest problem is when I power up for a gush and it just turns into a spray like a watering can and goes simply everywhere!
So there you are my faithful pee fans, you'll get this free pee set when you buy anything from my site, I think it's sensible to give things to those who appreciate my 'work' than throw it away and it's gone forever, don't you? If you've been one of my happy wanky customers and you want to recieve one, write to me, I will acknowledge you xx V

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