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Women Peeing on Halloween! Ladies Pee & in Party Costumes!

Dear Readers,

Halloween weekend was fun, I got 3 sightings to get me to 99 for the year. Tried hard for that 4th sighting to get to 100, but the ladies just didn't cooperate. All the sightings came on Saturday night after midnight so they count as November sightings, I finish October with 8 sightings and no shots which is below it's monthly average (12.7), the 5th of 10 months this year to finish below it's sightings average. Web page report this week, I was again "armed" with my camera last weekend and snapped several shots as Halloween night always has interesting sights and I included 3 of them in today's report: all sightings-related, of course.

As I said last week, it did snow last Wednesday and Thursday. 13 inches worth, I thought my sightings might be snowed out for Halloween weekend but temps got into the 50's Friday and 60's Saturday, with snow this time of year being wet snow instead of the dry powder we get during the colder winter months it melts very quickly. We went from schools and businesses being closed Wednesday and Thursday because of impassable streets to mostly dry streets Friday and "what snow?" by Saturday. I stayed in Friday night because it was cold (upper 30's) and still enough snow I didn't think the sightings area crowd would be very big, just went out Saturday night for the expected big Halloween night party crowds. I ran into a friend who lives in that area and he said there were big crowds Friday night too, so I probably would have gotten the 100 th sighting this weekend if I'd gone out both nights instead of just Saturday.

Saturday night was bearable (temps low 40's) and the crowd was huge, close to the size of the New Years' Eve crowd according to my late hour lady counts. Snow was not a factor because the streets and parking lots in the sightings area were ploughed/melted, just a few big snow banks at the back of a few parking lots and some wet sidewalks and streets. Checking my lady-count numbers when I got home later I was surprised to see this was a bigger crowd than New Years' Eve (by about 50 ladies), which I'd always thought was the biggest crowd in the sightings area every year. But looking at last year's numbers when I did my first Halloween night lady-count (Friday night last year), it was also bigger than the New Years' Eve crowd so Halloween has really become a big deal around here! Sightings were slightly less than New Years' Eve's 4, miniscule pee ratios of .34 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies peeing New Years' Eve and .33 tenths of 1 percent this Halloween weekend which are well below the yearly average of .45 tenths of 1 percent of the ladies peeing.

The night showed energy immediately when I got to the sightings area. Tons of people in costumes, the most common look for the ladies this year was the little bo peep/tooth fairy costume: flared umbrella-looking little skirts with furry bottoms and leggings/leotards. A crowd I passed early had a cute blonde in a sexy tight short black clingy dress and high heels with gold bands around the short sleeves and a matching Captain's hat with a gold band around it. They were talking as I walked by, she was going on about how she "peed in the street" and almost got pee in her shoes. She said she got caught and got a ticket, had an upcoming court date for her 'pee ticket.' I couldn't tell if she was proud of this or embarrassed, but this story made her even sexier so I snapped a shot of her as the group walked off as a possibility to include today. But 3 other shots resulted from peeing activity by other ladies and they edged out this lady's shot. Stories, followed by my November preview:

Sunday, 1:37 a.m.- I was walking past one of my former hot spots, the big active parking lot. A lot of people were walking through the alley from the busy end across the street from a warehouse dance club to the end where I was by a parking garage on the next block, I decided to watch the alley to see if ladies walking through stopped at any of the numerous places in the alley where they could pee. I noticed a group of 4 black ladies and a guy who had walked through the alley were reaching my end, about to cross the street to where I was. One of the ladies suddenly bent over at the waist and grabbed her crotch and crossed her legs, then the group turned around and started back into the alley. She was going to pee, so I crossed the street and went into the big active parking lot so I could shadow the alley and see where they went. Police cars were out on the street outside the lot as usual, but not as many as usual because they had to cover other areas in the city where Halloween partying was also going on. The group turned up into a space behind the 3rd building, a place where I've snapped shots before. I heard laughing as I approached the area, walking by in the lot across the alley from there saw 2 of the ladies and the guy standing by the alley with lady 3 standing in front of a new dumpster in the back corner where the desperate lady was peeing. She took a long time, nearly 45 seconds before she came out as I stood by cars in the lot unnoticed by them watching. She was about 5' 5" and slim with short black hair, wearing a red jacket and one of those tooth-fairy type umbrella flared miniskirts with a fur-like collar around the bottom of it and black leggings/high heels to complete her costume. The group walked back into the alley, she had peed behind the dumpster where I couldn't see a puddle so I didn't go over there to look for it.

1:40 a.m.- I wandered down the alley towards the warehouse dance club, passed by 2 ladies entering the alley from the crowd standing around that end of the alley. One lady was petite wearing pants with the other taller, shoulder length brown hair wearing a black mini dress and knee-high stockings, an innocent schoolgirl costume. I watched them walk down the alley, past the area where the first lady peed and stopping by a dumpster by the 2nd building and going up on the far side of it. Another pee spot where I've snapped shots before, I started walking back down the lot towards there. The tall lady gave her intentions away by looking over the side of the dumpster back down the alley to see if anybody was coming, seeing me and staring at me so I stopped by cars near the middle of the lot and turned my back to her. I looked back and she had disappeared beside the dumpster, I resumed walking towards there. I heard voices as I walked by, the 2 ladies were sitting on the ground beside the dumpster talking with the tall lady gazing at me as I walked by - she had decided to wait until I left to pee, which I was still convinced she was going to do.

I stopped at that end of the alley, much closer to them than I was before and now on their side of the dumpster where I could see them. They both stood up and pulled the dumpster (on wheels) away from the building wall, she grabbed the bottom sides of her dress and went behind the dumpster and squatted down behind it as the other lady stood guard in the gap looking over at me. The peeing lady's head appeared behind the dumpster after about 15 seconds as she finished and stood up, the friend moved away from the gap and she walked out and the 2 ladies headed back down the alley towards the warehouse dance club. They just came into the alley so she could pee, always nice to get sightings in this once heavily used alley again!

This alley was my top sightings spot from '96 to 2004, producing 116 sightings over that period (12.6 sightings per year), with a then-best 34 sightings in 2001. The heavy police coverage there started in 2005, pushing most of the desperate ladies 2 blocks away to the RTD block to pee and the alley has produced just 14 sightings since 2005 (including the 2 this weekend). During those same years the RTD block had 82 sightings (9 per year), but since 2005 and the arrival of more desperate ladies from the other area looking for somewhere to pee the RTD block has exploded to 155 sightings (31 sightings per year) with a peak of 41 sightings twice, in 2005 and '06. Since the terminal building changed it's Friday and Saturday night closing time from 1a.m. to 2:30a.m. in summer 2007, the sightings on the block have dropped to 35 the last 2 years (18.5 sightings per year) as ladies realized they can still get in the building late to use the bathroom. The RTD block has dropped to the 2nd most used sightings area now, while that alley in the busy area ranks in the mid 20's out of the 37 outdoor areas the ladies use.

ladies needing a piss 2:16 a.m.- I was on that RTD block when I saw these 2 ladies across the street by that alley and it's dumpsters (that has now become the top peeing area for ladies). There was a car sitting in the middle of the alley not far from the dumpsters the ladies wanted to use with it's lights on shining to the end of the alley, it just sat there unattended and never left (still there when I left to go home at night's end) and kept people from going to those dumpsters to pee while I was there. The petite blonde in the green skirt appeared to be the anxious one as the ladies went down the sidewalk towards the next block, her walking with her arms folded seeming tense. Passing a doorway on the way to the next corner she went in, the 2 ladies talked for a couple of minutes before I heard her say "I'm going to pee" and saw her turn her back to the corner wall and squat down reaching under her skirt before the lady in the pants stepped in front of her and blocked my view. She stood guard looking at me across the street, it was almost 40 seconds before the blonde stood up behind her and she moved away and the blonde came out of the doorway pulling her skirt back into place. They crossed the street and walked past me where I snapped this shot, then I went over to the doorway where I saw her small puddle on the rug.

ladies piss puddleI wasn't going to snap this shot but noticed something unusual: there was a splatter spot of her pee on the wall above the puddle, somehow she directed her stream towards the wall like a man standing there peeing would do. How did she do that? I saw her squat all the way down behind her friend with her back to this wall, ladies pee their streams down and forward in that position and there's no way it could go behind her and splash the wall. The only way she could have done that is to have been standing bent-over, with her back leaned forward she could direct her stream backwards and hit the wall behind her legs. But I didn't ever see her in that position, when she stood up she was pulling up her panties and was done peeing then. So how did she do this, did she use some kind of tool or object that allowed her to direct her stream back to the wall? Things like this are what make female outdoor peeing so fascinating to me!

girl's pissed her skirtThis final shot was an unexpected surprise. I saw this lady and her boyfriend standing on a corner trying to flag down a cab on a wet sidewalk. No big deal until I walked past them, glancing back at her noticed what seemed like a pretty big wet spot on the back of her skirt, looking like she had a peeing accident. Was I seeing things, or was she wet? I snapped a shot of her to examine later and looking at it this is definitely wet and freshly wet at that! It's exactly where the wet spot would be if she had peed, in this case while sitting down with her skirt under her butt and peeing on it in the chair - or she may have sat down on something already wet. I saw while waiting for the cab she was a little drunk, she had a cell phone she dropped a couple of times and stumbled and almost fell on her face trying to pick it up. She didn't seem to be aware of the wetness on her skirt and neither did the guy with her so it probably happened not long before I saw her. I think she probably did have a peeing accident, I can't say for sure since I didn't see what actually happened to her. But here, after examining the wet spot I conclude she had a peeing accident!

close up of girl's wet skirtHere's a cropped enlargement of the back of her skirt that gives you a closer look. What do you think, did she pee on herself? I can't tell if there were any drops of wetness on her thighs, which would have confirmed she did pee on herself, but here's why I think she did pee on herself:

You see the dry area in the bottom middle of her skirt between the 2 wet spots? It's where the middle crotch part of her panties are, looks like the wet spots form an outline of where the panties are (dry) and where her thighs absorbed the pee (wet spots). I think when she lost control and peed it flowed out the sides of her panty crotch and wet her thighs instead of going straight through her panty crotch, the wet spot would have been more in the middle if it went through her panty crotch and wet the middle bottom part of the back of her skirt where it's dry. She had to be sitting down (in a chair or on something) when this happened, if she had been standing the wetness pattern would be different....the pee would have come straight down between her thighs, probably not even wetting the back of her skirt at all - if it did, it certainly wouldn't be in the pattern we see here, it would be a much smaller wet spot again in the area of the middle bottom of her skirt that's dry here, the skirt would not have had so much pee soak it like it did here from her sitting on it and absorbing the pee that pooled up under the back of her thighs.
That's my conclusion, based on my "CSI-style evaluation" of the evidence. Do you agree with this, or think something else happened to produce this wetness on the back of her skirt and she didn't have a peeing accident? Let me know what you think, isn't this fascinating stuff?

November preview: 102 sightings and 8 shots in it's previous 16 years for averages of 6.4 sightings and .5 shots , ranking it 10th in sightings and 9th in shots. Bests for the month are 16 sightings and 3 shots, worsts are no sightings and no shots, last year I had 2 sightings and no shots in 2 weekend outings before snow came and ended my sightings year early.
November has ended my sightings year early the last 2 years, bad weather cutting it off mid-month and staying bad through December so I couldn't get out for sightings again until the end of December and New Years' Eve. That's also been a big a factor in me coming up short of 100 sightings too, losing the last 6 weeks of my sightings years. The weekend after Thanksgiving had traditionally been the best November weekend, I snapped my last November shot in 2002 on that weekend of a sexy lady in a miniskirt and tall black boots with long black hair peeing a visible stream behind a bush in front of a building (desp 199/alb 11). Hopefully I'll get the whole month back again starting this year, if so I should get the 6 sightings the month averages and be back over 100 sightings again - where I belong!

The weather is looking good for next weekend, temps in the upper 60's late in the week should produce mild nights and a 2-night weekend of work so I should finally pass 100 sightings. I've really had to work hard for my sightings this year, fortunately there are still a lot of them out there to get!