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Pee Sightings! Women Caught Peeing!
Ladies Pee & Piss at Night!

Pee sightings, women desperate to piss caught peeing at night caught by the camera! Sightings of ladies peeing a good pee puddle!

This women pissing voyeur website is no longer updated, but the peeing reports and piss puddle pictures are all here.

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Year 2007
The 2007 Pee Sightings Summary - the year's decline, the coming year's forecast, the best wet bits of 2007.

Year 2008

New Years' Eve 2007/08 - small crowds produce only one sighting!

Last Saturday in January - a near sighting prevented by a 'do gooder' girl friend - full story

Mid February Saturday - lots of activity, a sexy pee sighting and a surprise ladies confession!

Slow March Start - no sightings but a good memory and picture from '94

Getting Better! - a desperate to pee sighting and her piss puddle shot - plus 35mm Vs Digital for peeing pictures?

March Ends - 2 sexy sightings and article on Women's Bathroom Etiquette

Good Start to April - 3 really good sexy sightings and a feel-good factor

Lady Takes an Intense Piss - her piss puddle shot & full story. Plus a new camera with better night-time shot taking qualities!

Lots of Good Sightings! - Tall slim dark haired lady takes a quality piss by a wall - piss puddle shot plus loads of other ladies pee sightings

Mid May Blooms - with 2 good sightings, a fat lady's big piss puddle & the June Preview

May Bows Out - with 5 sightings and a Movie Scene alert

Exciting Start To April - with 3 sightings - 1 being a huge emergency public piss!

Trying Out the Video! - 3 sightings and some video pee scene experiments

June Sightings - 3 summer pee sightings - including a copper!!

June Ends - with 2 sightings, a woman peeing picture and a bit of wet tele

July starts - slowly with just one sighting, plus proportions of women peeing dressed in jeans Vs dresses

Mid July - a warm summer, big crowds, but only 2 sightings

July Ends - with 2 sightings, an interesting 'P' news story and the August preview

August Starts - with 2 sightings and the answers to some Ladies Pee Survey questions

August Sightings - 2 this week with an interesting gal/guy peeing situation

More From August - 2 good sightings, a piss river picture & some 'P' TV

August Ends - with 9 sightings!

First Weekend - In September - brings us more sexy pee sightings and an un-expected encounter!!

Sexy Sighting and Piss Puddle Shot! - Blonde lady takes an urgent public piss

Two Women Piss an Absolute Flood! - Plus loads of Ocktoberfest women pissing sightings!

End of September - 4 sightings and the October preview

Slow Start to October - the first weekend produces 4 sightings

A Mid October Sighting - where a security guard catches a woman pissing in mid flow!

Halloween Weekend - brings a sexy sighting and a lady demonstrates an outside peeing technique
End November - some pee stories & Judge Judy 'P' TV
December & NYE Non-Productive

Year 2009
A girl's not allowed to pee - first sightings report of 2009

2 more night pee sightings - warmer than average Feb brings out the crowds

March preview - and a couple of ladies comments from the Pee survey

First March Sightings - a pretty piss girl braves the weather in her summer dress

3 good sightings! - with puddle pictures and stories

April gets going - 3 sightings with interesting facts & figures

Exciting April finish - good stories and puddle shot analysis

Good start to May - piss puddle pic and a web site announcement

The weather's warming - and the girls are coming out to pee!

Nice end to May - 4 interesting sightings & June preview

4 classic sightings - and the weather's warming up for sexily dressed ladies

June Climax - 4 great sightings & some interesting info

Warm mid July - 4 sexy summer sightings

July tails off - only 2 sightings - the reasons why?

August begins - with 4 sightings & a wet dress shot

Mid August lull - slack sightings but still, there's an interesting video

August fails expectations - just one lone sighting!

September Preview - what can we expect for the rest of the year?

September off to a good start - sightings and a piss puddle picture

September improving - couple of sightings and an ugly girl's sexy piss puddle

Oktoberfest 1 - brings a bit of sexy pee life to my ladypee reports

Nice September! - 6 sightings - a full report

Oktoberfest 2 - just one sighting and conclusive report being it's the last one.

Mid October - brings 4 good sightings and a descriptive look at some of the hundreds of pictures

Halloween Weekend - 3 sightings and wet skirt pictures

Mid November - no sightings but a pee-assurance report

End of November - the 100th sighting & a super piss puddle (river) shot

December preview - what can we expect for the last month? Is it worth going out?

New Year's Eve 09 - the preview, it's expectations and last year's sightings figures

New Year's Eve 2010 - small crowds and only one lone sighting!!

2009 Sightings Summary - the complete year's facts & figures & the prospect for 2010???

Year 2010
The Pee Sightings Areas - the last 17 years, the best spots and how time changes women's peeing habits

Year 2011

April ends with a treat! - a desperate lady takes an emergency piss in the street!

May looks promising - getting back into it with a bonus of a fun (almost) pee sighting!

May still good - 3 pee sightings and another funny pee incident

June's First Weekend - kicks off with 4 more sightings

3 sightings & a double piss puddle shot - interesting comparison of how ladies pee outside

Just one pee sighting - but an idea for Sunday Concert Sightings!

Interesting Pee Weekend - good pee sightings report with 2 ladies' piss puddle pictures

2 Sightings Sat & Sun - looking good for next weekend!

10 Sexy Sightings! - pee areas now free of cop patrols - now the desperate ladies can pee!!

5 ladies pee sightings - warm nights and cop-less areas produce good sightings opportunities

2 new reports this week:
Mid July Report:
just three sightings but looking good for next week

End July Report: July ends with the best sightings for over a decade!

August starts well - with 6 sightings of women peeing!

3 mid August sightings - including a peeing exhibitionist who gets an audience on the sidewalk!

Strange Weekend - but still got 4 sightings despite the distractions ...

August Ends - with 8 sightings and a would-be slam dunk shot!

September Starts - with 3 sightings, another really wanted shot.

Oktoberfest 1 - the first week brings 13 pee sightings, plus an experiment with the video camera

Oktoberfest 2 - 4 late pee sightings - including the much wanted 100th!!

Slowing Down - but 4 more sightings with an interesting boy-girl scenario

6 Sightings of Women Peeing - and the term used by girls needing to pee

Halloween Night - WOW! 11 sexy sightings - an 'intruder' and a pee drama

Year 1212

New Year's Eve 11/12 - only two sightings! But an enthusiastic start to a brand new year of pee reports!

The 2011 Pee Sightings Summary - a complete report of the sightings of women pissing. When what where how and more!

St. Patrick's Night - a night full of fabulous ladies sexy pee sightings

First Weekend in June - 5 sightings, a close-up public sighting and a pair of pee soaked panties!!

End of August - a disappointing end and a passed picture opportunity

Great Start to September - some good sightings and an excellent piss puddle shot

Oktoberfest- 10 sightings including one BEAUTY!

A New September Record!! - 11 sightings of sexy women pissing in just one night!!

I got 7 more sightings. - Another busy weekend. Lots of women peeing and weeing.

Women Pissing at Halloween Weekend. - Women Pissing at Night. Piss Pictures.

Woman said she peed in the street - I got 3 sightings to get me to 99 for the year

New Year's Eve Pissing - Party peeing. Women need to piss

A pretty weak July start with just 4 sightings - Woman squatted in front of a car peeing!

Woman Caught Peeing Late At Night! - I finish April with 6 sightings of women peeing

She was so close to wetting her panties - 7 sightings for October and 84 for the year

2 desperate women needing to piss - After a month with no sightings I got 2!

Two desperate ladies trying to pee - Ladies Peeing by a Building Caught by Cops!

Her thick golden piss stream started flowing - A web page report today with 2 pictures

She pushed down her pants and squatted to piss. - You readers love these piss puddle shots!

She hiked up her dress, squatted and peed - 2007 will start with a web report, a picture is included

Two more great pissing pics - Shots of women pissing. Late night voyeur

Women Caught Peeing! - I got 3 piss sightings and a woman caught peeing shot

I get another good piss puddle pic. - She pushed her pants down and squatted to piss

She Was Pulling Up Her Jeans - There was a hint of the summer bladder energy

Desperate woman, public pissing women - I get 8 sightings and another new piss puddle pic

Free Public Pissing True Story - I got 4 sightings but had no chances of the pictures

Free Women Public Pissing Stories - She pulled her pants to cover her pissing fanny

Sexy Pretty Ladies Desperate to Piss! - 11 sightings of sexy women pissing in just one night!!

Stories and piss puddle pictures of pissing women - Stories and pictures of pissing women

Pee Ladys. Nightime Pissing Pics - Outdoor Pissing Peeing Accidents

Pee Up a Wall by a Lady! - A Lady Pees Standing - She Does Her Pee Up A Wall!

She tried to pee standing but was wetting herself! - Really desperate ladies took intense pisses!

Lady Pees in an Alley! - Night time sightings of ladys who need to pee

Night pictures in parking areas - I'm Going in the Parking Lot for a Piss!

Pee Sightings at Night of Women Peeing - She needs to pee! Night sightings of desperate women

Photos of peeing women - Back on track this weekend with 7 sightings

Ladies peeing in a dark car-park - Two ladies peeing in a dark car-park corner get caught!

Sightings of Women Peeing by Cars - Sightings of Women Peeing by Cars in Parking Area

Pee in an Alley by a Blonde - Blonde Lady Has a Pee Down an Alley

Night Pee Sightings. Women Pissing - Stories, followed by news in the sightings area

Hairy Women Caught Peeing - Hairy Women Caught Peeing

Woman Caught Peeing - Lonely Woman Pees in Public

A Public Pissing Record! - Women Pissing in Public

Ladies Peeing Accident - Pt1 - Great Pic of Lady in Full Flood

Ladies Peeing Accident - Pt2 - Ladies Peeing Accident - continued latest pee sightings report of desperate women, peeing ladies, females needing a piss, free stories

Woman Pees Alone - Woman Pees Solo

Lady Squatted Peeing - Lady Squatted Peeing

Lady With Her Jeans Down Peeing - Woman With Her Jeans Down

Peeing Ladies Found by the Live Voyeur - Several Desperate Women Peeing Reports

An Overgenerous Bladder Full of Piss - Desperate Woman Produces Huge Piss Puddle

An Average Wet Patch by a Desperate Female - More Desperate Pee Puddles

Blonde Lady Caught Peeing Down an Alley - Gorgeous Blonde Pissing Down a Dark Alley

Lady Takes an Intense Powerful Piss - A Really Loud and Intense Lady Piss

She Was Pulling up Her Jeans - A Lady Just Finishing Her Desperate Piss

She Had to Pee in the Car Lot - An Emergency Piss - A Lady Pees In The Car Lot

A Gushing Female Piss - A Huge Gushing Lady Piss

A Desperate Woman Pissing - A Truly Desperate Woman Pissing Report

A Blonde Lady Peeing in a Back Alley - Another Beautiful Blonde Caught Peeing

Two Women Need To Piss Badly - 2 Women Desperate to Pee!


Her Aching Bladder - Her Poor Aching Bladder

A Rapidly Moving Thin Pee Stream - A Rapidly Moving Thin Pee Stream

An Amazing Big Bladder - An Amazing Big Bladder!

Public Pissing Stories of Desperate Women - Desperate Women Pissing in Public

Ladies Desperate for a Piss - Desperate Ladies Need to Piss

Desperate Women Bursting to Pee - Women Absolutely Bursting to Pee

Desperate Lady Pee Shot - Public Pissing Shot Of Desperate Woman

Ladies Peeing at Night - Ladys Finding Somewhere to Pee at Night

Ladies Caught Peeing at Night - Desperate Ladies Caught Peeing

Ladies Pee at Night - Ladies Public Pissing at Night

Halloween Weekend Peeing - Public Pissing Women at Halloween

A Record Amount of Public Pissing Women - May Brings Masses of Public Pissing, Desperate Women

Cascade Home

The late night public pissing watersports voyeur goes out with his piss cam every weekend to get pictures and find desperate ladies who need to pee in public badly. Desperation is what makes women go down a dark alley and empty their full bladders in public. They pee like mad in the dark, hoping they won't get caught. If you are reading this you will be a pee fetish or watersports pissing lover and perhaps, if you had the nerve, you wish that you could be this voyeur taking all those peeing pictures! The trick is not to get caught, sure you enjoy the peeing fetish, but only perhaps to get the stories and leave the videos and pictures to someone else!

Please enjoy our pages, come back whenever you wish.

This is the Main Menu for the free Public Pissing Stories from the former website desperate women.com

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