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She jumped up to a sitting position and pulled up her panties to cover her pissing fanny.

Dear Readers,

I get 6 more sightings last weekend to finish May with 24 sightings, beating my previous May best of 20 and upping it's average from 10.7 sightings to 11.7. The 24 May sightings were more than I had for the first 4 months of the year combined (21) and for the 4th consecutive weekend - every weekend in May - I get a good shot opportunity. This time I finally snap the pee shot, as I was sick of letting them get away! It's my 3rd shot this year and 223rd overall, and a good shot - more on it in it's story. In keeping with my new (digital) tradition this year I snapped a pee puddle shot of this lady's pee puddle, this is another web page stories report as her puddle shot is in this page with her picture story. I will also have my June preview later, I head into the active summer months with great sightings momentum now!

I have 45 sightings for the year now, May's record month catches me up to last year's pace as I had 46 sightings on this date last year heading into June - but still hadn't snapped any shots, so this year is officially a better year heading into the busy summer months despite its very slow start. This was one of the most consistent months I've ever had as I got a 7, a 5, a 6 and another 6 sightings in May's 4 weekends with a good shot opportunity each weekend. That's a throwback to my early years when I had that kind of luck in snapping a lot of my early shots, I haven't had this kind of "flow" of good sightings for years....and it's certainly never happened outside of the 4 big summer sightings months (June through September). I can only thank the 24 desperate ladies who had to take these outdoor pisses this month!

This was a very warm holiday weekend with night temps in the 60's. Crowds were a little smaller in the sightings area, as usual very small on Friday night and much bigger on Saturday - but again 4 of the sightings came on Friday night. The picture came on Saturday night's only 2 sightings, it was 1 of the 2 ladies who peed together and there was quite a lot of fireworks in the final story of this long report! On to the stories:
Saturday, 1:42 a.m.
- walking by a parking garage on the block next to the big active parking lot, 2 x 20's ladies in a group of 4 left their friends and walked across the ground level to a back wall leading to elevators to the upper floors. I thought nothing of this, figured they were going to their car. But as I passed the garage and looked back into that area I saw one of the ladies squatting down with lady 2 standing by her, so I turned and went back across the building where I could see them from the front. 2 guys were standing on the sidewalk outside the garage staring back there so I knew the lady was peeing. Looking past the guys I saw her, she was sitting on the edge of a yellow-painted curb bordering the roadway leading down to the basement level. She was above average height and slim with long black curly hair wearing white capri pants that were pushed down to mid-thigh as I could see her bare thighs and part of her butt sitting on the sidewalk. Lady 2 was standing guard more next to her than in front as she didn't block the view of her peeing friend at all, the guys were whooping and hollering and she was telling them to shut up and go away. A security guard is always at the driveway entrance to this garage just around to the side entrance, surely he'd hear the noise and come over there. The peeing lady finished and stood up and pulled up her pants, then they went around the wall to the elevators - and THEN the security guard comes walking around the corner and back to where she peed......why do most men always miss seeing women who are peeing right nearby? He looked at the puddle and went back to the elevators, was he going to get the ladies? They came walking back out with him following, they went to their waiting friends and walked off while the security guard went back to his post......as usual he didn't know a lady had just peed! I never went in to look for her puddle, not only because of him but this garage has cameras filming each of its floors with a monitor in the attendant's booth.

2:04 a.m. - At the RTD station a 20's couple came up to the terminal building's locked doors. The lady was the one who started pulling on the doors when she found them locked, finally banging her hand on them in frustration before turning and walking towards the pee sidewalk with the boyfriend following. She was a petite blonde wearing a denim miniskirt, I wanted her shot and pulled out the camera to make sure I was ready. She stopped at the elevator post right near the building, going partially around it as the boyfriend stopped. I walked past the end of the terminal building by me where I would be able to see her, she was standing with her back to the post with the back of her skirt hiked up and starting to pull down her panties and squat - she had to pee! But she looked over and saw me, quickly pulled her skirt back down and walked away from the post. She and her boyfriend walked over to the pee sidewalk, him turning up there first and going down it to steps (about 30 feet away) where he pulled down his zipper and peed against the wall bordering it from the grassy park area above and in front of it. I was ready, if her head went down below the top of that wall as she squatted to pee - near the end of the sidewalk closest to me - I would walk over and snap her shot. But she didn't, she stood there and waited for her boyfriend to finish (which took about a minute). Then he walked over past her and stood guard in front of the sidewalk entrance there, she turned her back to me (and the wall) and now her head went down below the top of the wall as she squatted. I wanted this shot bad and tried to come up from her unguarded side from behind, having to walk further down to go across the grass to get to her because sprinklers above there had just come on and started watering the grass. But the guy was looking at me as he saw me and stared at me as I approached the sidewalk behind his peeing girlfriend. 30 feet away was about as close as I could get. I would have snapped a shot with my 35mm camera, but can't even try with the digital camera at night because it's limited flash range couldn't reach her and for that reason, I can't use the zoom at night either, that cuts the flash range to about 5 feet and I'll get a shot too dark to use (I tried taking zoom shots of some of the pee puddles I've snapped and they were so dark the puddles were barely visible). The lady was squatted in a side view to me looking down at her work, the boyfriend didn't say anything as I stood there but would have alerted her if I tried to get closer so there was no shot opportunity here - damn it!! She finished after about 12 seconds, stood up and pulled her skirt back down and walked out to her boyfriend and they quickly walked off. I snapped a shot of her big puddle, again somehow splashing against the base of the wall before pooling up on the ground below her and looking more like a male puddle. With a squatted lady's stream coming out at either a forward angle or straight down how does she get pee on the base of the wall behind her? The pee must have started coming out before she squatted all the way down, maybe when she was bent over before she bent her knees and squatted. Every time I think I've seen it all these ladies show me new peeing tricks to keep me on my toes!

2:07 a.m. - The May record sighting! Walking out to the street to look for this couple after snapping the lady's puddle, across the street in the small corner parking lot a group of people were talking when a lady broke from them and started walking quickly back towards the alley and back wall of the building next to the lot. I knew she was going to pee and crossed the street and went into the lot and immediately, she ran between 2 cars parked in spaces by the building wall by the alley - the same place where I snapped my 1st New Years' Eve shot. I was pulling out the camera but guys were walking by nearby, just enough interference to kill the shot opportunity - of course they had no idea a lady was peeing right by them. Just before I got to the cars she was squatted between she finished and stood up, a quick piss that I was too late for anyway. She came walking out buckling up the belt of her jeans, an above average height lady with long curly dark blonde hair and medium build wearing a tank top shirt with jeans and sandals. Our eyes met as I passed right in front of her, she smiled and said, "I hate downtown!" Too dark between the cars to see her puddle.

2:22 a.m. - Making last rounds before leaving I stopped by the big active parking lot. Fewer cops were there than usual because most were on holiday weekend DUI patrol, I looked through the mostly-empty lot to the alley behind it just in time to see a black lady stand up from between 2 dumpsters behind a building and walk across the alley into the lot pulling her red shorts back into place. She went to her guy and another couple waiting for her by their car, they all got in and drove off.

This is the first sighting in this alley since October '04, it had 8 sightings that year and none last year (in the teeth of the heavy police coverage). This alley used to be my top sightings spot from 2000 to '03 with 87 sightings over that period and it's still the overall sightings leader with 124 sightings and 11 shots in its big years ('96 to 2004) and still has the most sightings in a year over any other spot with 34 (the RTD block had 32 last year). The area averaged 15 sightings per year in those days, which doesn't sound like much. But I get 1 or more sightings in 35 different spots (on average) throughout my roughly 1 square mile sightings area, so I'm basically only in certain parts of the area as the population of ladies there dictates. Pretty amazing how it all comes together and the patterns that emerge, as charting those patterns over the years has allowed for my success as they tell me where to be and when! Police cars parking in and outside the big active parking lot starting in 2003 has killed the sightings there and in the alley behind it, but I still watch it on the few occasions when cops aren't there and ladies do start peeing again. Very sneaky, these ladies!

Sunday, 2:13 a.m. (5-28-06, desp221) - It had been a frustrating night of seeing lots of ladies but none of them peeing. I was leaving the RTD station block at it's north end, 2 ladies were on the corner across the street heading down that side block. I wanted to see if they'd go in the alley they would pass on that block but they stopped at the corner to talk to guys. Both ladies were mid to late 20's, tall and slim, one a long-haired blonde wearing jeans and a white strap top and the other a long-haired brunette wearing white capri pants, both very pretty. I was waiting them out when the brunette suddenly grabbed the blonde's hand and they started running off. "Hey, where are you going?" said the surprised guy they were talking to who thought they were rudely running away from him. "I've gotta pee!" the brunette said pointing towards the alley. The guy stopped and let them go, running down the sidewalk together holding hands the 2 ladies turned into the alley. I crossed the street at mid-block zigging through the cars stopped at the red light at the corner, getting out the camera as I saw the ladies go up beside the dumpster behind the corner building. If they peed together I'd have a shot, if one stood guard while the other peed I wouldn't. The brunette went right up beside the dumpster out of my view, the blonde went a few feet away and quickly unsnapped the front of her jeans and turned around to face the alley and sat down to pee with her knees up and feet on the ground. As I walked over there she saw me, the ground around her butt getting dark as she was peeing. I didn't see the brunette who was right beside the dumpster out of my view, wouldn't be able to get in front to see her and snap both of them since the blonde saw me. I had to stop where I was and snap my shot of the blonde now before she stopped peeing, I was about 20 feet away with a mostly side view of her. I held the camera up about mid-chest pointing at her as she stared at me, not seeing the camera as she was looking at my face. I saw her small image in the camera's LCD window before pushing the shutter button all the way down, the flash went off. "Oh NO! " the blonde said, never knowing I had a camera until then. I was already veering across the alley to the parking lot there next to the corner building, now getting a front view of the dumpster where I could see the brunette. She was squatted with her back to the wall facing me, saw the camera and immediately got angry. "DON'T YOU TAKE MY PICTURE, YOU #@!M-F...!!" she yelled at me as she jumped up to a sitting position and pulled up her pants to cover her crotch. "YOU'RE IN TROUBLE, I CAN RUN SO FAST AND I'M GONNA CATCH YOU AND KICK YOUR ASS!!" she yelled as I was now walking through the parking lot to the sidewalk on the street on the next block. I waved at them as I walked off, the blonde didn't say anything but this made the brunette even more irate. "YOU #@!M-F......I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!" she yelled again as I started jogging through the lot to the sidewalk. "YOU BETTER RUN!! I CAN RUN SO FAST, I'M GONNA CATCH YOU - YOU #@!M-F!!" she yelled again. She didn't come after me, I didn't snap a shot of her peeing so why should she? - and what was she going to do if she caught me anyway? As mad as she was, I think she knew that it would be a dangerous thing for HER to do and that's why she didn't! 

Shot of 2 pee puddles. Ladies doing late night pissing in car parksI left the area, coming back after they left to look for th eir puddles. Both pee puddles were pretty small and unspectacular as this shot shows, the blonde's puddle being the smallest at the lower left side of the shot with the angry brunette's long pee stream puddle by the folded-open 2-piece plastic dumpster top. I don't think the blonde really was desperate, she just peed because her friend did as her pee puddle certainly didn't look like it was urgent and both took small quick pisses. The blonde's shot (desp 221.jpg, not included here) is a good one for 2 reasons: (1) she's gorgeous, model-type looks, and (2) she was taking a very unusual piss. She had pushed her jeans down to mid-thigh and sat down on the ground with knees up, feet a couple feet from her butt, then leaned back and put her hands on the ground behind her and lifted her butt slightly off the ground and peed - 'hammock style', I'll call this! Her small puddle is right under her butt, she's looking at me and looks so adorable peeing 'hammock style' on both hands and feet! I have to shoot night shots at wide angle (38mm) because of this digital camera's weak flash, making the image small if I'm not close to them and I do the zooming and cropping in the editing software in the computer instead of using the camera's zoom lens. I can see her stream flowing from her low-squatted butt into the small puddle so it's a mid-stream shot, but it gets so grainy and blurred when enlarged I can't do a cropped shot of her peeing butt and puddle. These digital cameras just don't do as well with night shots as my 35mm film camera does, I expect future versions of digitals will have better night flash range. In the meantime it's a trade-off of the digital's many amazing features for picture quality, I probably couldn't have gotten this natural shot of the blonde with the 35mm camera because she would have stopped when she saw me hold the camera up to my eye and point it at her. I don't have to do that with the digital, can snap a lot more natural shots undetected using the LCD window as the viewfinder and don't have to hold it up to my face. This shot is my 2nd for my next album 13, the 2nd New Years Eve shot is too blurry to use - fortunately I've since learned how to keep the night shots from being blurry with this camera, proven by this shot of the blonde as the details of her and the scene are nice and sharp!

Driving home I kept thinking about how angry the brunette was. I saw a story on TV a day earlier about an angry Kate Moss violently attacking a paparazzi who got too close to her and snapped shots, I'm too smart about how I do this to put myself in that kind of danger. I remember in my early years of desperatewomen.com photography getting letters (and e-mails) from guys who got my shots and wanted the stories of how I got them, most thinking I was constantly running for my life and getting beat up and wanting to hear those stories - which is what got me started writing my weekly sightings stories. Angry women have been surprisingly few and far between over the years, but every time a lady has gotten angry the resulting shot has been a good one! The reason for that is there was something about the lady or her piss that really excited me, so I took the risk of shooting the potentially 'dangerous' scene. It reminds me of a saying I still hear, "The greater the risk the greater the reward", which is certainly true of the risky shots I've snapped that angered ladies as they've all been good enough to be worth the risk I took to get them. This one was too, much as I don't like the drama of these "angry lady" situations they are probably some of my best work because they are the prissy ladies who act like they never pee which makes them the most interesting ones to catch doing it. But I'll always prefer those ladies I snap great shots of who don't get upset, which is fortunately the vast majority of them!

Finally, my June preview. This begins my favorite time of the year as the next 3 months are the top 3 sightings months of the year and September is a close number 4 with numbers now just about the same as June's. I have 245 sightings and 30 shots for June in its previous 13 years, averages of 18.9 sightings and 2.3 shots which rank it my 3rd best month in both pictures and sightings. Bests for the month are 28 sightings and 10 shots, still the most shots I've ever snapped in any month. Lows are 6 sightings and no shots, last year I had 18 sightings and no shots. June is a big jump in sightings and shots from May, 102 more sightings and double the number of shots of May. That's exciting to think about after this unexpectedly active May, as I'll start the month with more momentum than I've ever had at this time of year. I usually hit the 50 sightings mark for the year early in June, which I will do again this year which virtually assures another 100+ sightings year. I think a June sightings record might be possible too, I'd have to average close to 7 sightings each weekend - which is certainly possible if May's momentum continues, as the crowds will be bigger. I'll need the run of good weather we've been having to continue and of course, the most important factor will be the ladies and how many of them get desperate and pee!

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