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Free Panties Wetting Stories. Nicola's Small Bladder!

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You'll find all of Nicola's panties wetting stories, full bottom lip biting details of her struggles with her incredibly small bladder.
She tells you some of her most embarrassing wet panties peeing stories. With FREE voice samples.

There's lots of other FREE desperate girl pee storys too! All with free voice samples.
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In the Cascade WebSite you'll find Nicola, she is a panties wetting girl with a small bladder and she tells you some of her most embarrassing DESPERATE peeing stories, urolagnia fetish, weeing, toilet holding on, wetting games and piss sex sounds. Here's the menu, it's updated regularly so please pop back!
Nicola, the Small Bladdered Teacher - her own stories of pee desperation
A Note from Nicola to the Small Bladder Appreciation Society

Nicola - A Short Life History  Nicola finds her Weak Bladder 

   A Teacher's Night Out Pt1   
   A Teacher's Night Out Pt2
  Meeting my Small Bladder Equal
   When you really, really have to hold your pee
   A Teacher's Night Out Pt 3

 Nicola's a-Float
Even School Teachers need to Pee! Oh No! Not in Front of the Children!
free peeing bladder holding panties knickers wetting pee stories Nicola's Wet Bits  Some of her Minor Panties Wetting Incidents

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