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Her Huge Piss Puddle Was Incredible!!

Dear Readers,
After another 2-weekend vacation for snow and cold weather I got out in April's final weekend and got 5 sightings to likely end the month with 8: not bad for just 2 weekends. 26 sightings for the year, I had just 11 at the end of April last year. I got my 26th sighting May 31, so I'm a month ahead of last year's pace and remain on track for 100 sightings. I'm liking this less-is-more sightings year so far, I've gone out a couple of nights less for sightings this year and have 15 more to show for it. Had a good shot opportunity of a mid-stream sighting that could have easily been my first shot of the year but passed on it, more on that in its story. But today is a web page report, 2 intriguing puddle shots are included.

The interesting trend continues to develop this year of more ladies peeing in the presence of men, such a shocking change from the norm of ladies never peeing or showing desperation around guys. This disregard of proper female etiquette creates a HUGE change in sightings dynamics, my number of female sightings could easily double if more ladies continue to do this! Not sure yet if this trend is here to stay, but it does appear more younger ladies have no inhibitions about peeing outside and are OK with doing it with people around like guys do. That was the situation in all 5 of this week's sightings, how rare is this? My overall numbers over the last 7 years indicate 48% of ladies peeing outside do it with another lady there, 21% do it alone, 20% do it with a man (boyfriend/husband) and 2.7% pee in front of a group of men. This year 13% more ladies are peeing with other ladies (61.5%) and 5% more are peeing in front of a group of men (7.7%), while ladies peeing with a boyfriend/husband are actually down 5% (15.3%) and ladies peeing alone is down by almost 10% (11.5%). This is actually kind of deceptive, 4 of this weekend's 5 ladies left guys to go pee together (and I counted them as women peeing together) but were with guys when they expressed their need to pee and went to a nearby outdoor spot with the guys knowing they were peeing. This is great, women being more open about peeing matters in front of men!

After 2 weekends of snow and cold the weather finally turned spring-like, night temps still cool in the low 40's both nights. Friday night actually had the bigger crowd than Saturday, (average and slightly below average size based on my late-hour ladycounts), 2 of the sightings happened Friday night and 3 Saturday.

An unusual incident started Friday night: As I walked through a block in the southern part of the sightings area I saw a security guard going by the buildings on the block checking to see that the doors were locked and everything was OK, like they usually do. He noticed me and did a double-take, stopping to let me walk past him. "Hey, haven't seen you lately!", he said smiling at me. That shocked me, I thought nobody paid attention to me and I was pretty much invisible! "Cold weather", I said as I walked on. Apparently I'm a bigger part of the fabric of that area than I thought and people are aware of me despite basically never talking to anyone.

On to the stories, followed by my May preview:

Saturday, 2:23 a.m.- With nothing happening anywhere I went over to the area around the (formerly) active parking lots near the busy area, now basically dead because of the heavy police presence there. I was across the street outside 1 of the 2 parking garages on those blocks, among the few people scattered in the area 2 guys and 2 ladies stopped on the corner across the street by the parking garage on that block. One of the ladies was a tall wide-hipped blonde in tight jeans and lady 2 was a petite Latina-looking lady with long black hair wearing a violet sleeveless sheer short dress and black high heels carrying a black purse. I figured they were trying to flag down a cab, after a few minutes the group walked off to the other end of the block. As they passed the parking garage driveway both ladies turned up into it looking at the ground in a back corner just off the sidewalk, then turning back out while the guys waited. Somebody must have to pee, now I had to follow the group! They got just past the parking garage to a patio area between it and the corner bank building, the guys pointing to the back of the patio area and entranceway to the garage. The 2 ladies trotted off while the guys waited on the sidewalk, yes!! I watched from across the street as the ladies went back to the garage entrance, the petite lady in the dress going up steps and out of my view while the blonde stood guard there momentarily. She looked behind her at her squatted friend (out of my view from across the street) before deciding to pee too, going around to a handicapped ramp that was next to the steps and pushing down her jeans and squatting on the other side of the wall bordering the steps from the ramp. I could see her head above the top of the wall, she peed for about 25 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans. The petite lady emerged from the steps about the same time and the 2 walked out to the waiting guys, the group walked off. They would cross the street to my side and I let them pass so I could get closer looks at them, other guys they passed tried to talk to them. The blonde had a heavy accent and said she was Russian, the petite lady had caramel skin and ethnic looks but never spoke so I wasn't sure just what her background was.

I went over to the entranceway and found their 2 puddles, snapping these shots of them. Both took huge pisses, these ladies must have gone a long time without getting to pee! My analysis of these puddles serves as some tips for any ladies who might be reading this about outdoor technique in certain kinds of spots:

petite lady's petite pee puddle The petite lady's puddle indicates she's not experienced in outdoor peeing. Most ladies LOVE steps for peeing, they can sit on the edge of one like it's a toilet and pee down on the steps below with no worry of any pee splashing on themselves. This lady apparently didn't know how to do that, the splattering at the right side of her puddle on the middle of the top step indicates she squatted sideways there facing the left wall and peed with her puddle flowing to the left wall (splatter puddles are right below a squatted lady's butt where her stream hits the ground), she didn't know how to take advantage of the steps to make it easier to pee. Her stream from the puddle ran forward to the wall and sideways down the steps a little, had she sat on the middle edge of that top step and peed down on the 2nd step her big puddle would have been there, and a bigger stream would have run down the 2nd and 3rd steps and pooled up on the sidewalk in front of the bottom step: This was shown in a puddle shot in my last web page report (574.html) where a black lady sat on a step and peed down to the steps below this way....this is how you do it ladies! From there I stepped around the wall bordering the wheelchair ramp (right edge of the shot from her puddle) to see the blonde's puddle...

blonde's big piss puddle The blonde's piss puddle was incredible! Squatting down in the middle of the sidewalk near the top of the ramp the streams from her huge puddle ran the 15 or so feet to the bottom of the ramp and curved around to the patio (top right of the shot), I saw it running out on the sidewalk when I went over there looking for the puddles. I added contrast to this shot because it's a light gray sidewalk that hides wetness, standing above the puddle the light from the flash almost made it invisible. She also was squatted sideways, facing the wall on the right where the petite lady was peeing on the other side above the steps with all of her pee running away from her down the ramp. From the looks of her splatter puddle her stream went more straight down than forward, accomplished by either a high squat or a lady having a urethra than angles more straight down than forward when she's squatted low, which this lady had because she squatted low.

Saturday, 1:07 a.m.- I decided to pass by a block in the southern part of the sightings area I don't go to much anymore because new hi-rise buildings have cut 3 big parking lots down to 2 small ones. As I walked by one of those small lots I heard splattering, looked in to see a late 20's-early 30's blonde bent-over leaning her butt against the back fender of an SUV in the middle row of the lot facing the car parked in the space next to it. Clearly visible to me in a side view she had her jeans pushed down to mid-thigh with her knees bent in a high sitting position, I could see her golden stream shooting down behind her legs and splattering in the growing puddle behind her feet as she was looking down at her work and didn't see me. In years past this would have been a shot as I could have walked over and snapped her, she peed for about 15 more seconds before looking over and seeing me. She stopped her stream immediately and quickly pulled up her jeans to cover herself, hurrying over to the open passenger door and zipping up the front of her jeans before climbing in and slamming the door shut. She was embarrassed that I saw her, did she stop prematurely before completely emptying her bladder because of me? Sure seemed like it, since her stream didn't slow to a trickle and end naturally - the bad thing about a peeing lady seeing me, I like to see their pisses end naturally as they would if they never saw me.

So why didn't I snap this shot? A lot of things started going through my mind when I first saw her that delayed me, things I learned to not think about during my big shooting years so I could react quickly and get the shots before the ladies finished. Part of this is from not having snapped a sightings shot in almost a year (last June) and part of it was my new 'higher standards', was there something exceptional about the lady or her piss (no, I have a few shots like hers would have been). Among the cautionary thoughts was that since it was a big SUV there was probably a macho boyfriend waiting for her instead of another lady and he probably would have come after me, so was her scene sexy enough to risk that? The SUV pulled out of it's space and drove out of the lot, stopping at the driveway where the lady and - as I thought - a big macho-looking boyfriend stared at me like they wanted to express their outrage at me watching his lady pee. When they finally drove off I was glad there was no drama over that sighting, the best look at a hard piss I've had this year. I tried to go in the lot to see her puddle (I could see it ran across their parking space) but a guy was at his car in the space in front of them who wouldn't leave and finally another car pulls into the lot and parked in their space covering her puddle - that was that.

This was my first sighting in this lot since Sept. 20, 2003. This used to be the active area in the early '90's, I snapped some great shots that are in my early albums. Development has changed it here now, fewer places to pee in the smaller parking lots so I stopped passing through regularly and the new hi-rise buildings are all empty, just like the new buildings throughout the sightings area that have replaced good female pee areas. This is my first sighting here since all the new development, now I know ladies still pee there so I will continue to pass through there.

1:49 a.m.- With few people in the RTD block area I was by the parking garages where I got last night's sightings watching the crowds spilling out into the area. Among the groups of people crossing the streets were 2 early 20's Latina couples, one of the ladies stumbling and visibly drunk. They walked past me and the parking garage, stopping by it's driveway and talking for a moment before the 2 ladies went in. The guys both stayed there on the sidewalk and I noticed one of the ladies was holding the crotch of her tight jeans, they were going to pee! Both ladies were average height with below-shoulder thick black hair, both wearing tight hip-hugger jeans and short tops showing bare lower backs with tattoos. Lady 1 holding her crotch was chubby, lady 2 average build. They went over to a corner wall beside the 1st car space (empty) on that 1st level, I went around to the alley where I'd be able to see them. A group of black ladies was in the alley walking to their cars parked in the alley, one of them saw the ladies and stopped to shout at them. "NASTY, you'all is NASTY!", she yelled as the 2 Latina ladies squatted down together by the wall bordering the 1st car space. About 15 second pisses, the guys came in before they finished to protect them from the yelling black women so I couldn't see much. I didn't go in to look for their puddles.

Weekend pee percentages: the 5 sightings were half of 1% of the weekend's ladies. For the year my 26 sightings are 6/10 of 1% of all the ladies during those times/nights.

May preview: Here next weekend, the month has 188 sightings and 15 shots in the previous 16 years for averages of 11.7 sightings and .9 shots that rank it 6th in both sightings and shots. Bests for the month are 24 sightings and 4 shots, worst is 1 sighting and no shots, last year I got 15 sightings and no shots. May begins a run of 6 consecutive months with double-figure sightings averages, so the pace will accelerate from what it's been. My current camera turns 1 year old this month, still have snapped just 1 sightings shot with it (as digital technology goes it's already been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with new models that don't have as many features) or capability). Haven't snapped a May sightings shot since 2006 (desp 221 in album 13), 1 of 2 ladies peeing together by a dumpster in an alley. I should get my monthly average of 11, depending mostly on the weather of course. May's been a pretty good month the last few years, ladies start feeling sexy and are in "summer sexy" mode by month's end.

With the weather getting warmer, if ladies continue to be so comfortable being desperate and peeing around men I'm going to have a great month of sightings and a great summer!

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