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Pee Sightings of Women Pissing!

Genuine Sightings of Ladies Peeing!!

Dear Readers,
a historic weekend as I shoot my first video sighting of a woman pissing, followed by another video sighting! 2 ladies peed in the first one and a single lady in the 2nd, part of the 5 pee sightings I got last weekend. But I'll say right off, the videos are nothing to get excited about. They were distant pee sightings of guarded ladies in dark areas, you can only see them near the ends of the videos after they finished and are walking away from the dark spots where they peed. I picture these for practice, getting used to shooting video and seeing what this camera can do in preparation for that improbable lucky moment when I might actually get a good sighting of a woman pissing that I can shoot a good video of.
9 sightings of women pissing for June at the halfway point of the month, putting it on pace to reach it's average of 18 - finally a month of sightings of women pissing that's progressing at a normal pace. My 35 pee sightings for the year is 5 ahead of last year's pace on this date, this year is starting to develop a flow in pee sightings that I never really saw all of last year. Still haven't snapped that 1st pee picture, thought I was going to get it on the weekend's final sightings of women pissing but the 2 desperate ladies blocked my opportunity by the way they peed.
Is this the latest in a year I've gone before getting a picture? No, but I'm getting close: my latest 1st picture date is July 17, back in '05. Finished that year with 8 pictures, my 3rd lowest total ever for a year.
5 times I've opened a year by snapping my 1st picture on New Years' Eve including last year, which surprisingly doesn't indicate a big picture year is coming.
On both my best and worst picture years I snapped pictures on New Years' Eve, finishing with 30 pictures for my best picture year in '94 and just 5 pictures last year for my lowest total ever. Most pictures for a year by this date? 10 (back in 2001), finished that year with 20 pictures. My 15-year average of pictures by this date is 3.
This weekend of pee sightings was the most I've enjoyed a weekend of pee sightings work in a long time. Why? The spillover of high gas prices has finally affected our police department, where cops have been ordered to cut driving. There are more bike and motorcycle patrols during the day, car driving is reserved for answering calls and emergencies with routine patrols through neighborhoods cut back.
On Friday night I didn't see any cops at all except for street closures in the busy area's streets at closing time, so nice! There were more cops Saturday night but still mostly limited to those doing street closures at closing time, a few cars patrolled streets in the pee sightings area during the night but much less than usual. I felt freer and less inhibited about covering the area, to me lots of cops hanging around is bad news because they're just looking for people to harass and arrest to intimidate people and make their time seem worthwhile. But the crowds are still smaller too, but this weekend was definitely a summer-sized weekend in crowd size with lots of ladies in sexy warm weather wear, but most of them are out on the streets during closing time and not much foot traffic during the night before that.
Patterns are beginning to show with the bars, a few are drawing large crowds while others are drawing much smaller crowds than they usually do. Friday night actually had the bigger crowd of the weekend, surprising considering Saturday night has more of the "girls night out" groups of ladies who are dressed nice in sexy skirts/dresses and high heels. I passed a group of ladies who came out of a parking garage after arriving and were talking, one of them - very pretty, wearing a sexy summer short dress and heels, was complaining about how annoyed she was with high parking prices. "When I have to pay outrageous parking prices in a parking lot or garage, I pee there to show my outrage!" she said. This is the stuff that gets me, knowing pretty respectable-looking ladies like her pee outside in outrageous ways or places where they're not supposed to!

Night temps were in the upper 50's to low 60's both nights, 3 sightings of women pissing on Friday night (all 3 filmed) and 2 Saturday. On to an interesting group of sightings of women pissing:

Saturday, 1:58 a.m. - on the RTD block's east end where the big crowds were, nothing was happening so I decided to go to the other side of the block. I walked past the pee area and down the back sidewalk to the west end of the block, as I got there 2 ladies and a guy were coming down the sidewalk about to pass there. "Let's pee here!" one of the ladies said and ran past me up the back sidewalk. Lady 2 followed, both were petite wearing tight shorts. I watched as they ran over to the garden area and climbed up over the wall and went between the bushes, I decided to film this one from out on the west sidewalk to test the new camera's video capabilities - knowing that even at best this wouldn't be great video because I was so far away (about 80 feet) and it was dark where they were peeing and they weren't visible anyway behind the bushes. The guy stood by the garden wall next to where they were looking at me, I held the camera about waist level pointed in their direction and started the recording - not looking at the viewfinder window to verify that the recording had actually started (which was a mistake). I filmed for close to a minute, lady 1 finally came out of the bushes and jumped back down to the sidewalk but lady 2 fooled around more up there, finally I had to stop the recording as a group of people were about to pass by and I didn't want them in the recording. Finally lady 2 jumped down to the sidewalk and the group left, I looked at the video frame in the LCD window and it indicated a 10 second video. What?? You mean I didn't get them?? I played back the video and it indeed was a 10-second video of the last seconds before the group walked by and I stopped the recording. I should have looked at the LCD window at the beginning to make sure the recording started!! I also noticed the battery indicator was low, filming video really drains the batteries - something I didn't know before (but probably should have guessed). A painful introduction to shooting pee sightings video!

2:40 a.m. - As luck would have it I'd get another chance. Back over at the east end of the block 2 20's couples had stopped for one of the ladies to rest who was feeling nauseous. The guy in couple 2, who was standing in front of the sick girl and her boyfriend who were sitting on a concrete bench, was talking to lady 2 who seemed restless. He was pointing back to the pee areas and I noticed she kept switching her weight from foot to foot, did she have to pee? I waited them out, walking about halfway down the block and coming back. I passed a car parked on the street with a lady and 2 guys in it also early 20's, I wanted them to leave so they wouldn't cause any distractions but they just sat in the car. Finally the lady in the other couple went between 2 mailboxes right by them and I thought she was going to pee there (I've seen that before), I went over to the shuttle bus stop so I'd have a better angle of her if she did pee (still about 40 feet from them). While I was waiting for her to do something (she was still very reluctant), the lady and 2 guys in the car got out and walked up to the RTD terminal building doors which were now locked. The guy who was the lady's boyfriend immediately went over to a bicycle storage box near the sidewalk where their car was parked and started peeing, the lady - petite and slim with shoulder length dark hair wearing jeans - was fidgeting around nervously and looking around, she wanted to pee to but didn't know where. After he finished they talked for a moment, then she went to where he peed unsnapping the front of her jeans and squatted down below the top of the bike box while he stood guard in front of her. I pulled out the camera and started shooting video of this one from my position at the shuttle bus stop, about 60 feet from them. Nothing here except him standing by the bike box, I kept it rolling until she came out so I could see her - and I was wondering if this would finish off the batteries since the 1st filming ran them low. She peed a long time, it was about 90 seconds before she stood up and pulled up her jeans. The 2 then walked out to their car, at this point I stopped the video - 1 minute and 49 seconds, this time I knew I got the whole scene. The camera batteries were still strong enough to keep the camera going, the 2nd lady with that 1st group I was there for was still standing by the mailboxes and it looked like she wasn't going to pee so I left. I transferred the video to the computer when I got home and put the batteries on the charger and that's when I discovered that indeed I had gotten those first 2 ladies in that 1st sighting!
The 10-second video was a middle video and there were 3 videos, I deleted it. The 1st video was 44 seconds, all these videos are easier to view than the video from my other digicam, they aren't as dark and I could see the ladies better in both videos. But again their images are very small and it's dark so it isn't very good video, but the sound is amazing - I clearly hear not only their voices but voices and sounds from other people and cars passing on the street (the sound of splattering pee will sound really nice if I can get close enough to a sighting of a woman pissing!). My technique is better too, this was mostly smooth video that wasn't bouncing around because I'm better at holding the camera still. But realistically, unless I can film a lady in a lighted area or it's a daytime sighting, the results aren't going to be great, because it'll be too dark to see much. Snapping a picture will always be better at night, since I can light the ladies enough to see the things I want to see. Now that I know shooting video is so draining for the batteries, I'll start carrying a 2nd set of charged batteries when I know I might be shooting video. The camera uses 2 batteries, I got a 4-pack of rechargeables because I couldn't find any 2-packs when I got them. I was a little annoyed by having to buy 4 batteries when I wanted just 2, but it looks like that will turn out to be an advantage for me now as I've got insurance from batteries bursting at a crucial moment!

Sunday, 2:00 a.m .- At the RTD station a group of 3 ladies and a guy walked by that I had seen earlier. They were early to mid 20ish, outgoing fun-loving types with the guy being a straight-arrow nerdy type. All the ladies were wearing skirts and flip-flop sandals, for some reason I really wanted to see 2 of the ladies in particular desperate and peeing when I saw them earlier. I watched as they crossed the street to their car parked on the street at the next block, as they got to the car one of the ladies I wanted to see seemed reluctant to get in the car. "Wait, I have to pee!" she said suddenly crossing her legs. "I'm gonna go in the alley." she said, taking her long strapped purse off her shoulder and handing it to the guy. She walked quickly towards the alley not far from their car, the 2nd lady I wanted to see seemed desperate and was running to catch up with her! Across the street at the north end of the RTD block I watched them turn into the alley, lady 1 tall with short brown hair wearing a black flared miniskirt/flip flops and lady 2 average height with light brown hair wearing an olive print short dress/flip flops. I wanted a picture of lady 1 peeing BADLY, I crossed the street and went into the alley after them with lady 3 and the nerdy guy waiting by the car for them. The ladies passed by the dumpsters behind the corner building most people going into that alley use and the parking lot across the alley from there with the construction dumpster still behind it. Walking further down the alley looking around they settled on a dumpster behind the back of the parking garage about halfway down the alley, I unzipped the camera bag to get ready but had to be careful because the whole area was lighted and they could see me. I had a picture if both peed together, but my heart sank when I saw lady 1 roll the dumpster out from the parking garage wall (it had small wheels under it) and lady 2 go behind it pulling up the sides of her dress. She turned her back to the wall (facing me) and squatted down behind the dumpster out of my view while lady 1 stood guard in front of the dumpster, now she saw me so I turned around and started walking back out of the alley as peeing one-by-one here killed my picture possibilities. I noticed something moving by the construction dumpster, looked over to see the Suzuki guy - remember him? He's a guy I encountered in the late '90's, driving around in the busy area in his Suzuki Samurai looking for sightings of women pissing. He'd park in the then-active big active parking lot, when a lady peed in the area he'd get out and walk over and stand over her as she peed - creepy! He was hiding behind the construction dumpster, peeking out in hopes of catching a sighting of a woman pissing. He'd seen the 2 ladies come into the alley and was hoping they'd pee there and he'd walk up on them, so I see he's still up to his creepy way of getting pee sightings. At least he's learned this is a foot game, you have to be moving around and can't get sightings of women pissing sitting in a car. He's driving something else now, didn't see the Suzuki in the parking lot there and didn't stick around to see what he was driving. Upon seeing me he went back behind the dumpster to his hiding place again and now nerd guy and lady 3 were standing outside the alley looking in for their 2 friends. Lady 3 started walking over when she saw them, passing me in the alley as lady 2 came out from behind the dumpster pulling the sides of her dress back down. Then lady 1, the one I really wanted badly, went behind the dumpster reaching under the sides of her skirt, I could see a bit of her white panties underneath before she turned to face me and squatted down behind the dumpster out of my view and peed over lady 2's puddle. This is so painful to watch when I really want to see a particular lady pee! I passed the construction dumpster on my way out of the alley and saw the crouched Suzuki guy by the back side in a dark corner, he just missed 2 pee sightings being so focused on this spot! Nerd guy looked at me as I passed him and walked out of the alley, lady 1 stood up and came out from behind the dumpster after about 30 seconds and the 3 ladies stayed in the alley talking for nearly 5 minutes before everybody came out and got in their car and left. I didn't go over to look at the combined puddle, would have if they peed in 2 different spots and left 2 puddles. These pee sightings reminded me what it is that's so powerful to me about sightings of women pissing. It is ladies like lady 1, where there is just something about her that makes me REALLY want to see her so desperate she has to pee! It's a 'sensory' thing, like that strong smell of cooked chicken and cherry pie coming out of the kitchen when I was a kid that stayed with me. It still gets me and I react to it every time I smell it, a desperate lady bursting to pee hits my senses the same way. Summer weather definitely enhances the effect, lately that look of sexy innocence - a cute lady in a short skirt and flip-flops being desperate to pee - has really been getting to me, something I should be seeing a lot more of over the next few months as the summer season is here.

Desperatewomen.com is increasing my enjoyment too these days, by the surveys I continue to get from women saying how much they love seeing other women desperate and unable to get to a bathroom and having to hold it until they bust and pee on themselves. I will consider sending copies of 1 or both of these videos out to those who want to see it, but I think they're probably something only I can appreciate since I know everything that's happening and where it is and it'll probably be confusing to the rest of the world. Of course, I'm looking forward to those good visible pee sightings that these will have helped me to do a great job of shooting, so I can happily delete these!

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