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Desperate Women. Christmas Pissing in Alleys & Car Parks

Women's Christmas piss puddles & piss voyeur stories of women caught pissing in car parks & dark alleys, caught on camera.

Dear Readers,
After nearly a month with no sightings, I finally got 2 last Saturday night in December's first weekend. They came late during a brief outing and I could have snapped one of the ladies peeing in the cold night but decided not to. Night temps were in the low 30's, slightly warmer than it usually is this time of year. The cold and snow of the last 2 weeks is now a memory, it's supposed to be warmer than usual for the next week or 2. The crowd was again good for a December night, parking lots close to 70% full.
I move up to 171 sightings for the year, 93 of those on Saturday nights. My goal every year is 100 sightings, I may get that on just Saturday nights! With my December average being only 3 sightings, it's now likely I will better that this year. If I do, it will be the 9th month this year I've gotten more sightings than my monthly average - that's what makes a good year! Stories:
1:57 a.m.- I was walking across the street from the 'quiet' end of Valentines' alley (the bars are at the other end of the block). An SUV was parked just inside the alley, a lot of cars park here to avoid paying to park in the nearby parking lots. A guy was peeing by the SUV, and a 20's lady got out of the driver's door and ran across the alley up between 2 cars parked behind the building there grabbing the side waist of her tight black pants. She was wearing a red short sleeve knit pullover top, clunky shoes with no coat, was average height and slim with short black hair. I crossed the street and entered the alley, walking by the SUV to see who was inside. There was another lady in the driver's seat and the guy who just peed, who would see me if I went over and tried to snap this lady. I walked down the alley, looking up by the cars she was between but it was too dark to see her. I decided not to try for this shot, even though I felt the others in the SUV would not have come after me. I turned and walked back out of the alley, again looking up between the cars. This time I saw her, squatted in a side view to me facing one of the cars. She was looking out at me hoping I didn't see her, quickly jumping up and pulling up her pants when our eyes met. A thin stream was running out from under her towards me in the middle of the alley, I walked on out of the alley like I wasn't paying attention to her. She came running back out to the SUV, got in the back seat and it drove off down the alley.

2:14 a.m.- 2 ladies and 2 guys walked up to a parking garage, the guys turning in and the ladies walking into the alley behind it. I entered the alley and was following the ladies from a distance as they walked through it. They were walking arm in arm, staggering a bit as they were giggling. They were late 20's, one with long black hair wearing a black leather hip-length coat with a black skirt and tall boots. The other had long curly blonde hair, a brown leather jacket and gray pin stripe short skirt and heels - they were beautiful! They finally turned up into a space beside the corner building, a small parking area there. I stopped when I got there and looked, they were opening the door to their car that was a few spaces from the sidewalk side of the lot. There were no other cars between me and them so they'd see me coming if somebody peed, but there was a car on the other side of theirs. I decided to go out the alley and around the corner to the other side and as I walked around there was a truck parked on the street outside that lot. A guy jumps out of the truck and goes running into the lot shouting, "Hey, hey!" I walked by and looked in there and the blonde had opened the driver's door of her car and was sitting on the door frame, skirt hiked up and peeing. The other lady was standing by the back fender of the car looking at her, providing no cover at all. "Hey! back!" the blonde said to the guy who had stopped to stare at her. She stood up and pulled up her panties and quickly pulled her skirt back down, then turned and got in the car. The other lady looked at the guy but said nothing, and went around to the other side of the car and got in as the guy walked back out to the truck, passing me on the sidewalk as he got in. Too bad, this was definitely a scene I wanted to see play out naturally. It was a picture I probably would have gotten had this guy not been there!
After everybody left I went to look for her puddle, as I wasn't sure if she even got to pee since the guy got there so quickly. But I did see her skirt hiked up and her panties down, a lady doing that on a cold night is probably not going be denied taking the piss her bladder is aching for. That was true here, as I found her small puddle with a stream that ran about 6 feet before pooling up. This was pretty amazing considering that she peed for probably only 5 to 10 seconds, as the guy rushed her into finishing before she wanted to.

Another erotic story: Last week I kept thinking about a story told to me years ago by my brother's then wife. She's pretty paranoid, thinking most people can't be trusted (one of the reasons my brother is no longer married to her). She was talking to me about the subject of rape and what she would do if a "strange man" attacked her (this was considered normal conversation for her). She said, "Just as the man tries to pull down my pants or lift up my skirt, I'd pee all over myself. I bet he wouldn't want me then!"
I remember being stunned by this as I felt my cock getting fatter. "Uh-huh!", I said not knowing how to respond. She thinks this would make a man not want her? That would be like pouring lighter fluid on the fire, for me!

Winter 'P' videos: I got the new winter brochure last week from MRM Enterprises, the main video source I refer my customers to. They've continued for years to offer product while other 'P' video producers have come and gone, which is why I continue to refer them to people. This brochure actually had more videos that interested me than any I've gotten from them before: a new series called 'Street & Panty Pissers', which are outdoor scenes of "girls caught with nowhere to pee." There seems to be an emphasis on ladies dressed nice pulling clothing aside to pee, a lot like the theme of my photography. Just a year or so ago you still couldn't find much material like this, the majority of the material was still the standard 'naked pussies/ piss orgies/ hard-core stuff. The launching of my photography full-scale through my website has definitely changed the way this subject is being presented, bringing out a lot more similar kinds of material. My "Havelocke Ellis" version seems to appeal to a growing number of people and I like that! It's clearly different from the pee-porn stuff everyone thinks this subject is.
Interested in getting MRM's new brochure? There was some confusion last time I mentioned MRM in one of my reports, so to clarify:
-MRM is a mail-order-only video company. They have an e-mail address you can write to for a brochure or to place orders - the brochure is a printed brochure that you'll get by snail mail. They DO NOT have a website, just an e-mail address. Unfortunately, they do not ship their videos outside the USA so if you live in another country you can't order any of them.
With all of that said, if you'd like to get MRM's brochure contact me for their e-mail address.

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