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Desperate Lady Peeing in a Parking Garage

Dear Readers,

After taking January off, unseasonably warm weather got me out for sightings last Saturday night. February is my worst sightings month (2.4 sightings average) so I wasn't expecting anything, but I get 4 sightings on the month's first night! 8 sightings for the year, a very fast start compared to the last few years. I had just 1 sighting on this date last year and didn't get my 8th until April 5th, this is much more like it! I guess the ladies don't want me to slow down on my sightings work, I've got a reason now to start going out more often. I was greeted with a sighting just as I arrived in the area and got a parking garage sighting for the first time since July '07, but the surprising highlight of the night was an incredible drama-filled non-sighting. No chance at shots of any of the ladies, but if I start getting more sightings the shot opportunities once again will come.

Night temps were in the mid-40's, the crowd was much bigger than usual for February with cops closing off the streets to the busy area like they do during the summer. The busy area was pretty deserted until closing time, on to the stories:

Sunday, 12:54 a.m.- I was just getting into the sightings area, entering by one of the big parking lots in the busy area that hasn't produced much since cops started hanging out there most nights a few years ago. A couple was walking in front of me, both petite with her in her 20's and him 30-something. She had long black hair wearing jeans and a short jacket, he was walking with a cane. As they walked past the alley onto the parking lot part of the block they stopped, she handed him her purse and turned into the alley. I watched her go up between cars parked in a row across the alley from the parking lot, where I've snapped shots of a few ladies in this area's busy years. She stood between the back fenders of the 2 cars facing the alley looking around (but didn't see me) before pushing down her jeans and squatting, the boyfriend was standing in the alley by there staring at me to see that I didn't try to go over there. She peed for about 20 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, came running out laughing and got her purse back from the boyfriend and the 2 walked off past me. I went over and looked between the cars, the whole area was wet - mostly from melting runoff from a small snow bank behind where she squatted from snow about 2 weeks ago that hadn't completely melted yet, a common February sight as snow in shaded areas stays there for weeks before it melts. She peed in the wet area of snow runoff, I could see the outline of her darker fresh wetness. I could see headlights of a car coming down the alley towards this end, as I walked out the car passed me: a police car with 2 cops staring at me as they turned out of the alley. This lady just missed being caught by them!

1:34 a.m.- At the RTD block 2 ladies crossed the street at the north end of the block and ran into the alley there. I went over to the bus stop shelter directly across the street and watched, they passed by the dumpsters behind the corner building where most people pee in that alley and continued on down the alley. Both were average height wearing jeans, one long blonde hair and the other short spiked black hair. They went past buildings to a parking area behind loft buildings about midway down the alley, the blonde grabbing the front waist button of her jeans and running up into the parking area out of my view with the other lady following. I decided not to go in after them because they could be going to their car parked there, if they come walking out after a few minutes then they went there to pee. And that's what happened, about 3 minutes later they came walking out with the black-haired lady confirming what they just did as she was snapping up the front of her jeans before zipping them up. They walked to the other end of the alley and I went in to look for puddles, again finding melting small snow banks in the area they went and again fresh wetness in the wet pavement where the snow was melting.

I went over to the next block from there to watch people spilling out of the bars there, passing a group of people standing around an SUV parked on the street in the middle of the block. One of the ladies was drunk and acting silly, 2 other ladies trying to help her into the SUV with 2 other guys there. When they got her to the SUV she started screaming and acting hysterical, telling them she wouldn't get in the car - what was wrong with her? Then she blurted out that she badly needed to use the bathroom, and she wasn't getting in the car until she peed. I stopped on the next corner to watch this play out.

Her friends kept fighting with her while the guys got in the SUV and waited. The lady twice tried to go to front doorsteps of buildings unsnapping the front of her jeans to squat there but was stopped by the other 2 ladies, got so frustrated she started crying. She cried and whined while the others held her and tried to comfort her, about 5 minutes later she was walking towards me on the corner. I thought she was going to go around to the alley but the other 2 came running after her. Now right by me she was in her 30's with shoulder length brown hair, short coat and jeans. The other 2 ladies grabbed her right by me, she again started yelling at them how badly she had to pee and to let her do it. "I've had to go for the last 35 minutes!", she yelled at them. But they pulled her back to the SUV in the middle of the block, there was more screaming and yelling as they again tried to force her to get in and she wouldn't. I was upset at this point, why don't they just let the woman pee!!

One of the ladies apparently got upset and got in the SUV, leaving just the 1 "mother hen" with the desperate lady. They talked for about 5 minutes before the desperate lady started yelling at her how bad she had to use the bathroom, broke away and tried to run to a doorstep unsnapping her jeans again. As she got there the other lady jumped on her back and tackled her, she just wasn't going to let her pee! The desperate lady was lying face down on the sidewalk with the other lady sitting on her back refusing to let her up unless she agreed to get in the SUV without peeing, the desperate lady started crying and yelling loudly. It had been about 25 minutes of this now and I was sick of them.

2:40 a.m.- I walked around the block and came back. On the next block I saw 3 ladies walking to the parking garage on that block, 2 of them complaining about how badly they had to pee. I watched as they stopped in the driveway entrance of the lighted garage, one of the ladies running in with her arms folded bent forward at the waist. She ran to an SUV parked on the main level near the other end of the block, going around to the far side of it. I was almost half a block away but could see her feet under the SUV, the feet didn't move and about 15 seconds later I noticed the ground around them getting darker. I walked up near the driveway entrance where the friends were and could see it was definitely a growing puddle, the lady was now coming out - early 20's, petite and slim with long brown hair. First time in over 2 years I've seen a lady pee in a parking garage!

I went back around the corner to the other drama. The group was still there, but now all the ruckus had drawn a police car as a cop was standing in the group shining a flashlight on the desperate lady who was now sitting on the sidewalk, and a paramedic car was also there. She wasn't going to pee now with all that there, so I went around the block again as I wanted to see how that situation finally ended. As I passed the parking garage again 2 of the ladies were getting in that SUV and after a few seconds lady 3 emerged from the wall in front of the SUV - she probably peed too - and got in the passenger side and it pulled out of it's space and drove out of the garage. I looked over the wall to that area looking for a 2nd puddle, but posts along the wall blocked my view and the ground was an incline up around to the 2nd level with the wall right where she peed too high to look over from the sidewalk outside. I know that garage has video surveillance of every floor, I've seen the monitors in the attendant's booth so I didn't want to go in. I didn't count that 2nd likely sighting since I couldn't see her puddle.

I walked back around the block, the group with the desperate lady was finally gone as was the police car. I went over to the mid-block area where they were to see if she eventually got to pee anywhere around there, there was no pee puddles but I saw blood on the sidewalk in the area where the lady's friend wrestled her down - she probably banged her face on the sidewalk and cut something or bloodied her nose, under the force of her friends trying to keep her from peeing. This was the dumbest thing I've ever seen, guys wouldn't act like that! If she was as desperate as she seemed she peed on herself in the car, or she might have been just over-melodramatic as she did seem like that kind of lady, and could have held her pee until later. Either way, I think she needs to lose those ladies and find new friends.

My 1st February lady count saw this crowd size comparable to what I got during last summer, which really surprised me because February crowds are usually the smallest of the year. All of the bars are still open, even a vacant spot was now open as a new club and a few trendy restaurants have also opened in the area: what recession? The 4 ladies who peed were just short of 1% of the night's ladies (.95%), the 4th highest nightly percentage I've gotten since I started counting and about equal to a September Oktoberfest night last fall when 4 ladies peed out of that crowd with 3 more ladies than this night. 3 nights that produced 5 sightings last year topped the 1% mark, so 5 sightings a night is the general benchmark to equal 1% of the ladies in my sightings area. Tonight's ratio was 105.5, meaning I saw that many ladies before somebody peed. Fascinating in a strange kind of way, isn't it?

Warmer than usual weather is forecast again for next weekend, so I may get a chance to go for some February records!

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