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Oktoberfest Pee Reports. Drunk Ladies Peeing in Alleys

Dear Readers,
Oktoberfest's first weekend produces 10 sightings, only 2 of those on the Oktoberfest grounds. 23 sightings for September, more than the 21 I had in September last year on fewer outings and 1 more weekend left in the month. My respectable 71 sightings for the year mean this won't be my worst sightings year ever, I'll probably pass that (75) next weekend in Oktoberfest's 2nd weekend as the weather again is forecast to be nice. I had 96 sightings on this date last year.

There was no advance promotion of Oktoberfest at all this year, I heard it was going to be this weekend and just went down and there it was - which leads me to believe the organizers have the crowd size they want and don't want more people coming. The setup was basically the same as it was last year with some minor differences, the biggest being that the exit areas - the biggest ones being by alleys and parking lots, were staffed by cops instead of the usual temporary event workers. I'm guessing that's because too many people took open containers (cups) of beer off the grounds when they left which violates the city's liquor laws, and the temporary event staffers let too many people walk out with beer last year. The bad thing about that is the presence of cops kept more ladies from going to those places to pee, still quite a few men did which none of the cops seemed to care about. The weekend late-hour crowd was much smaller than it was last year on this weekend, that weekend last year produced 13 sightings. 6 of this weekend's sightings came Friday night and 4 Saturday night, stories:

Saturday, 1:45 a.m.- Walking by the corner parking lot on the busy block by active alley, I saw a car with both it's front and back doors open in a space near the front sidewalk in the row by the building. Another car was parked in the space next to it and it's open doors, a black man in his 30's was standing by the open doors looking around. Under the doors I saw high heeled feet, after about 15 seconds a black lady stands up and pulls up the waist of her pants. She was average height and slim, short brown hair.

2:10 a.m.- Outside the former big active parking lot a fat lady in jeans ran around the corner from the busy block followed by her boyfriend. She ran into active alley at that end, going up behind the last of several dumpsters behind the corner music hall (warehouse dance club) and pushing down her jeans and quickly squatting. About a 15 second piss before she pulled up her jeans and walked off.

2:13 a.m.- Looking up to the next block I saw a couple turn into Valentines' alley. I crossed the street and went over to that block, across the alley as I saw the lady squat down on the far side of a dumpster behind the back entrance to the assisted living building there while her boyfriend stood guard a few feet away. It was nearly 2 minutes before she finished and stood up and walked out, a petite early 20's blonde wearing a clingy black knit miniskirt. I saw her big puddle by the dumpster, much of it running underneath the dumpster.

2:26 a.m.- Because of Oktoberfest on the next block I stayed in the busy area and didn't go over to the RTD block area. Clusters of people were still on the busy block, a group of 3 ladies and 2 guys sitting on steps by a closed building. Suddenly one of the ladies got up and went to a corner by the back of a staircase for the corner building next to there, unsnapping the front of her jeans with a pained look on her face. The other 2 ladies stood guard in front of her as I could see her push her jeans down to mid-thigh and squat down to a high sitting position, peeing that way for almost 20 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans. The others moved out from in front of her, she was a chubby blonde.

2:35 a.m.- I was on my way out of the area when I assed a group waiting for a cab, one of the guys hugging a thin lady in jeans. "All I want is to pee!", she said. I stopped and waited the group out. After nearly 10 minutes they moved from the corner towards the middle of the block. Suddenly a 2nd lady in the group, average height and slim wearing jean shorts who had been crossing her legs for a while, turned and went up the steps of the closed bar behind the group with the other lady in jeans who had to pee following her. They went in a corner space where the building's gas meter was, a guy from the group coming over and standing guard in front of the space. Within seconds I could see streams running past his feet from behind him, coming from 2 different directions. The streams eventually merged and ran to the edge of the patio before pooling up, stopping there before running over the ledge down to the sidewalk where I was - both ladies really had to pee bad! The lady in shorts came out first, about 20 seconds later snapping up the front of her shorts. Lady 1 came out about 5 seconds later, talking about how she thought she had stepped in her pee. They went back to their group on the sidewalk, soon an SUV pulls up and everybody gets in and it drives off. I went up to that back corner and saw both big puddles, streams running about 35 feet to the end of the patio but not running over the edge down to the sidewalk below.

At Oktoberfest Saturday night the crowd was much bigger, I noticed a number of ladies in the groups among the crowd on the street talking were crossing their legs and seemed restless. I walked over to the lone potty station in the middle of the 2 blocks to find long lines despite a lot of potties, something in the beer must have bothered the ladies in particular because several of them kept crossing their legs and hopping around in line. 2 cute late 20's ladies I saw earlier among the leg-crossers in the crowds made their way over to the potties, carrying their half-full mugs of beer. They couldn't stand still in line, one of them pushing her way past the others ahead of her, mostly guys, saying she had an emergency and she got into the next potty right away; after she came out the men let her desperate friend go ahead of them into a potty. Several men were bypassing the lines and going into a parking lot and alley behind and to the right of the potty station, while I was there every lady I saw in the crowds crossing her legs soon came over there so they all did have to pee. I heard some ladies coming over and looking at the lines talking about going into the alley but all stood in line and waited - except 1.

Sunday, 12:34 a.m.- In the middle of the line a mid 20's lady with long black hair wearing jeans suddenly ran out of the line and past the alley into the big parking lot, I went into the lot after her. She went to the row of cars parked by the building as most people who go into that lot do, looking around for a while before going between 2 cars and pushing down her jeans and squatting. She only took about a 10 second piss, she couldn't wait for that? Too dark there to see her puddle.

12:48 a.m.- The potty lines dissolved to just a few people and the crowds were getting smaller as people were leaving. I left by walking through the alley behind that parking lot where the lady just peed instead of trying to get through the big crowd still on the street in front of the block, and I could get lucky in this alley like I have before. And I did, near the other end of the alley a lady was standing in the middle of the alley waiting for someone hopefully it was another lady and not a guy. Just before I got there another lady walks out of a small parking area behind the 2nd building, snapping up the front of her brown pants so she did pee. Both ladies were mid 20's and slim with long hair, this lady's brown and her friend black hair.

1:52 a.m.- Damn, a BEAUTIFUL sighting! Over at the busy block outside active alley 2 20's couples were walking through the mostly empty parking lot back towards active alley. One of the ladies turned up between 2 cars in the row by the building near the alley, average height with black shoulder length hair wearing a sexy belted orange short dress and clunky sandals carrying a purse. I thought at first the car was theirs but she went past the driver's door to the building wall and turned around to face me (standing outside the lot) before hiking up her dress and squatting down to a sitting position with her thighs spread. A clear stream immediately started gushing out of her black hairy crotch and going straight down and splattering on the pavement between her feet, this was an absolutely lovely sight!! I badly wanted to walk over and snap her shot but knew I couldn't with her friends there, suddenly not 1 but 2 other ladies move over and stand guard in front of the gap between cars so I couldn't see her. It was about 25 seconds before she stood up behind them, they moved out of the way and she walked out pulling her sexy dress back down over her panties. They walked out of the lot past me, her boyfriend waiting there and grabbing her hand. She was noticeably tipsy, her piss was such a beautiful sight I wanted to grab her and give her a big hug and kiss! That rarely happens to me, both the lady and the piss have to really be stunning. This one was! Unfortunately a guy soon went there and peed over her puddle, when I went over to look I saw a big area of wetness and couldn't distinguish her puddle. This one was so powerful my motivation has been recharged!

1:55 a.m.- 3 mid 20's guys and a lady headed into active alley, going further down the alley because bar employees were emptying trash cans into the dumpsters near the busy end of the alley. The lady was slim with below-shoulder curly black hair, wearing tight jeans with a yellow button-down shirt and boots carrying a half-full cup of beer. She was practically running, no doubt she had to pee. About halfway down the alley everybody scattered to different spots, her squatting down on the far side of a dumpster next to a back door of a bar.

Surprisingly I didn't get any sightings during the 2 a.m. hour, which on Saturday night is the busiest hour by far with 36 of this year's sightings; Saturday 1 a.m. is next with a distant 21 sightings.

Oktoberfest history here
This is the 6th year of Oktoberfest in this area northeast of the busy block in my sightings area, moving here after being in the south end of my sightings area since I started getting sightings in '93. Overall I have 62 sightings and 10 shots at Oktoberfest since '93, 24 sightings and no shots in the 6 years it's been at this current location - but I did record 2 distant videos of 2 ladies peeing in a parking lot in the Oktoberfest area last year. Because of the large crowds the event brings to the area I get more sightings throughout the area, don't know how many of those sightings in other places were Oktoberfest ladies unless a lady has an Oktoberfest beer mug with her or I saw her when I was there, the last lady this week was an Oktoberfest lady because she had a beer mug when she went into the alley.

2nd Oktoberfest weekend next week, I'm excited! Weather will again be good, I'll again be out both nights and could get a September sightings record if I get 7 (My September record is 29). Again the ladies create excitement for me even in this lean year, now I'm wishing I had gone out more earlier in the year as I'd probably be getting my 100th sighting this month!

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