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Her Pee Stream Was Shooting Out of Her Fanny!

Dear Readers,

3 pee sightings last weekend, disappointing considering there were big crowds in the sightings of women pissing area both nights with Saturday night being a legitimate summer-sized crowd. But most of the people weren't out on the streets until the closing time, there weren't that many ladies walking the streets during the night before then - something that has really become apparent this year as a key factor to my good pee sightings nights, there can't be any ladies getting desperate and peeing if they aren't out in public walking around. The weekend's salvation was that the sightings of women pissing were all summer-type sightings, sudden desperation with 2 of the ladies' bladders giving out while they were walking causing them to take emergency pisses right there in visible spots in front of me and other people because they couldn't make it to more private spots. I could have snapped pictures of both ladies but didn't because it was too risky with so many other people watching, shooting video would have been even more risky - my safety as a photographer is at risk when ladies pee as openly as these ladies did, I need them to go to secluded spots! 4 sightings of women pissing for June and 30 for the year, now 5 pee sightings ahead of last year on this date which puts me on pace to reach 100 pee sightings again. A web page report this week as I snapped 2 piss puddle pictures of the weekend's first sighting, you'll see why 2 pictures of her piss puddle were necessary in her story.

Night temps were in the mid 50's both nights, a little cooler than last weekend but people are getting in the summer partying mood and coming out in bigger numbers. Another bar in the middle part of the area closed last weekend, signs on the door say it will open in 2 weeks as a new club with a different name - the 3 rd bar in the area to do a 'quick makeover' this year. 1 other popular bar a block from this one closed before last weekend, this one a dispute between the partners who own it so that spot could be closed the rest of the summer and beyond. The biggest plus of this area is that there are enough nightspots that the loss of a few at any given time doesn't affect my sightings of women pissing too much. Most of those spots re-open as nightspots, it's the redevelopment into residential/commercial hi-rise buildings that hurts my pee sightings potential.

The RTD block continues to be the pee sightings magnet, 2 of the 3 sightings of women pissing occurring there giving it 8 of this year's 30 pee sightings. But adding in sightings of women pissing from the blocks across the street from the RTD block on all 4 sides there are 14 more for a total of 22 of this year's 30 pee sightings in this middle part of my sightings of women pissing area. The RTD block is the place where more ladies seem to be when their bladders reach the bursting point, and their desperation this weekend was as intense as I've ever seen it - of course I hope this continues all summer and the rest of the year! I'd love to see the rising gas prices force RTD to shut down that Friday/Saturday late bus (like they're doing on other routes) so I can return to getting double the pee sightings there, but it's drawing more riders - ladies coming to the area who might not be if they had to make the longer drives from the suburbs with the rising gas prices. But if the building was still closing at 1 a.m. there might not be as many ladies there to pee after that with the smaller crowds from fewer people driving now, making the overall affect of the late bus probably awash - neither diminishing or increasing my sightings of women pissing there by as much as I probably think. I'll study my stats of the block to get the exact numbers on that, on to this week's intense and enjoyable stories:

Sunday, 1:03 a.m.- Walking by the RTD building coming from the busy area a group of 4 ladies was about 15 feet ahead of me. Suddenly one of the ladies screams, then steps into the street by the front of a parked car they were passing and awkwardly pulls down her black pants and squats down in the gutter in front of the car (mostly back view to me). Almost immediately a thick pee stream starts shooting out of her crotch down into the gutter, quickly angling out to the sides and becoming 2 pee streams. "No, what are you doing??" one of her embarrassed friends said, looking at not only me but all the other people nearby - on the sidewalk near me and across the street outside the bars there. The friend looked over at me and tried to stand on the sidewalk and street behind her peeing friend to cover her, but couldn't do an adequate job and left her friend's naked peeing butt visible where I watched her 2 pee streams continue to flow out into the growing piss puddle under her butt. I could have pulled out the camera and easily snapped this picture with her just about 6 feet away, but she had now drawn a lot of attention and there were just too many people right there to do it. A little too public with this piss, if only she'd made it to a more private spot. This lady's bladder just gave out on her while she was walking, a totally amazing sighting to see! She finished after about 35 seconds, standing up and pulling up her pants as the onlookers started walking off - amazingly nobody said or did anything. It was clear she was a little drunk as she was stumbling while standing up and pulling up her pants, her friend helped her. Then the group walked off, this lady was calm and relaxed as though she never did what she just did.

I went over and snapped these 2 pictures (both combined here to look like 1 picture).
The 1 st picture of her piss puddle (at left) I saw her pee stream ran underneath the car in the seam between the street and gutter pavement so I went over behind the back of the car and waited until her pee stream stopped flowing (a few minutes after the group left) and snapped this 2 nd picture (at right) of her pee stream running under the car until it stopped to get a gauge of how big her emergency piss was. This was a legitimate emergency piss, a pretty big one to run all the way underneath the car and so far past it. How desperate must a lady be to pee like this in such a visible place in front of people? She was very embarrassed about having to do it, but was going to pee in her pants within seconds if she didn't. Love it, wish I could see this happen to a lot more ladies!

ladies shooting pee ladies needing a piss

1:43 a.m.- Walking across the street from a corner parking lot I saw 2 ladies starting to get in their car near the middle of the lot when one of them suddenly turned and went to an empty attendant's booth in the middle of the lot. I knew immediately she was going to pee and tried to cross the street to get into the lot, but there was so much traffic on the street I had to stand there and wait. She was a tall blonde with a medium build wearing a white halter top and tight jeans, standing beside the booth I saw her head go down below the window - just as I thought. But the cars were still coming heavy and I had to wait, finally the last car passed and I ran across the street. But just before I got in the lot she stood up from beside the booth and walked out, zipping up the front of her jeans as she went over and got in the car with her waiting friend. When I got in the lot I saw her small piss puddle with a pee stream running from it, 2 guys were sitting on a ledge not far away and an SUV with people in it was a few spaces away so they saw the lady pee - again too many people nearby to snap the picture if I had gotten there in time.

2:10 a.m.- Walking across the RTD block patio area to the north end of the block, among the crowd walking by on the sidewalk I heard a frantic lady's voice yell, "I gotta pee!" I looked over to see a slim very pretty early 20's lady with long black hair running towards me, wearing a green spaghetti strap halter top with tight jeans and beige high heeled sandals. She was squeezing her crotch with one hand but let go when she saw me, smiling as she ran by me. I thought she was going to go in the still-open terminal building since she was headed towards the doors, but she stopped by the side of the building. "Pee on the sidewalk!" one of her friends said. She started to go around the building but stopped, turning around by me again and saying, "I can't do it, I just can't do it!" She then went back over to her friends (another lady and 2 guys) and they walked off, heading towards the south end of the block. I followed from the patio area knowing something would happen here soon, after just a few steps she bent forward at the waist and pressed her hands into her crotch as it was painful to walk. Before getting to the other end of the terminal building she came back up on the patio area, this time holding her crotch with both hands and taking tiny steps. "I can't hold it, I've got to pee!" she said. She was looking around and started to go around the terminal building to the pee areas, but stopped by the terminal building and walked back over to a garden area just off the sidewalk. "Pee in the dirt!" her friend said. Bent over at the waist squeezing her crotch with both hands, the cute lady quickly unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down and squatted by a small tree next to her, her friend standing guard next to her. I was about 40 feet away on the patio with a pretty good view of her as the friend yelled to the 2 guys not to look, they were about 20 feet away and turned their backs to them. People were walking by on the sidewalk and she was clearly visible to all of them, I could have snapped this picture but again with so many people around I wasn't going to risk it - and she was peeing in the dirt around the tree so there was no piss puddle to see. If only she'd gone back to the pee areas, even with her friend there I probably am able to get a picture of her! After about 30 seconds she stood up and pulled up her jeans, the ladies walked over to the waiting guys and the group walked off. "I just peed in the dirt!" she said seeming amazed by herself. She was again relaxed and not seeming like she just did what she just did, it's fascinating to watch the change that comes over otherwise calm ladies when they have to pee so bad their bladders are about to burst and see them go back to calm after they pee. I wonder if that reaction would be so calm if they didn't make it and peed on themselves?

My only gauge of that is the lady who peed on herself at the RTD terminal building after finding the doors locked last February. She had no reaction at all as she turned and walked away, leaving a trail of pee on the sidewalk behind her as pee continued to run down the insides of her pants legs while she walked past me. I think that's the exception, I doubt most ladies would react like that if they were peeing on themselves!

Over the weekend was one of our longest-running outdoor festivals to start the summer outdoor festival season. As usual, while there I like to observe how the ladies deal with using the porta-potties - particularly the nicely-dressed ladies. The majority of the ladies won't use them and hold it until they can get to a bathroom elsewhere, I saw several who waited impatiently while their men used the potties because they had to pee too but just wouldn't do it in a porta-potty and forced themselves to hold it. Then I heard an interesting exchange between a mother and her young daughter (about 10 or 11) when both had to pee and were on their way to the potties. Mom didn't want to do it but had been drinking beer and had no choice because now she had to pee and wasn't ready to leave, daughter was telling mom how she squatted over potty seats and enjoyed peeing that way because "sometimes you find somebody's gross pee on the seats." Mom said she was too old to do that, "Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, as long as there's toilet paper you can wipe up wet seats," she said. But young daughter disagreed, saying "All moms should teach their daughters how to squat over toilet seats for when we have to pee in places where we don't want to sit down." It was an amusing conversation to listen to and a reminder of how much bathroom matters are a constant and annoying issue for females to have to deal with every time they leave home and spend time in public places - particularly those with weak or small bladders who can't hold it very long. That applied to both mom and daughter here, as both went to the potties for a 2 nd piss before I left the festival a few hours later.

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