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September! Stories and pictures of pissing women.

Dear Readers,

A double treat for you this week! I finished my latest roll of film and got it developed last week, and have a review today of the 4 'P' shots on it.
And I started September's first weekend nicely, getting 5 sightings and 1 new shot already on my new roll of film.
My 131 sightings so far makes this my 5th best year (of 8), if I don't get another pee sighting this year. The picture is my 18th this year, 158th overall in 1098 sightings. New stories first, then the review of the 4 new shots:

It's starting to look like fall in the sightings area. It's not as warm at night, although still very comfortable. The crowd on Friday night was small, almost like a week night crowd, and produced only 1 late pee sighting:

1:49 a.m.- I was walking by the big 'active' parking lot and saw 2 people enter the alley from the lot and walk up behind a building. No question they were looking for a place to pee, but both looked like they were men (in their 20's) so I didn't go in the alley. I walked around the lot on the sidewalk, and when I got to the corner I saw the Suzuki guy running through the lot towards where the 2 guys went. Out from between 2 dumpsters came one of the 'guys', snapping up the front of his jeans - but seeing the face and breasts in front, this was a lady! Had I gone in the alley when I first saw them, I had an easy shot as the other guy - who indeed was a guy - had left her alone and gone to the next building to pee. I just can't take anything for granted out here!

Saturday: Suddenly this has become the active night, a much bigger crowd than Friday again. The energy level was still pretty calm, but during the 2 a.m. hour 4 ladies had to pee - BAD! I got a shot of 1 of them, could have snapped a 2nd lady. The Saturday night/ Sunday 2 a.m. hour has produced the most pictures this year, 8 of 18. Overall, the 2 a.m. hour has 12 of my 18 shots: a lot of the ladies need to pee after the bars close! Tonight's 4:

2:02 a.m.- Walking through the big 'active' parking lot, I saw a 20's lady sitting on the top of the wall bordering the stairs leading to the back door of a restaurant (the same spot where I snapped 2 ladies last month, the review of that shot later).
I thought she might be guarding someone peeing at the bottom of those steps, and indeed she was! About 30 seconds later another 20's lady with dark curly hair stands up behind her, pulls up her jeans and zips up the front of them. They walked out and I found her pool of pee just outside the restaurant door, at the bottom of the steps. Some of it was running into a small drain there, she took a big piss.
2:25 a.m.- I was walking by another parking lot 2 blocks away and saw a group of people talking at a parked truck in the lot. There were 3 ladies and 3 guys, all in their late 20's. I noticed one lady, a skinny blonde with short hair wearing all black- tight sweater, jeans, and open-toe high heels. She could not stand still, was slightly bent over at the waist and would occasionally press one hand into her crotch. She had to pee bad, and I was loving it! Finally she crossed her legs, said something to the others and she and another lady turned and started walking back towards the alley. This was very exciting, knowing they were looking for a place to pee! The way the blonde was walking - taking small steps, still slightly bent over at the waist with her arms folded - I could feel how bad her bladder was aching (I've never understood why, but it's a powerful turn on for me when a lady has to pee so bad she is in visible distress)! They went to a dumpster behind a building (where I've snapped a lady before), and the blonde fitted herself between the dumpster and building wall and pushed her jeans down and squatted. I was hoping the other lady would pee too, I had an easy shot of both if she did - but she stood guard in front of the blonde, looking over at me. Too bad, I really wanted a shot of the blonde! She peed about 40 seconds before standing up, I could tell she was wiping herself before pulling up her jeans (she had her purse with her). She finally came out and the 2 walked back to the others, the other lady didn't pee.
2:36 a.m. (9-3-00, Desp 157) - Making last rounds I saw 2 20's ladies walking out of a parking lot. Cops were there arresting a guy they had chased, I think they wanted to pee but didn't because of the cops. I followed them from across the street, both were wearing all black too - sweaters, capri pants, and clunky sandals. One was tall and slim, long curly black hair while the other was a petite blonde with long hair. They went a block before going down some steps outside the corner building. I knew they were going to pee, got out the camera and walked over. As I got to the top of the steps I could hear violent splattering, looked over one side of the railing. There's a walkway there with some basement level businesses, and they were under the steps (directly below me) peeing on each side of the stairway. I pointed my camera down at the squatted blonde, directly above her. There was the top of her head and part of her back (she was leaned forward) and thighs, and her stream running out from under her. I snapped this shot, the flash firing and the blonde saying, "What was that?" I moved back out of their view, could have looked down over the other side of the railing and snapped the other lady - but one of these unrevealing 'top' angle shots is enough. They came up the stairs about a minute later and walked off, I found their splatter spots on opposite sides of the wall underneath the stairs, their streams running to a combined pool of pee in the middle with a noticeable piss odor. What will the people who work there think on Monday morning, this is right outside their front doors! I've seen people go down here before to pee, mostly men.

Now, the review of the 4 newest pictures:

Overall, very good! The prints were not done well by the overnight lab (too light and washed-out looking), but the negatives looked good so the extra prints I order from my custom lab will be printed better and look great.

But first - since I have quite a few new readers who have joined this list recently, a brief explanation because I still sometimes get this annoying question after writing reviews of my newest shots:

"Why send us reviews if you're not going to give us the pictures (or scans) free?"

Answer: My stories, plus the images in the sample album at my website , are what everybody gets free. The only person who gets to enjoy ALL of my work for free is me and even for me it isn't free: I work very hard to get the shots, do all the writing and now designing and managing the website. If your only interest is "free stuff", and you think my work isn't worth paying for - ask to be removed from my list, because I don't want you on it. Stick to the sites where you can get the free pee-porn, or those questionable monthly membership sites where all the pee shots are either posed models, or real shots nowhere near as good as mine. If you haven't figured it out yet, those sites and their content are completely different from mine.

I hope this answers that nagging question.
Now the individual reviews, listed by date and Desp. jpeg number they will be in my next album 8:
7-22-00, Desp 154: This is the 2 blondes who peed together at the bottom of a short stairway behind a building, one of them saying, "I gotta pee like a motherfucker!" before going there. This is an excellent shot, probably the year's best!
The desperate one is a side view to me, and the other lady in a front view. The lady facing me has her jeans down just below her knees, a weak puddle on the pavement below her with 3 thin streams running out of it. Because she is squatted low to the ground with her feet spread, part of her pussy is visible! She's holding her left hand across the area, blocking some of her stream and some of her genitals - but the stream is visible below her hand, splashing into her puddle.
She's cute, long blonde hair and looking at me smiling. Lady 2 has short blonde hair, capri pants pushed down to show a side view of her butt and thigh. Her stream is visible, hitting the ground between her spread feet (and a small tattoo above her right ankle). She's looking at me smiling too, but looks a little out of it. Both are holding up their left hands and giving me "the finger" - the 2nd shot where a lady has done that! They didn't seem upset at the time, but apparently they didn't like being snapped mid-stream. The ladies are centered beautifully, nice big images. This is a perfect example of the theme of my work!
8-6-00, Desp 155: The drunk Hispanic lady who peed by her open car door in a parking lot, and chased me after I snapped this shot. It's a back view of her, and awesome! She's skinny, long brown hair to mid back, blue halter top and jeans pushed down. Her bare butt is pointing at me, her stream clearly visible flowing to the growing puddle between her spread feet. Centered nicely, a lovely shot of an intense piss!
8-19-00, Desp 156: The fat lady who peed while sitting on the ledge of a window on the back of a building, telling me not to take this picture. It looks like a posed picture, she is smiling at me so nicely! She's actually got pretty long brown hair and a nice face, black pullover sweater with gray baggy jeans. She's just starting to stand up from sitting on the ledge, front view to me with feet spread and a violent puddle between her feet that has several thin streams running from it to the middle of the alley. Her jeans are still around her knees, her black panties visible. She's bent over, her big stomach hanging down blocks any view of her crotch. The napkin she dropped is visible in her puddle, soaked by her pee. A cute shot and the best exposed of the group, because I was closer to her than the others.
8-27-00, Desp 157: The cute Hispanic lady from last Saturday night. A side/ mostly front view of her, squatted by the dumpster looking at me with a big smile on her face. Her feet are about shoulder width, a big puddle is in front of her running towards the middle of the alley. She's wearing what look like combat boots with her long black dress, blue panties pulled down to just above her knees. She's very pretty, I like her a lot! This definitely looks posed because she is enjoying being caught so much, but she wasn't really posing! She's centered nicely, but this shot is clearly underexposed (too light) because I was far enough away that the flash barely reached her. The negative is very light too, but detail in the shot looks good (I was close enough for that). This shot can probably be rescued by the lab (the error margin of color print film), by giving this negative more exposure before printing it - something overnight labs don't do, they print all shots on a developed roll with the same 'standard' level of exposure. That's fine if all the shots are taken in optimal shooting conditions, but that's hardly the case with some of these shots!

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