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Retro Cascade Knicker Wetting Panties Pissing Magazine
Back Issues from '96

Cascade 90s Watersports Pissing & Pantys Wetting Magazine . . .

All Cascade's magazines to download to your PC are £3.00 and saved in .pdf format and are made to view in Adobe Acrobat 9 

back issue of cascade mag from march 1996





1996 March (42 Pages) @ £3-00 (Or Your Currency Equivalent)

A letter from Mirriam telling us about she and her sister doing some schoolgirl knicker wetting. A short study of Urolagnia with some quotes from Havelock Ellis. A long letter from Barbara about some school wetting and about her Mum having 'wetting accidents'. A letter from a French girl who likes to sell her wet cummy panties. How many cinema seats get pissed on? A couple on Honeymoon mistakenly find out their mutual interest in watersports and the intense fucking it leads to. A night time voyeur comes up lucky with some sexy pee sightings. A couple get their kicks with some sneaky public pissing. A subscriber details lots of pee sightings & wet conversation snippets. A story about Lucinda Lampton a female Gent's urinal photographer and her unusual book called 'Temples of Convenience'. Some pissy poetry. A fella makes friends with a Mother & daughter on holiday which leads to some mutual pissing activities. Cutting from 'The Sun' regarding Jane Horrocks peeing on stage in MacBeth. Interesting follow-up article called 'Splashing thru' the 70s' Pt2. A subscriber loves his lady to wet his bed. Kevvy & Becky recall the panties wetting happenings at a horse show.

june 96 issue of retro watersports magazine from cascade






1996 June (43 Pages) @ £3-00 (Or Your Currency Equivalent.

The start of the new look Cascade with the better equipment. A letter from Aquarius studying his male friends' pissing abilities. A reader's study on some Diuretics and their different effects. A subscriber's wife lets him have a paid for watery treat from a 'professional lady' for his birthday with a detailed description. Some detailed pee sightings memories from a regular reader. Some Wet mainstream Movies. Some peeing clips form the Daily Sport. Champion Bladder '94 - nurses settle it once & for all with a piss holding competition! A plumber recalls a particular bathroom & toilet job. The re-introduction of the Cascade Contacts section. A subscriber picks up on a 'caught in the act' mention in December '95 - a story about a bursting to piss girlie in Brighton. Wet Tele & Radio. With respect, the early death of Helen Chadwick, creator of 'Piss Flowers'. A female subscriber tells us about how she trained her bladder from an early age. The first weeing story series about Nicola Steele, the small bladdered teacher. A few pee sightings - from the Theatre stage to a dusty road in Nigeria. The female peeing habits of different nationalities. Pissing in small aircraft built with no loos. A classic example of a fake peeing / wetting letter Cascade used to receive often.

1996 september back issue old cascade magazines






1996 September (43 Pages) @ £3-00 (Or Your Currency Equivalent)

A subscriber gives some praise & criticism of Cascade and mentions some titles of books and comes forward with a couple of good pee sightings memories. Some Charles & Di pissy witticisms. A woman helps her husband to re-enact his pissing fantasy, then finds she's hooked herself! Reference to Havelock Ellis and his book Undinism (Undina: Greek Goddess of Water). A watersports voyeur letter witnessing 2 girls needing a pee badly at a conference meeting and some interesting female peeing noises in the adjacent toilets. An interesting and humorous article from a woman who has to pluck up courage to pee in a Superloo. Ruby Wax, Jean Shrimpton & Kate Hardie - all famous wetters. Cutting from Bella magazine, 'What an Inconvenience'. A very detailed report 'One Night in Bankok' where a fella ridicules a Thai girl into having to hold her pee. The Notting Hill Carnival pee sightings report. A really desperate woman with a jammed zipper on her jump suit has to cut herself out to pee! An interesting newspaper report on Urine therapy. A woman bursting to pee story from one of the older 70s watersports magazines called 'Search'. A subscriber tells us how he persuaded his girlfriend to wet herself for him. Lynn the Water Nymph - how a girl became hooked on pissing her panties. A panties wetting story from an old 70s watersports magazine called 'Relate'. A guy tells of his sheer luck in finding TWO girls who pissed on him in unison. An in-depth study of women's bladders - are they conditioned?.

cascade mag old back numbers 1996 december






1996 December (43 Pages) @ £3-00 (Or Your Currency Equivalent)

A male subscriber tells us of his first time. A mother and daughter get hooked on pissing in the bushes. A woman slowly seduces herself up to her lone panties wetting climax. Watersports from the Internet - a feature on Patches Place content. Story about patients who pee themselves at the Dentist's. Feature article about Athletes needing a piss. A male subscriber explains his pissy feelings while he fills his bladder in readiness for a monster piss. Another pee story from Nicola Steele, the teacher with the small bladder. Judith Palmer needs a piss while out with the Paras. A new toilet at the top of Scafell Pike! A woman reader with a small bladder sympathises with the knicker wetting & bursting to piss stories in Cascade. Witnessing a bursting to go Red Cross collector. Newspaper cutting about a woman's distaste for having to experience peeing in a Superloo. A funny mis-understanding about a WC. The art of using a Chamber Pot. Pissy car number plates. A long list of peeing scenes in widely available mainstream movies. Story about a girl full of beer bursting to piss at a Rugby match. A male reader finds masturbation with a stretched bladder while reading Cascade is the ultimate orgasm. A subscriber's memories of being a 16 year old electrician's apprentice and having to work in a Ladies toilet while still in use! Started back with the pissy pictures in this issue.

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