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Women Caught Pissing! The 2011 Pee Sightings Summary

Dear Readers,
My 18th annual summary of the ladies I saw pee outdoors in 2011, I didn't do one last year (2010) because it was such an awful year with a record low 75 sightings. This year was a marvelous bounce-back year with 124 sightings, most due to the emergence of a new spot ladies peed in this year: or was it that I just discovered so many ladies were peeing there? I reached 100 sightings for the 16th time in my 19 years of sightings, as they were so hard to come by last year that amazes me even more. The air has gone out of my sightings photography, no shots at all this year (I passed on several I could have snapped) but did get 2 decent distant sightings videos. This summary will also include the net sightings difference in each category from last year and where the changes came from, a feature that makes it more interesting! This year's net is +49, the difference between this year's 124 sightings and last year's 75.
124 sightings in 2011, 49 more than 2010's 75 sightings (65% increase). Overall I have 2488 documented sightings in 19 years, a yearly average of 135.5 sightings that is up slightly from 2010's overall 134.6 average. This year's 124 total ranks it my 11th best year out of 19 sightings years.

111 were white (89.5%), 4 were black (3.2%), 8 were Hispanic (6.4%), and 1 of other races (0.8%).

Net numbers: 44 more white ladies, 4 more black ladies, the same number of Latino ladies and 1 more lady of other races peed than last year for the net gain of 49 sightings.

Age-wise the area continues to be dominated by twenty-somethings, no way to know how many ladies were older.
Jeans remain the top peeing attire, with 53 (42.7%). Short dress/short skirt was 2nd with 40 (32.7%), 18 ladies wore shorts (14.5%), 6 ladies in non-denim pants (4.8%), 5 wore a long skirt/long dress (4%), and 2 wore leggings (1.6%).

Net numbers: 24 more ladies who peed were wearing jeans than last year, 16 more wearing a short skirt/short dress, 10 more wearing shorts, 5 more wearing a long skirt/long dress; 3 fewer wore leggings and 3 fewer wore non-denim pants for the net gain of 49 sightings.

The ladies who peed longer than 30 seconds, or peed visible puddles that were bigger than the average puddle size of what most ladies make. 19 big pisses in 2011, 15.3% of the ladies and up from 8 last year and 10.7% of last year's sightings. Both are still well below my 19-year average of 32 big pisses per year and 24.4% of the sightings.

Who was actually there with peeing ladies, close enough to see or hear them doing it. This includes others who peed with a lady or stood guard for her, does not include people who waited some distance away while the lady went to a different spot and peed.

48 ladies had another lady with them when they peed outside (38.7%), 34 were alone (27.4%), 22 with a group of men and women (17.7%), 18 were with a boyfriend/husband (14.5%), and 2 were the only lady in a group of men (1.6%).

Net numbers: 15 more ladies peed in front of another lady, 14 more in front of a M/F group, 10 more in front of a boyfriend/husband, 10 more alone, same number in front of a group of men as last year, for the net gain of 49 sightings.

The interesting trend here is how ladies continue to become more comfortable peeing outside in front of men as the numbers of ladies peeing in front of boyfriends/husbands and mixed groups of men and women continue to rise. I remember when ladies would never pee outside if a man was anywhere around, many are still like that but a lot of them now are comfortable with it. But they are still reluctant to do it if she is the only female among a group of men, which makes me wonder: is desperation the main factor that determines if a lady will pee outside, or is it more her social comfort level with the people around her?

80 sightings were on Saturday night/Sunday morning (64.5%), 44 on Friday night/Saturday morning (35.5%). No sightings on any other days of the week.

Net: 39 more sightings on Saturday nights, 10 more sightings on Friday nights for the net gain of 49.

Time-wise, the 2 a.m. hour continues as the busiest pee hour with 75/38 sightings (60.4%); 1 a.m. was next with 37/24 (29.8%); midnight 8/11 (6.4%), other times 4/2 (3.2%).

Hourly net: The 2 a.m. hour had 37 more sightings than last year, 1 a.m. hour had 13 more sightings, other times 2 more, and the midnight hour 3 fewer for the net gain of 49.

Combining days and times, the Sunday 2 a.m. hour (Saturday night) is the busiest with 58/19 sightings, Saturday 2 a.m. (Friday night) 17/19, Sunday 1 a.m. 15/14, Saturday 1 a.m. 22/10, Saturday midnight hour 4/3, Sunday midnight 4/8, other Friday 1/2, other Saturday 3.

Day/time net: Sunday 2 a.m. had 39 more sightings than last year, Saturday 1 a.m. 12 more, other times 2 more, Sunday 1 a.m. had 1 more, Saturday midnight 1 more, while Sunday midnight had 4 fewer, Saturday 2 a.m. 2 fewer sightings for the net gain of 49 sightings.
Monthly, July was my top sightings month with 25 sightings, it's highest total since 28 in 2000 which was the last time it was my top sightings month. October was next with a monthly record-tying 24 sightings, August had 22 and September 21 to give me 4 months with 20+ sightings for the first time since 2001. June had 15 sightings, May 8, April 7, and March 2. No sightings in January, February, November or December for the 2nd consecutive year, this year's pattern was feast or famine: either lots of ladies peed or nobody did.

Monthly net: 6 months had more sightings than last year, led by July with 16 more sightings. October had 14 more, June 9 more, August 6 more, April 4 more, September 3 more. May was the same, as was January, February, November and December while March had 3 fewer sightings for the net gain of 49 sightings.

4 months exceeded their 19-year sightings averages this year (July, August, September and October, the best sightings months) while the other 8 months finished below their sightings averages. July regained the top sightings monthly average over August with it's productive month this year, 20.16 sightings average to 20.05 for August, after losing it to August for the first time ever last year. July has led in monthly sightings average 18 of my 19 years of sightings, it has 383 sightings overall to August's 381. September is 3rd with 342 sightings, June 4th with 324, and October a distant 5th with 246 sightings. At the low end, December has just 43 sightings overall in 19 years and Feburary is next (11th ranked) with 45. In their defense, I don't go out much for sighting during those months unless the weather is warmer than usual or there is a big event in the sightings area.

Alleys/dumpsters led with 70 sightings (56.4%), parking lots 33 (25.6%), sidewalk/driveway 8 (6.5%), tree/bush/grass 3 (2.4%), beside a building 7 (5.6%), on or near steps 3 (2.4%).

Net numbers: 44 more ladies peed in alleys this year, 8 more in parking lots, 4 more by a building, 3 more on or near steps while 5 fewer used sidewalks/driveways, 3 fewer used a tree/bush/grass, 1 fewer used parking garages, 1 fewer in another location for the net 49 more sightings.

LOCATIONS: I caught ladies peeing in 35 different spots/areas this year, up from 31 last year. The year's top spot was active alley in the busy area with 32 sightings (25.8% of the total), amazing since I did not get my first sighting there until July when I started watching it regularly for the first time ever. This alley did not have a sighting at all last year, which makes me wonder: did ladies just start peeing there this year or were they always and I didn't pay attention to the area until this year? I think the latter is probably true, why wasn't I watching this area before? Because during the time ladies are peeing in active alley I was getting sightings in other parts of the area, namely the RTD block. It's production dropped off so much this year that I started going to other parts of the area during those times and discovered ladies going into active alley. It points out the limits I have, while I'm in one part of the area ladies could be peeing somewhere else and I'm missing those sightings. That's OK if ladies are peeing in the part of the area where I am, but of course if nothing is happening I could be missing sightings somewhere else....my terminal dilemma! Fortunately I guess right most of the time, I watch the ladies more than I do particular spots and they lead me to where they have decided to pee.

A parking lot and alley east of the RTD block was 2nd in sightings with 19 (the area produced 14 sightings last year), and the alley behind the former big active parking lot rebounded with 15 sightings after just 1 last year; it's the alley directly across the street from active alley. the RTD block itself had just 11 sightings after producing 15 last year, sightings there continue to decline which is a mystery to me as the block still has all that foot traffic walking by from both bars across the street and people coming from the busy area several blocks north.

All this points out what I have to do to consistently get my sightings: follow the crowds (ladies), as the pee areas constantly evolve a bit and I can't get too comfortable with productive spots thinking they will always produce sightings. As the ladies move their peeing around the area the good thing is they stay in the general sightings area so if I continue to work it I will find where the peeing moves to. After so many years doing this it's still fascinating, watching the pretty ladies walking around and waiting to see who has to pee so bad she will break down and take an emergency piss outside, becoming my star for the night. I continue to find them!

I've almost completely dropped off the board here, snapping no shots but getting 2 distant sightings videos at Oktoberfest that were actually decent compared to my earlier video efforts. I passed on 7 shots I could have snapped during the year, snapped 8 puddle shots and I'm getting too comfortable with that: I'd rather snap the ladies! Shots are harder to get because ladies are peeing more with others nearby instead of using more secluded spots like in the past making it more risky for me. And I'm spoiled by all my past shots, looking for stunning ladies/scenes and passing on many I would have snapped in past years.
I'm doing something different here. Getting so many sightings I often forget the best ones, and since I write them all up and send them to you readers I'm curious: which have been your favorites during 2011? If you've kept stories of particular sightings you liked, let me know which ones and why you liked them. I would like to run a feature about reader favorites, so let me know the ones you liked best if there were any.

Sightings vacation time now, I'll write again when I have any interesting news or new sightings to report - or the bullshit in my life gets better!

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