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She kept on saying, "I gotta piss, I gotta piss!"

Dear Readers,
long time no write, again! The kind of long report I like writing today as I get 11 sightings last Saturday night on Sat. Patrick's day night, my first outing since New Years' Eve. I finished January with the 2 New Year's Eve sightings and didn't go out at all in February, now I have 11 sightings for March in just 1 night giving me 13 for the year - my first sightings last year didn't come until March 20 and I had just 2 sightings for March so I'm already off to a much better start this year.

I finally decided to drag myself out for sightings again on Saturday night last weekend after not going out Friday night, kind of a no-brainer since we had 70 degree weather during most of the week and conditions favored a big crowd in the sightings area with the nights being warm. I didn't feel like going out because there still isn't any improvement in my job/money situation, I am now living - for the time being - at my sister's house since mid-January (I'll summarize my update later). I thought a night of sightings might cheer me up and boy did it, I was rewarded with 11 of them which is a record for not only St. Patrick's night but any March night for me. My sightings continues to be the area of my life that remains the most consistent, I guess I am just destined to always see women peeing outside as it's going on 19 years now and I keep finding them!

The new ladies in the sightings area look like they're going to provide me with an active year if I go out as much as I typically do, I've never had this big a night of sightings this early in a year. My best March ever was 17 sightings, numbers I'd definitely have a shot at beating if I'd gone out more this month and might still if I go out next weekend, not sure if I will. All the peeing the ladies did is sure tempting me, amazingly that's been a consistent pattern over the years: every time I think of slowing down and going out less for sightings the ladies start peeing more! My sightings area continues to amaze be because it just never seems like the economy is bad there, always a lot of people and bustling activity. And it cheers me up, gave me another big lift this night. Fabulous fabulous fabulous, being around lots of sexy ladies who have to pee knowing some of them will be so desperate they are going to pee outside.

The late Saturday night crowd was double the size of the crowd in the lone March night I went out last year (which produced 2 sightings). It was smaller than the New Years' Eve crowd this year, I didn't get a crowd this big last year until mid-July when sightings started exploding in active alley. Night temps were in the mid 50's, warm for this time of year, and I got the night's first sighting just 5 minutes after arriving in the area - which usually means a big night of pee sightings is in store for me which turned out to be true. My feet are a little sore today from all the walking through the sightings area Saturday night since I haven't done it in a while, but it's a good soreness - there have been good health benefits to my sightings work! Stories, followed by my update:

Sunday, 12:39 a.m.- just arriving in the outer fringe of the sightings area, the north end where Oktoberfest is, a group of 4 early 20's people (2 guys 2 ladies) walked by me. One of the ladies caught my attention, a sexy lady with thick black below-shoulder hair wearing a tight clingy black miniskirt and heels. The group turned into the corner parking lot right by me, which has become the top producing spot at Oktoberfest, and headed towards one of the few cars parked in the lot in the row by the building next to the lot. As they approached the back of the car she grabbed the bottom sides of her skirt and ran up between it and the next car, could I be this lucky right out of the gate? Yes, as she was saying, "I gotta pee, I gotta pee!" She scampered around for a few seconds before hiking up her skirt and squatting down between the cars in a side view to me outside the lot, the other lady standing guard on the other side of the car to keep people coming into the lot from passing by there. "No looking!" I heard her angrily say, I thought she was talking to me but it was one of the guys with them. The desperate lady stood up and pulled up her panties about 25 seconds later, taking her time adjusting them before pulling her skirt back down. The car she peed by was theirs as the group got in, sitting there for about 10 minutes before driving out of the lot. I went over and found her puddle, average sized running into a puddle there previously before she peed.

Heaven, absolutely heaven!! I never get tired of sightings like this, the ladies continue to reward me for coming to the sightings area by peeing!

12:52 a.m.- Walking into the main sightings area I passed by the big active parking lot. It was full, I heard a faint splattering noise that was getting louder as I was getting closer to it. Looking into the lot I saw the back of an SUV 3 rows from the street in a space near the middle of the lot with it's passenger door open, a mid 20's lady was sitting on the edge of the seat holding up her short dress with her legs spread inside the open car door and I could see her golden stream shooting down from between her spread thighs and hitting the pavement between her clunky-sandaled feet. She peed for about 10 seconds more before standing up and pulling up her panties and letting her short dress fall back down, she quickly got inside the SUV and slammed the door shut. It backed out of it's space and drove off, I went over to find her big splatter spot with 2 thick streams running back underneath where the SUV had been parked.

Wow, 2 sexy sightings within my first 15 minutes into the area! These are the kinds of lucky things that mean a big night is in store for me!

12:57 a.m.- As I walked to the other end of the block I passed a car parked in the row by the street right by me. A Hispanic guy in his 20's was holding open the driver's door and I could see a petite lady milling around in front of him, her head going down below the window of the open door. He started looking around and saw me and stared at me, an indication this was probably a peeing lady he was guarding. I walked past there and waited, about 30 seconds later a petite lady in shorts stands up and gets in the driver's side in front of him and slides over to the passenger side and he got in the driver's seat. A few minutes later the car backs out of that space and drives off, I go over to find a female puddle right by that open driver's door where she was with 2 thin streams running towards the street outside the lot where I first passed by. Wow!!

1:47 a.m.- I made my rounds through the rest of the sightings area and went over to last year's top area, the busy block end of active alley. As crowds spilled out of the bars on the block finally a group of 3 ladies turned into active alley. 2 guys were already peeing by dumpsters near the corner building, the ladies walked past them. All 3 were early 20's wearing shorts, suddenly one of them ran down the alley to the next dumpster and up beside it, lady 2 going to stand guard in front of her while lady 3 waited in the alley near where the guys were peeing. She came out about 15 seconds later snapping up the front of her shorts, the group came back out of the alley and walked off.

1:57a.m.- A 20's couple entered active alley, the lady petite with black shoulder length hair wearing jeans and one of the green derby leprechaun hats so many people were wearing from St. Patrick's night beer parties. As they waded through peeing guys and made their way down the alley, 2 more 20's ladies entered the alley - a medium-build blonde in a black short skirt and a slim petite lady in jeans. With so many people in the alley now I had to go in to see where these ladies went, they'd split and gone into back building doorways on each side of the alley a couple of buildings down. I passed the building where the short-skirt lady was first, she was starting to hike up her skirt and squat when she saw me and stood back up. I walked past the next dumpster on the other side of the alley and saw her friend actually squatted and starting to pee, she glanced at me but continued to pee. "I'm taking a pee, are you going too?" she shouted out to her friend across the alley. "No, I can't do it!" the short skirt lady said. Me walking by and seeing her spooked her out of it, she clearly didn't have to pee as bad as the other lady or I would have caught her mid-stream too...I still have excellent timing for catching my peeing ladies!

1:59 a.m.- walking 2 buildings down by the middle of the alley, the earlier lady in the leprechaun hat came scampering out from behind a building, her boyfriend waiting in the alley for her. She was snapping up the front of her jeans, too dark where she went to look for her puddle.

2:02 a.m.- At the other end of that alley, outside big active alley across the street where I got the 3 earlier sightings, among the crowds walking by coming from the busy block, 3 ladies came down the side street and ran into that end of active alley. All were mid 20's, 2 wearing jeans and the 3rd green leggings. Lady 1 ran up into an area behind the 3rd building (where I've snapped 3 shots before) unsnapping the front of her jeans, followed by the other 2 ladies. A guy with the ladies came over and stood guard near there by the alley so I didn't try to go over there, about 20 seconds later lady 1 came out snapping up her jeans. The others came out about 10 seconds later, the 2nd lady snapping up the front of her jeans and lady 3 in leggings tugging them back into place. The group walked off, the whole area there was soaked from lots of people peeing there - including 2 more guys who went there right after the ladies left before I got over there.

2:12 a.m.- leaving to head over to the RTD block area, among the crowds walking by the big active lot another 20's group went into the lot. The guy was pointing back towards the alley so I knew somebody had to pee, a petite lady in tight short shorts walked quickly ahead of the 2 guys with her to the alley. They got to their car which was parked in the row by the alley, she walked around the front of the car looking around before yanking down her shorts and squatting right in front of their car by the alley. I could see her feet under the front of the car in the reflection of the light from a nearby light pole, the ground around them immediately getting dark. She stood up after about 20 seconds and went over and got in their car, I am amazed by the visible physical tension I can see in a lady's body who is bursting to pee and how much more relaxed she is after peeing!

2:19 a.m.- Over at the RTD block a group of about 5 people came up on the grassy park area in the middle of the block and started running across the grass to the back sidewalk and pee areas. 3 of the guys went to the pee sidewalk while a 4th guy and the only lady in the group stopped in a space by the administration building halfway down the sidewalk. The lady was above average height and slim wearing jeans, she pushed them down and squatted while the guy stood guard in front of her. She was in bad shape, almost immediately I saw a thick stream of pee running out past his feet from her! She peed for about 25 seconds before standing up and pulling up her jeans, then he turned around and peed over her puddle. They walked out to 3 waiting guys who were by the back sidewalk and walked off, going over to the back sidewalk area it was tattooed with pee puddles so a lot of peeing went on there earlier - most looked like male puddles.

**************** OK, the bad news. The job nonsense for me is the same as it was nearly 2 years ago, with the main problem remaining I can't get any companies to even talk to me. Sis is badgering me to apply for "anything I can get", a strategy which has not worked; today's labor market calls for "young and dumb", not "old and educated" like I am because companies don't want to pay anybody anything or offer any kind of job security, just part-time temporary jobs. Sis giving me until early April to have "some kind of job" or she's throwing me out, I have a tentative arrangement to move in with a lady I've known for almost a year who started being friendly to me several months ago and has been very supportive of me and my situation. I'm trying to keep myself from sinking into a "life of prostitution", which I define as taking a job I'd hate just for the money. The only money I get remains the little I continue to get from desperate women.com, which still remains well below what I need. The surprising good thing about all of this is I feel better mentally than I thought I ever could at this point, living what I consider my worst nightmare. I'm staying positive and know what I need to do, understand why things aren't working and not blaming myself for things I can't control and thinking I have to take something I don't want and feel lucky to have it when I know it's below my standards. I know what I need to stop wasting time with, which is basically the things most working people have been telling me to do who have no clue how today's labor market works. That's the short version of this, still no long-term answers in sight. If I move to this lady's house she's in the suburbs much further from my sightings area, I'd have to deal with her questions of what I'm doing to be coming home after 3 a.m. on the nights I go out for sightings…do I want to deal with that? And that's on top of if I can even afford the higher gas prices to even drive down there more than once in a blue moon. Pitiful, but millions of people in the USA who also deserve much better are being forced into this kind of failure in their lives now.

But hey….isn't it good to be reading one of my long sightings reports again? I know there are many of you who have missed these!

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