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I Really Gotta Pee! Parking Lot Peeing on Saturday Night

Dear Readers,

4 sightings in summer's first weekend, a disappointing total considering there were good sized crowds both nights and on Saturday night in particular, I heard lots of ladies complaining of needing to pee all night - one of those led to my 2nd sighting Saturday night. 11 sightings for June to make it the year's top month so far, 47 sightings for the year. June's sightings are coming at a normal pace in what has now become a more normal flow of sightings this year, although it seems slow to me - how spoiled I am still!
35 sightings on this date last year, still on track to get 100 sightings this year. Summer's first weekend actually had smaller crowds than last weekend, but more people are on the streets everywhere and there is potential for sightings in more places: 3 of this weekend's 4 sightings came in places where I haven't gotten sightings for several years, 2 of those in the 'busy area' as activity is picking up there again.
It's good for me to move around in the area, hanging out in one place too much causes problems. I'm ready to snap shots of something, but all the sightings were tightly guarded and the peeing was done in wet areas with other puddles so there were no good puddle shots to get either.
Just more stories this week, on to them. 1 sighting Friday night and 3 Saturday night, stories:

Saturday, 1:30 a.m.- Walking by the former big active parking lot, police cars had closed off the street by it for the late hour (as they will all summer), their increased presence has much to do with the diminished sightings there in recent years. A group of people had been sitting around their cars in the lot talking, a fat couple - guy and lady - in their 20's got up and walked back to the alley together. Both of them looking around tipped me that somebody had to pee, probably the lady because most ladies wouldn't go with a guy looking for an outdoor spot to pee unless they had to pee themselves. Finally the guy grabbed a dumpster behind a building in the alley and pulled it away from the wall in what appeared to be a macho bit of chivalry to impress his lady and she went behind the dumpster pulling down her jeans and squatting behind it out of my view. I was across the street from there, the guy standing in the gap shielding her and facing in my direction. She stood up and came out zipping up her jeans about 20 seconds later and the 2 walked back to their car in the lot, I didn't go over to look for her puddle. Only sighting on a disappointing night that had the potential to produce many more.
First sighting in this alley since October 2004, 8 sightings in that alley that year - the last before police started blanketing the lot with their presence and pushing (female) sightings elsewhere. The RTD block had 30 sightings in 2004, the terminal building still closing shortly after 1a.m. then. Just 6 sightings on the RTD block this year and this weekend about 10 to 15 ladies each night went rushing into the terminal building during that last late hour for emergency pisses before leaving, very frustrating to watch!!

Sunday, 12:49 a.m.- Shortly after getting to the sightings area I passed by the busy block and big crowds in and outside it's bars. I stopped on the corner outside the parking lot by a busy dance club/bar, where the big black lady peed in the alley behind it last weekend. 2 20's ladies in jeans were just inside the lot off the sidewalk, as part of the trend I'm seeing now: people coming out of bars going to sidewalks and parking lots to talk on their cell phones. One of the ladies was talking on her phone while the other stared at her, after the call was over the ladies went into the parking lot instead of back to the club. The lady who was on the phone led the way, about 5' 7" with shoulder length brown hair and innocent-looking face with average build. She went up between 2 cars with the other lady following, turned around with her back to the building wall and pushed her jeans down and squatted with lady 2 standing right in front of her looking at her. Lady 2's back was to me and she blocked most of my view of her peeing friend, I could just see part of her squatted legs sprawling out to each side. Only about a 12 second piss before she stood up and slowly pulled up her panties and jeans, the 2 ladies came back out to the sidewalk near me and stood there talking. Not much of a puddle to see with this small piss, but before I could go over to look at it ....

...1:00 a.m.- A guy and 2 ladies had crossed the street and were standing by me, figuring out where they wanted to go next. It looked like an early 20's couple and one of their mothers, what fun, they had to be tourists. The girl seemed anxious while the guy and mother were talking, the girl was petite and slim with long black hair. The couple were wearing aqua tee shirts and she had on gray knee-length Capri cotton sweats and sandals. She was complaining about what they were doing so the guy gave her a big hug trying to calm her down, the way he did it told me they weren't brother and sister which I first thought they were. While hugging she reached down and grabbed her crotch and pulled away from him. "I really gotta pee!", she said bending forward at the waist squeezing her thighs together. "Over there somewhere!" the guy said pointing across the street to the block north. The trio ran across the street with me following, I wanted to see how this one played out. They stood on the next block talking for about 5 more minutes about where they were going, asking a limousine driver parked on the street for directions so I knew they were tourists. Initially they started walking back to the block where we came from, the girl holding the side waists of her pants looking around as desperation was really setting in now. Mom and the guy stopped to talk again, she went over to a fence near a parking lot and started to squat right there but they told her "No!" They then walked by a fenced-in parking lot and just as I wished, she went running in with the guy following. She went to an SUV parked at the end of the row by the building in front of the lot and around the far side of it, squatting down where I couldn't see her while the guy stood guard in front of her blocking my limited view of her. Mom waited out on the sidewalk, it was nearly 2 minutes before they came out and walked off. I went into the lot and found her puddle, now I know why it took so long: both had peed, his puddle was next to the SUV just a few inches from hers. Both were big puddles, but they ran together and merged into one thick stream that was now running past the back of the SUV, too bad because I couldn't tell how big her piss was.
Both these spots last produced sightings in October 2003, each having 3 sightings apiece that year. I've never snapped any shots in the first parking lot (too many people always around), but this fenced-in parking lot produced my 200th and 203rd shots that year because it's a secluded area off the street. Had this lady peed there by herself I would have been able to get that shot, the cell phone girl in the other lot still probably not even if she were alone because again a lot of people were nearby. I'll watch this area more this summer, cops are usually all around here but weren't tonight. As soon as they leave an area uncovered, ladies start peeing!

2:20 a.m.- Back over at the RTD block I was enduring the frustration of watching ladies rushing into the terminal building to pee. At the northeast end of the block 2 ladies coming from the busy area had stopped on the corner across the street to flag down a cab, both pretty wearing jeans and halter tops. After a few minutes both went to the staircase there by the corner building leading down to a basement patio area where people go to pee and one of the ladies went down the steps while the other stood guard in front of the stairway entrance. It was about 30 seconds before she came back up, taking off her white high heels and walking barefoot as they crossed the street and walked past me. The lady who peed had shoulder length blonde hair and a pinkish halter top and white jeans, average height and on the slim side. I crossed the street to the staircase and looked down there to see 2 big pee puddles, one to the side of the bottom step and the other directly underneath the stairs. Both were big combined puddles where several people had peed, the one under the steps looked wetter and is probably where she peed.

New sightings venue? About the middle of last summer I started going to the Sunday concerts in the park near where I live again (I used to go years ago when they first started them but stopped). Yesterday was the 2nd one this year and they now have more of them, running through late August when the series used to end in early July. This is the same park where I used to get sightings in the early 90's before I started my night sightings work. I noticed at yesterday's concert the crowd was almost twice the size of last weekend's concert, people are coming out for this in droves now compared to the early years. With this being a family event with families bringing young children and no alcohol sold there, I never saw this as a sightings-producing event. There is one potty station (8 potties) on a road several hundred yards from the concert area that never got too much usage, it's only a roughly 2-� hour event. But yesterday because of the large crowd the line at the potties began to swell, about 30 midway through the concert and grew to 80 by the end of the concert. This amounted to a 10 to 15 minute wait, men stood in line patiently but some of the ladies really started bitching! Several were frustrated by the lines and went back to their groups of friends or family saying they'll hold it until later, while others mocked the long lines saying there's no way they'd ever try to use the bathroom there.
The Pavilion building, near where the musicians' stage was, is open during the concerts where food and drink is sold from it's commissaries and there are bathrooms in there. I went over to see if they were providing any relief for the long potty lines and they were, mostly people in that area by the band stage went there. But it was ridiculous, about 5 men in line at the men's room and about 40 ladies waiting to use the ladies' room!
I could see frustration on many of those ladies' faces and a few women making their way through the big crowds in the outer area by the potties came up there shortly after me and got angry when they saw the long line of women. Back out to the area by the potties a young mother walked up with her (about 8 year old) daughter, saw the long line and said, "No way!" and started up onto the lawn area on the front side of the Pavilion building where I used to see ladies go looking for a place to pee back in the sightings days here. She saw the lines inside the Pavilion building and tried to get in but the gates on that side are locked, one of the women in line told her she had to walk all the way around the building to the open gates on the other side to wait in this line. "Well this line isn't so long so OK!" she said and started around the building with her daughter. Many ladies were OK with using the potties as long as a lot of other people didn't use them too, they didn't want to go near them if a lot of people were using them as they were tonight. Back out to the potty line I saw a few women in line who had to pee again who had peed about an hour earlier. How can so many ladies have to pee again after less than 2 hours? I know this is real because on my Ladies room survey 11.8% of the ladies say they can hold it for 2 hours or less. Wow, this public bathroom thing is really a big issue for women! I discovered they do sell beer there to adults and several people brought in their own bottles and cans of beer - in plain view of cops who are there and it was OK. That probably had something to do with the long potty lines, I did see some of the ladies in line holding partially filled cups of beer. Normally a short event like this isn't a sightings producer, particularly during daylight. But with so many people coming now, and I expect crowds to get bigger through the summer, there might be some sightings to be found here once again.

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