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Dear Readers,
just 1 sighting over the weekend despite nice crowds, Saturday night when I got the sighting being the 2nd biggest crowd of the year so far. 8 sightings for June and 25 for the year, last year on this date 3 June sightings and 19 for the year.

A pretty tame report this week but I write today for a few reasons. First it is therapeutic for me now, my sightings work helping me keep my sanity among all this stupidity I'm going through - nothing is close to being resolved so I'm trudging on and not talking about any of it until there's actually something good to talk about. Second a Sunday situation prompted some interesting thoughts about sightings venues I will get to later, and last of all I've noticed none of the guys who used to write their own sightings stories are doing it anymore so I am the only one still standing. But my e-mail list size has remained pretty constant the last few years, in fact fewer have dropped off this year so most of you are still getting - and enjoying - my stories.
Weekend night temps were in the 60's, crowds are getting bigger and sexier as summer is just about upon us. It was frustrating seeing just a couple of desperate ladies who ended up leaving without peeing among the big crowds, June's nightly average during my late-hour lady counts is now slightly bigger than last years with 13 more ladies per night. Considering I have 2 more sightings now than June last year, the crowds should be bigger. My new parking place that has me entering and leaving the area from the busy north end got me my 2nd sighting this year, both leaving the area at night's end where I wouldn't have gotten these sightings because I was leaving in another part of the area and wouldn't have been here at that time - shows how intricate the dynamics of my sightings are, I know I've missed countless sightings over the years because I wasn't in the right spot at the right time. The lone story, followed by some thoughts about what makes a good sightings venue:

Sunday, 2:39 a.m.- Leaving the area to go home I walked through the now-deserted busy block. Walking up the street out of the area a pretty Latina lady wearing a denim miniskirt was standing on the sidewalk near Valentines' alley (remember that?) talking on her cell phone, when she abruptly ended the call and went into Valentines' alley. I watched as she turned into the parking alleyway between the corner and 2nd buildings, with everything closed she had to be going in there to pee! I went into the alley, looking into the alleyway several cars were still parked there and I had no idea where she went. But not seeing her meant she was probably peeing somewhere, I listened for splattering noise but didn't hear any. I started to walk through there to look beside the cars, suddenly she came out from a small corner of the building on the other side from where the cars were parked pulling her bunched-up miniskirt back down from her waist so she did pee. Another guy had come into the alley and saw her and went over to her, they exchanged a few words before she walked back out of the alley. I wanted to go over and see her puddle, but the damn guy walks over to where she peed and peed over her puddle!
I have not gotten a sighting at this end of Valentines' alley since April 2000, over 11 years ago - hard to believe it's been that long! 14 sightings in that alley that year, it's heyday before the heavy police presence on that block started the next summer - I've only gotten 8 sightings in the alley since 2004, all have been at the other end of the block which isn't as busy. Coincidentally the police presence in that area has lessened this year, no police cars at all there on the nights I got the 2 late sightings (see a pattern here?). Police have not yet started closing off the busy block to traffic during closing hour as they usualy do this time of year when crowds start growing, I've seen fewer cars on patrol during my nights there this year - likely due to city budget cuts.

Sunday sightings? I was at the annual summer concerts in the park near where I live, which have now grown into such a big event they're close to outgrowing the park. These are evening concerts that run from 6 to 8 p.m., last summer the potty lines started getting long during the last 45 minutes because the crowds were getting bigger. Now they're 50 people long in the first hour of the concerts, I'm starting to see frustrated women who don't want to wait in the long lines and turn and walk away - does this mean they might go pee somewhere in the park? Yesterday 2 ladies in line were dancing around and bending over at the waist, one of them complaining about how she was about to "pee my pants" (there were about 15 people in line ahead of her). I watched this one play out and of course she made it in time. 2 other ladies flat out said the line was too long and went inside the Pavilion building to it's bathroom, where the line was just as long from ladies who wouldn't use porta-potties. They then walked around the Pavilion building to the other side, nearing where I used to see an occasional lady pee in the early years when I rode my bike here. But families were spread out all over the area having picnics and barbecues, they wouldn't have any privacy anywhere there. The ladies made their way to the parking lot on that side, where now they have a potty station set up there that wasn't there last year: the crowds in the area are so big now people on this side couldn't make it through to the other side (where I usually am) and the potty station there.

This got me thinking, what makes a good sightings venue? I hadn't considered these concerts a good sightings venue, for mostly 2 reasons: the event is short (2 to 3 hours) and it's a family event during daylight where you see lots of kids and pets. That will make people more careful about their behavior, particularly since many of them live nearby and care about the park - and can probably hold it until they get home or somewhere nearby where they can use a bathroom. I think it might work as a sightings venue if the concerts were longer and people were there longer, but the top factor for a venue is how many people are there: the more people the more likely some of them will be bursting to pee at some point. I also think alcohol is a must too, if people can buy drinks that helps immensely (because it quickly fills bladders) and they can't get drinks in a city park. Even if these concerts continue to grow, with the other factors I just don't see it as being an environment that would produce any more than maybe an occasional sighting. My night sightings area is the opposite of this: adults only, drinking (more ladies who will need to pee), and even though I'm only there a couple of hours usually the factors of fewer available bathrooms because places are crowded or closed along with darkness making it easier to pee outside and not be seen, some ladies will not be able to resist doing it. In my sightings area there is no question the ladies just don't pee outside as much as they used to, another thing I was thinking about this weekend. Some always will, but not as many as there used to be. Why is it different now? Several likely reasons, some obvious and others not so obvious - a topic I will write about in a future report.

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