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Amazing Big Bladder!
Another sexy pee sighting, a slim lady

Dear Readers,
I finally got out for my 1st full weekend of sightings last weekend, and guess what? I get just 1 sighting, my 1 st for March and only my 3 rd of the year, my slowest start ever by this date. But I snap a shot of that lady, just like I did with January and February's only sightings, making this my 3 rd shot of the year and fastest picture start for a year. How strange is that? I wouldn't have thought I could get 3 shots so early in the year during the winter months, out of just 3 sightings! Love that 1-to-1 shot ratio for my sightings which I've never had this far into a year before, if I could somehow continue this great luck for my next 97 sightings! A puddle shot from the lady's sighting is included here, making this another web page report.

It's finally getting warmer here, night temps over the weekend in the 40's - but with the usual winter breeze in the air it felt colder. The sightings area crowds were typical small March crowds both nights, few people on the streets until closing time when lots of people spilled out of the bars. The crowds weren't as big as the January and February nights I was out, but at least there wasn't any snow on the ground so people could get around as usual. I did see some changes in the area, a once-busy spot that had been vacant for the last 4 years has reopened as a trendy nightclub, which should bring more foot traffic by the RTD station block. A corner stairway by a building leading down to a basement patio where people went down to pee, like desp158 in my website sample album, has been boarded up so that spot is gone and another parking lot has a sign up stating that it is going to be developed into a high-rise building - just what we don't need more of. But for now the lot remains open, I got 7 sightings and a shot there last year.

The lone sighting and shot came on Friday night with it's smaller crowd, but they hung around a little longer than Saturday night's crowd who was virtually gone by 2:30 a.m. - I suspect because of the jump ahead to daylight time and the loss of an hour. Winter crowds don't linger around much after closing time because it's cold, but Saturday night's crowd left even quicker than usual. On to the exciting picture story and puddle shot:

1:38 a.m. (3-10-07, desp 235) - With few people on the streets I saw 3 ladies walking from a trendy nightclub in the middle part of the area towards the RTD station block. They were holding each other's arms as they walked, the 2 ladies on the outside supporting the middle lady who was visibly drunk. I stopped by a corner and let them pass me, they were all early 20's and about 5' 6" and slim. Lady 1 had shoulder length black hair wearing a white denim skirt with red leggings, stiletto heels and a brown short jacket - the new trend now, ladies wanting to wear skirts on cold nights putting on leggings underneath them to keep warm as I saw several ladies dressed that way this weekend. Drunk lady 2 in the middle had brown hair up in a bun with black pants and a hip length black coat with a backpack on and lady 3 long blonde hair wearing jeans and a short black coat. I followed them since these were the types where somebody usually has to pee, they crossed the street and were walking by the big parking lot on that block (across the street from the RTD station), me walking by the RTD station. They stopped outside the parking lot as I watched from across the street, they stood there for a moment before lady 1 walked off ahead of the other 2. She went to the front doorway of the building next to that lot, running up to the corner next to the door and turning her back to the wall to face the street - was she going to pee? She reached her hands under the bottom sides of her skirt and started hiking it up, the other 2 ladies walked over to her. She quickly hiked up her skirt and squatted down, right there on the sidewalk with cars driving by! I started getting out the camera as the other 2 ladies were walking off, lady 1 shouted, "Hey you guys, come back and stand in front of me!" They did, facing her with their backs to me as I saw part of her squatted behind them. I had to wait for a lot of cars to pass before I could cross the street (about 20 seconds), when I crossed she was still peeing. I stepped on the sidewalk about 20 feet down from them with a mostly side view of the squatted lady in front of her friends, but she was looking at me and ready to pull up if I tried to come closer. I pointed the camera in her direction from there, she started pulling up so I snapped the shot. The flash fired and there was silence, I was prepared for an angry reaction as I crossed the street back to the RTD station. But I heard laughing, looking back the 3 were walking down the sidewalk. "Hey!", lady 1 said to me smiling as they walked off, she didn't mind. Too bad I couldn't get there earlier for a mid-stream shot!

ladies pee puddle on sidewalk desperate women pissing I went back over to see her piss puddle. She left a huge splatter spot, 4 streams running across the sidewalk from it with 2 of the 4 streams making it to the edge of the curb and running over into the gutter. I snapped this shot from the edge of the sidewalk back to the building doors where she squatted and peed, so her splatter spot doesn't look as big as it is. This was about a 40 second piss, another sexy sighting of a slim lady with an amazingly big bladder that holds as much pee as 2 (or 3) ladies. She never showed any signs of needing to pee this badly until running into the doorway, sometimes you never know a lady's bladder is about to burst until that last second!

The shot of her came out good considering the situation, me getting there late and her being partially blocked by the 2 ladies guarding her. She's standing (mostly side view) with her back to the (right) wall by the door, knees slightly bent as she's pulling up her red leggings under her skirt with part of her bare right hip exposed. I'd have to call these leggings pantyhose, since I can't see she's wearing any panties under them. She's standing in her puddle with the other ladies standing in the 4 streams running from it underneath their feet, the streams not deflected by their feet. They're standing in a side view to me facing their peeing friend, the blonde is looking at me. If lady 1 had still been squatted and peeing I would have gotten a clear shot of it, the little dark spots on the sidewalk around her splatter spot and streams by the door are wet footprints from her and her friends walking off with pee on the bottoms of their shoes from standing in it.

In years past I would have been shouted down by these ladies for snapping this shot as they would have been very angry and offended, but today's younger generation of ladies is different. They are much more comfortable about sexuality and like the attention and because of the Internet and today's high-tech devices are not freaked out by "sexy" pictures like this taken of them. I call it the "Britney Spears syndrome", sexy young ladies who find it akin to celebrity status to be caught doing something trashy in public - and what's more trashy than peeing in public? I bet Britney's done that too, during her meltdown period she was filmed in a club one night going to the bathroom some 4 times within 2 hours - nearly getting hysterical one time because she had to wait outside the door and almost peed on herself. I'm sure there have been nights out where she's disappeared behind a bush, building, or ducked into an alley for a moment.

So while I'm being less aggressive about getting shots and expecting to snap fewer of them, I will probably continue to have more shot opportunities drop into my lap this year from more of these 'Britney' ladies who don't worry so much about hiding themselves or being seen when they pee outside - I must admit I find that incredibly sexy! The subject of female peeing has become so common on the Internet now, thanks in large part to my work, that a lot of the shock value and mystery is gone from the sight of a lady peeing. It's a double-edged sword for me: interest in my pictures has dropped because a lot of people now get their own sightings of ladies peeing, but it's also developed a cult-like following where a lot more ladies think it's OK and are peeing in public. It's brought a real shift in the e-mails I get now compared to the early days of desperatewomen.com when I launched it in July '99 98% of my e-mails were from men eager to see my pictures of this rare sight of women peeing outside. Many didn't think it happened at all and were shocked by all my sightings stories and shots, some accusing me of making it all up and angry my pictures weren't free. I'd get 1 or 2 e-mails a year from ladies, who were either thoroughly disgusted by my work or ashamed that they liked it. Today things are much different, so far in 2007 65% of my e-mails have been from females. They all have stories to tell about peeing, either their own desperate and outdoor situations or those of other females. They are very open about their interest in this, 73% of them being in their teens and 20's. Most of the men have their own stories too and tell me about pee material they have or have seen at other places.

I think this year has the potential to be the most exciting sightings year ever, not just for me here but everybody everywhere. Why? Because today's 20-something ladies (the Britney generation) are more willing to pee in public because it's been de-sensitised by today's high-tech and Internet world. Peeing isn't the embarrassing topic that ladies never talk about or do in public anymore, it's seen as a natural and even sexy thing to do. This week's lady didn't mind me snapping her shot and the lady I snapped last month who peed in her pants didn't care that she was having her accident in front of people either. So when you're out and about, keep an eye out for these 20-something ladies. They've always been the ones doing the most public peeing, but I think they're going to top themselves this year. I've often wondered what the long-term implications of my sightings work would be, I never would have thought it would change attitudes about peeing and make more ladies feel OK about doing it in public!

Next weekend looks like it will be warmer, so I should be out both nights again.
My sightings year looks like it will finally get going!

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