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Bursting to pee! Pretty ladies needing a pee at night

Dear Readers,

1 sighting last weekend along with an attached shot, this one being of some scenery in my sightings area by the RTD building - more about it in a moment.

Good fortune continues to smile on me as I managed to get a sighting in the cold on the only February weekend I went out to keep my streak of consecutive months with a sighting alive, extending it now to 108 months - a full 9 years! This is just the 6th month during that span where I got just 1 sighting, but 2 of those 1-sighting months have come in the last year. This is my first sighting since New Years' Eve, gives me 6 for this year.

Attached picture: February is the month where a lot of changes happen in the sightings area as struggling nightspots hang on through New Years' Eve for a final night of big business before closing their doors in mid to late January. Walking by the RTD station I noticed a small change that is going to make a big difference in my sightings, the cutting down of the major bushes in the garden area that hid ladies who peed there. As I stood there looking at it I got out the digital camera and snapped some shots of it, realizing later there are so many pee spots near here this would be an interesting shot to send everybody.

The gold nubs in the dirt are broomstick bushes that have been completely cut down, they were almost 5 feet tall and fanned out wildly so you couldn't see ladies who squatted between them and the dark bushes behind them to pee. The back bushes have also been trimmed way down, it's never looked like this before in all my years working this area. Ladies who didn't want to leave a puddle on the sidewalk by the RTD building stepped up into this garden area and went behind the broomstick bushes, will all the pruning done here stop ladies from peeing there? I think it will make more ladies use the nearby sidewalk, those who do go in the garden area I will now have unobstructed shot opportunities! The shuttle bus stop is about 10 feet behind the tall pine tree (the white lights behind the tree), so ladies peeing by the pine tree would be visible from the shuttle bus stop on the other side. And that's not all that's here....

Remember the puddle shot I sent in October where 2 ladies peed behind the attendant's booth at the shuttle bus stop? The top of that booth is visible right below the dome with the gold light, which is right behind this garden area. About 20 feet left of the pine tree (out of the shot) are the steps where desp 212 peed (in my website sample album) and about 10 feet from her spot is the elevator post where desp 204 peed (also in my website sample album) and that's just on the south end of this building, there is the patio in the middle of the block where I snapped my New Years' Eve lady, the grassy area behind it where several ladies have peed, and the employee parking lot at the north end where I've also snapped a few shots. Now you can see a bit of this area that has been the ladies' top outdoor toilet of choice here the last 2 years! These kinds of spur-of-the-moment shots are definitely inspired by having a digital camera and add a bit more reality to my sightings work for you readers....makes it more fun, I hope!

On to this week's story , followed by more February observations in my sightings area and my March preview:

It was a clear and cold weekend, night temps in the upper 20's. Crowds were seasonally small but much bigger on Saturday night, always deceptive this time of year because most of the people aren't out on the streets until leaving at closing time because of the cold. Nothing special going on for Mardi Gras but some of the bars will have 'Fat Tuesday' celebrations Tuesday night. As is my usual pattern during winter months I stayed where the crowds were, the ladies were dry Friday but it got me my late Saturday night sighting:

Sunday, 1:57 a.m .- I was over by the 1-level parking garage near the warehouse dance club because the parking garage was full. While people were going to their cars in the parking garage and lot next to it I noticed several people walking down the alley to the next block. None of the ladies going into the garage were peeing so I decided to check the alley, walking past the garage to the alley entrance at the south end of the block since that was where people in the alley were going. As I walked by the alley I heard a lady's voice, looked in and saw a 20's lady standing in the alley facing the back doorway of the corner building. She was part of a group of 2 couples walking down the alley I saw a few minutes earlier, I saw the 2 guys peeing by a nearby dumpster and the lady was telling them not to come over where she was. Lady 2 must be peeing in that doorway, so I stopped on the sidewalk outside the alley where I could see that dark doorway. Lady 1 had her back to me and was looking in the direction of the 2 guys so she would have never seen me. I stared into the doorway, heard gentle splattering that was slowing before seeing a lady stand up from a squatted position (mostly front view to me) and pull up her panties and black pants. I moved out on the sidewalk out of her view as she would have seen me shortly, about 20 seconds later the 2 couples walked out of the alley stopping near me to wait for traffic to pass so they could cross the street. They were all Hispanic, I got a good look at lady 2 who just peed. She was cute, on the petite side with a medium curvy build, curly black hair up in a bun, wearing a halter top with black dress capri pants and high heels, carrying a light-colored purse. She had no jacket and had to be freezing with her back and shoulders exposed, the price to pay for dressing sexy - but it didn't stop her from peeing in an alley! I didn't bother looking for her puddle in the dark doorway, I had seen guys pee there before her so she had peed over their puddles.

How nice it is to see the sexy ladies again! I realize they are my favorite thing about my sightings area, there's such a disproportionate number of pretty ladies there and it's so sexy to know some of the pretty ladies are walking around bursting to pee and when they break down and do it somewhere outside, boy does it stick with you!

More early-year observations : A convenience store on a corner across the street (diagonally) from the big Irish bar tonight's lady peed behind has closed after about 3 years, good news for me because it cost me sightings as a lot of desperate ladies coming from the busy area and the big closing-time crowds at the Irish bar have gone in there for emergency bathroom visits because it was open late. It's loss will increase ladies' peeing in nearby areas: parking lots across the street from it, the alley behind it and a small parking lot at the next corner. Again, information I file away for use later in the year as this will produce some sightings!

March preview : The month has 100 sightings and 9 shots in its previous 13 years, averages of 7.7 sightings and less than 1 shot which rank it 9th in sightings and 8th in pictures. Bests for the month are 17 sightings and 3 shots, worsts are 2 sightings and no shots, last year I had 3 sightings and no shots. This month is slow, some signs of spring but mostly still winter, but it's 100 sightings make it a lot more active than February which has just 37 total including this weekend's sighting. Weather will determine the month's possibilities, the better it is the more sightings, although the nights are still pretty cold. Looks like it's going to start out OK next weekend.

Finally, I got 2 stunning revelations from a ladies last week who sent in ladiesroom surveys. They write:

31 year old lady: "I have peed in a movie theatre in the middle of the movie, just sitting there. I was full and then startled and a bit seeped out, so I decided the seats are plastic why not, and let it all go down the floor all the way to the front."

And this stunner, from a 57 year old lady: "I would like to (pee outside), but haven't...it excites me. I wish I were more adventurous, as I love the feeling of peeing myself. I also like to wear adult diapers when I'm alone sometimes. The feeling excites me sexually to have wet panties. I thought as a young girl that orgasms happened when you had to pee so bad, you tried to hold it. I'd clutch myself and have an orgasm, but didn't realize that's what it was at that age."

I wonder how many other ladies have done this!

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