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She ran into the parking lot ....
she was bursting to piss!

Dear Readers,
I finally get out for March sightings last Saturday night and was rewarded with 3. That's the same as I got in March last year, 13 sightings for the year now as I'm getting back to a semi-normal flow of sightings. I had just 3 sightings on this date last year, didn't get my 13th sighting until May 17 - so I'm 2 months ahead of last year's pace. Finishing last year with a record-low 89 sightings means if I am 11 or more sightings ahead of last year's pace during this year I'm on track to get 100 again, right now I'm at plus-10 so I'm just about there.
What's interesting here is that I'm doing it going out on fewer nights so far, even though it's still the cold winter months more ladies are pissing. I'm expecting to see things slow down in the sightings area because of the bad economy, not only has that not happened but so far, things are even better as this Saturday night crowd was bigger than the usual March crowds. Analysts say people will still find ways to have fun and party, which they are definitely still doing.
A trip through the sightings area revealed that none of the bars and clubs have closed. In fact, several previously vacant spaces now have small bar/restaurants there - but the 1 or 2 that were open late night had so few people there they aren't yet a contributor to my sightings activity. It didn't appear to be a big crowd when I got there as few people were walking the streets, usual for this time of year because it's still kinda cold (temps around 40) but parking lots were mostly full and they all spilled out into the streets from the bars during closing time, producing my 3 late sightings.
None were very sexy, it's still not warm enough to see the sexy sightings ......

Stories: 2:09 a.m .- .....this one almost came close though. At the south end of the RTD block a 20's couple emerged from the crowd coming out of the bars across the street. She caught my attention, a pretty lady with thick black below-shoulder length hair wearing a black/white print short dress and high heeled sandals with a short black coat carrying a short-strapped purse, with her boyfriend hanging all over her. They stopped directly across the street from me to flag down a cab, after a few minutes I was about to walk off to the busy area. But suddenly she turned away from her boyfriend and turned and ran into the parking lot behind them, running fast in those heels - what was up? I knew immediately when I saw her running back to the alley behind the parking lot, she was desperate to pee . I tried to cross the street but dozens of cars were passing by and I had to wait several minutes for traffic to clear, I watched her turn into the alley and disappear behind the 1st building as the boyfriend was now chasing her but several steps behind. I finally crossed the street and entered the lot, ran through it to get to the alley before she finished. I was just a few steps from the alley when I saw the boyfriend standing by a dumpster in the alley, she walked out in front of him and they turned into the parking lot headed back out to the sidewalk to resume trying to get a cab. I'd guess she took a 10 to 15 second piss, if she pissed - I didn't see exactly where she came from or I would have looked for her puddle. As I watched them walking back through the parking lot I reminded myself: why would she go back there if it wasn't to piss? When they got back out to the sidewalk and were waiting for a cab, she confirmed my hunch: while standing there she reached down with both hands and started tugging at her panties through her dress, pulling and adjusting them back into place. She stopped, then after a few seconds did this a 2nd time and later a 3rd time. Yeah she went back there and pissed, so I'm counting her as a sighting. I'd have known for sure if I could have gotten over to the alley quicker and seen exactly where she went.

2:29 a.m .- Leaving for my car to go home I saw a group of people on the now mostly-deserted streets outside a big closed corner bar talking, a lady and guy in the group still drinking beer. The ladies were young college-girl types, wearing jeans and hooded pullover sweaters and I had a feeling they would piss, so I decided to wait the group out. I walked by across the street, walking past the alley and stopping by a parking lot there. The group was back at the corner of the block, suddenly a guy breaks from the group and runs down the sidewalk and turns in to the alley. A 2nd guy from the group goes after him, also turning into the alley but making his intentions clear as he was unzipping the front of his pants. The rest of the group started walking towards the alley, another guy and 3 ladies. I walked up to where I could see down that alley from across the street, the 2 guys were standing by a dumpster by the back of the 2nd building pissing. The rest of the group looked into the alley at them, then 2 of the ladies went in walking over there. Both were early 20's wearing jeans and pullover hooded sweat tops, average height with one blonde and lady 2 black hair in a short ponytail. They both went around the far side of the dumpster unsnapping the front of their jeans, squatting down and disappearing below the top of the dumpster. The guys finished and walked out of the alley, it was about 15 seconds before the blonde stood up from beside the dumpster and stepped out into the middle of the alley snapping up the front of her jeans, turning to watch her friend finishing. Lady 2 stood up about 5 seconds later and came out zipping up the front of her jeans, the 2 walked over to the rest of the group standing just outside the alley. They tried to flag down a cab from there, I left without going in the alley to see puddles.

Piss percentages: The late hour lady count was 500, bigger than my average crowd size all last year (463). Only 5 nights late last year and New Years' Eve this year were bigger (I'm using the last 6 months of last year to compare since I haven't been counting for a full year yet). The 3 ladies who pissed were 6/10 of 1 percent of the 500. That's about the percentage of this year's 13 sightings overall of the crowds (.58 tenths of 1%).

Cop watch: Another almost-incident Saturday night that I decided to include today. While walking on the RTD block a police car drives by (driving towards me as it was going in the opposite direction). The cop slows down and shines his light into my face as he's driving past me, I stopped and stared at the cop with an angry look like, "What the hell do you want?" Upon seeing my angry gaze he shuts off the light and speeds away. Being out on the streets in my sightings area for so many years I've always seen lots of cops. In the last year they seem to be looking for a reason to mess with me, after a run-in with cops I had last fall (at another event and not my sightings work) I quickly had them on the defensive listening to me as I scolded them for bothering me. I'm convinced in addition to not being very smart they are also psycho, I think they are trying to 'profile' me (I know how cops think) which is only going to end with me suing the police department. It appears I have a reputation with them, as soon as they discover who I am they back off - yes, they know who I am and that I have zero tolerance for sloppy police work. I mention this because most people react to police approaching them with apprehension and feel scared and intimidated, you'd be amazed how easily you can put cops on the defensive and have them explaining themselves to YOU! Should you ever find yourself hassled by cops, who are always insulting and condescending to people they stop, convey a "why in the hell are you bothering me" attitude and watch their demeanour change! They want you to be scared and intimidated and bait you into doing something they can arrest you for, the way I quickly turn them around tells me that they know what they are trying to do is wrong.

Next weekend will be the first weekend of the spring. It's forecast to be warmer, warm enough to be the first 2-night weekend of sightings work for the year if I want to go out both nights. Things should get better from here, I've been encouraged by the early year sightings and the ladies' behavior is telling me to go out more!

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