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Ladies golden stream of pee making a dark piss puddle in an alleyway

Dear Readers,
after 2 rainy weekends I finally get my first 3 May sightings last weekend. It's been frustrating here, we've had 7 straight weekends of rain - counting this weekend, when it rained Friday night but I went out anyway because it was just supposed to be 'sprinkles'. But it turned into heavy rain that had me leaving earlier than usual because I was getting soaked and guess what? I get my first May sighting, a lady peeing in the rain!
My sightings area continues to amaze me, that wasn't even the weekend's highlight. I got another stunning sighting and puddle shot, which is why this is a web page report this week.

This was my first 2-night weekend of work in over a month because of the weather and May's sightings are down because of that. 3 for the month at the halfway point and 29 for the year, I had 16 sightings on this date last year so my +13 still has me on track for 100 sightings. Didn't get my 29 th sighting last year until June 8.

In addition to this week's stories and puddle shot I have a HUGE sightings-related announcement, which will follow the stories.

Friday night's crowd was the 2 nd smallest of the year, not surprising considering the cloudy and rainy weather (night temps in the upper 40's). Saturday night was much better, clear (temps mid 50's) and a sexy crowd that should have produced more than the 2 sightings it did. But it wasn't that much bigger than the Friday night crowd and smaller than all the April crowds, maybe the slowing economy is finally beginning to show up in my sightings area. All the sightings were good this week, culminating with the final sighting and puddle shot.

Saturday, 2:15 a.m.- The light drizzle that started shortly after 1 a.m. had now turned to heavy rain, I was on my way out of the area a little earlier than usual. As I walked past a parking garage I heard voices in the alley behind it. "Do you have any Kleenex?" a lady's voice said. Somebody had to pee! I looked into the alley as I walked past it, 2 cars were parked one behind the other along the back of the parking garage wall about 1/3 of the way down the alley from my end. A mid 20's black couple was in a lighted driveway area across the alley from the cars, shielded from the falling rain. A petite 20's white lady wearing a light colored short dress and high heeled sandals rushed out of there with the couple to the front car, pulling open the passenger door in the rain (that side of the car facing the middle of the alley) and quickly got in and slammed the door shut. It was her voice I heard, did she pee over in the lighted driveway area with the couple? I didn't see any puddle there, so I waited her out - pretty unpleasant standing outside the alley getting even more soaked by the rain! Fortunately it didn't take long, in less than 5 minutes the car door opened and the petite lady got out. She slammed the door shut and stood there looking around, shaking her hands tensely - she looked like she had to pee! She ran around the front of the car to the driver's side by the parking garage wall, pulling up the back of her dress and squatted down turning to a side view to me outside the alley. She looked over and saw me immediately, stared at me while she peed in the rain - about a 10 second piss. She stood up and pulled her dress back down, walking out much more relaxed and now not seeming to care that I watched her pee. I left at this point since the group still stayed there, but there was no puddle to see anyway as the ground where she peed was already wet from the rain.

Sunday, 1:05 a.m.- Heading into the south end of the area that now has bigger crowds than the north ('busy') part of the area, I was following a group of 2 ladies and a guy. The ladies were getting on my nerves, one in particular who kept talking loud and was just generally annoying. While telling another of her stupid stories to the others she suddenly blurted out, "...and we - oh god, I have to use the bathroom SO bad!..."

Suddenly I wasn't so annoyed with her! She covered her mouth as though she shouldn't have said that, turned around and looked to see if anyone behind her heard that and started laughing in embarrassment when she saw me. The group was early 20's, this lady fairly tall (about 5' 8") with below shoulder black hair and average build wearing black jeans, she looked part white and part Asian with some Asian features on her face. I stopped and let them walk off ahead of me, they crossed the street headed toward the south-western part of the area I stopped covering because a big dance club there closed a couple of years ago. The group turned into an alley, would anyone else pee with her? She went up to a closed garage door behind the 2 nd building in the alley unsnapping the front of her pants, the other 2 in the middle of the alley. She turned around and pushed down her pants and squatted by the garage door, I could see part of her from outside the alley. In her typical annoying fashion she started talking to the others while she peed, they seemed annoyed and started walking off to wait for her as they didn't want to talk to her while she was peeing. "Wait you guys, don't leave me!" she whined. They stood about 15 feet away with their backs to her, she looked in my direction and saw me outside the alley. I moved out of her view, waited about 10 seconds and looked in the alley again. She had finished and the 3 were now walking to the other end of the alley, I could hear her annoying voice as she was talking loudly non-stop again. I went in the alley and found her small puddle by the garage door, a thin stream running from it that didn't make it to the middle of the alley.

A lesson reminder from this sighting: It always pays to be near the ladies instead of watching spots where you think they might go to pee. I actually was going to go to another parking lot area a block from there when I decided to follow the crowds because of all the ladies and one expresses that she's desperate and leads me to a spot where she peed that I would never have had any reason to watch. If you pay attention to the ladies and not so much spots, you'll get sightings.

1:54 a.m.- Wow! Walking by the RTD building on the back block, 2 ladies and a guy were walking towards me coming from the next block. The ladies looked sexy from a distance, as they got closer I could see a man in a suit in the middle of the 2 model-types, a pretty blonde wearing a green sexy short dress and white high heels and a taller black haired lady wearing a black sleeveless short dress and brown high heeled sandals ('tube dress', I call it: shapeless in the waist area with elastic around the hem at bottom, like an upside-down sock with holes cut in the toes for the lady's head and arms). She was holding hands with the man, as we passed he said their car was in the parking lot across the street. As they crossed the street the lady in black ran into the mostly-empty lot, their SUV was parked in a space right by the building and sidewalk. She scampered around the front of the SUV to the passenger side out of my view, the man walked over casually and opened his driver's door while the blonde walked around the back of the SUV to join her friend (it was a 4-door SUV). I could see the ladies' shoes under the bottom of the SUV, the front passenger door opened as the lady in black's feet were pointed towards the SUV. But she didn't get in, I never saw her upper body in the door window. The blonde's white high heels by the back door didn't move either, the back of them were facing the SUV so she wasn't even trying to get in...was somebody peeing?

The lady in black's feet suddenly spread to a little wider than shoulder width and turned slightly sideways facing the blonde. Her head still wasn't visible in the window, she was standing bent-over over there. The man was standing there inside his open door but wouldn't get in, the ladies had to be peeing! No way I could cross the street and go over there without all 3 seeing me, so I watched from across the street. I stared at the spread feet of the lady in black and after about 5 seconds I could see the pavement between them getting dark. Then I could see the light reflecting a golden stream splattering down between her feet, the dark puddle growing rapidly, this went on for about 10 seconds before the stream stopped. The feet stood there for a few seconds before moving, one stepping up off the ground and now I saw the lady getting in the front seat of the SUV! The blonde's feet moved by the back door, pulling it open and she got in the back seat - no puddle by where her feet had been.

ladies piss puddle in car park The SUV quickly backed out of the space and drove out of the lot, I crossed the street and went into the lot to find this! The lady in black had wiped herself with not 1, but 2 Kleenex - talk about a lady having a 'survival kit' and being prepared to pee outside! Her feet straddled each side of the puddle on the Kleenex side of the yellow parking space line (by the splatter spots around her puddle where she was standing, facing the lower right corner of this shot). Sightings like this from nicely-dressed ladies like her take my breath away, even though I didn't get to see her pee I saw her stream hitting the ground between her spread feet making this puddle. This is another of those ladies you'd never think would be peeing outside like this, but she clearly knew what she was doing and has done this before - may even prefer peeing outside to using womens' bathrooms in crowded nightspots. More trashy peeing from a sexy lady...love it!
And it leaves that intriguing question for you readers: Is it nasty or sexy when a lady wipes herself after peeing and leaves the crumpled up pee-stained Kleenex (in this case 2 of them) in her puddle on the ground?

Now, my BIG announcement:
During the last 2 weeks of no sightings I was thinking about the many ladies I've seen, and started thinking about how many different techniques I've seen them use to pee outside. So I looked at all my shots and counted how many different outdoor techniques the ladies in the shots used, counting 7 - many shots showing different versions of the same technique. I thought it would be fun - and certainly unique - to write a special report about this, being uniquely qualified to do so. I did, finishing and adding a "female outdoor peeing techniques" page to desperatewomen.com last Thursday. I wrote paragraphs identifying and describing the 7 different peeing techniques ladies in my shots used and I included a shot of a lady doing each technique with the paragraphs - cropped, so they aren't too explicit. This page is so absurd it's fascinating, you won't believe what you're reading! Nothing like this has been done anywhere else, my site will probably get more links from medical sites now. There's a paragraph introducing the new page on the home page of desperatewomen.com the direct link is https://www.desperatewomen.com/techniques.html (this week's 3 ladies used the top 2 peeing techniques). My web skills have advanced to the point I made this entire page on a text file without using my website creation software, trying some new things with html code and using different fonts for a different look - like in this report. Check it out and let me know what you think of this new page!

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