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Desperate Ladies Pee Outside!
Her pee stream ran down the pavement to the bottom.

Dear Readers,
my first March pee sighting last weekend and a piss puddle picture of it here, making this a web page report this week. 3 sightings for the year just like last year on this date, but I snapped a picture of that one too last year for my 3rd picture in 3 sightings - a record fast picture start in what turned out to be the only year I didn't get 100 sightings! No pictures yet this year, which might be a blessing in getting to 100 sightings this year. Pictures are a big focus this week, I have a special report later about my 'pee stream pictures' inspired by last week's picture of the lady where her pee stream didn't come out in the picture despite me seeing it when I snapped her: the differences in my 35mm pictures compared to my digital camera pictures, is one better than the other in bringing out that kind of detail?

I had a brief Friday night outing as night temps were in the mid 40's, Saturday night was colder (mid 30's) and I decided not to go out. Crowds were typically small for this time of year but very energetic, although it didn't translate into desperate ladies peeing. The trendy dance club across the street from the warehouse dance club that closed after New Years' Eve reopened Friday under a new name, much sooner than I expected. Limos were there for a VIP opening night party, a good crowd but it wasn't packed. The club's literature says it will be one of the higher-end club experiences in the USA, patterned after the big-time clubs in New York and L.A.. We'll see, my wish for this club is that it draws lots of well-dressed ladies who pee outside every weekend!
The bladder energy was so low I decided to leave earlier than usual. But as fate would have it, that's when I encountered the only ladies I saw during the night who seemed desperate which delayed my departure to watch their situations play out. None of those ladies peed, but while watching the last one, 2 ladies walking by across the street pass by a parking garage next to the corner bank building and one of them runs to the garage entrance and pees for my 1st March sighting! Her story and piss puddle picture follow, then my pee stream-picture report:

puddlestream on sidewalk Saturday, 2:37 a.m.- after trying to leave earlier but delayed twice after seeing drunk ladies who acted like they might pee, I finally started on my way back to my car. 2 ladies were walking across the street, had passed the corner bank building and were about to pass the parking garage next to it. Lady 1 turned up by the building walking over to the sloped sidewalk entrance to the parking garage, I knew she didn't have a car in the garage when lady 2 waited for her out on the sidewalk. Both ladies were mid-20's, lady 1 average height and slim with blonde hair wearing tight jeans and high heels. She went partially up the sidewalk towards the garage and stopped, turning around with her back to the garage unbuckling the belt of her jeans before squatting down to pee below the top of the wall where I couldn't see her from across the street. I waited her out from there, it was nearly 2 minutes before she stood up and pulled up her jeans and came walking out. "I feel SO much better now!" she said as she got back to lady 2 and they walked off. I crossed the street and went over to the sidewalk to this ramp where she squatted, finding her piss puddle and snapping this picture by the end of the sidewalk where her pee stream ran down the incline sidewalk to the bottom and pooled up - her splatter spot where she squatted to piss is at the top center of the picture.

Stream-ology: After my mention about last week's picture where the peeing lady's stream didn't come out in the picture, I decided to look at all my pictures to see 3 things: 1) how many pictures had no possibility of showing a stream (snapped too early or after the lady finished, a location or shooting angle that didn't show that part of her, too far away, etc,); 2) how many I saw pee streams when the lady peed but they didn't come out in the pictures and 3) how many pictures showed their flowing pee streams. I then divided this up by how many of the pictures in each category were from my 35mm camera and how many from my digital camera to determine if digital is better at capturing visible pee streams in these pictures. A full view of a lady peeing a visible pee stream is the ideal picture and for that to be possible I must be able to get an angle of her where all of her is visible - not possible because almost half the time ladies pee in spots where you can't see all of them. With all of that taken into consideration, my results:
Overall, I have snapped 218 'P' pictures showing enough of a lady and what she was clearly doing to be included here (198 35mm pictures, 20 digital pictures). 18 other pictures snapped in my early years (before I got good at this) that are so badly mis-framed or poorly exposed that they aren't even good enough to be bad pictures, are not included in these totals for my overall total of 236 pictures.
35mm summary: 198 pictures (August '92 to Oct 2004)
- Pictures I did not have an angle where I could have gotten a pee stream in the picture, snapped the picture before or after the ladies peed or was too far away: 81 (40.9%)

- Pictures where a visible pee stream came out in the picture: 68 (34.3%)

- Pictures where I saw the pee stream when the lady was peeing but it didn't come out in the picture: 49 (24.8%)
Digital camera summary: 20 pictures (Oct 2004 to present):
- Pictures I did not have an angle where I could have gotten a pee stream in the picture, snapped the picture before or after the ladies peed or was too far away: 10 (50%)

- Pictures where a visible pee stream came out in the picture: 6 (30%)

- Pictures where I saw the pee stream when the lady was peeing but it didn't come out in the picture: 4 (20%)

What the results mean: First, I need to snap a lot more digital pictures in the same variety of settings I snapped all my 35mm pictures in to have a valid measure of the results. Throw out the first category (pictures where no pee stream was possible), the last 2 categories are the relevant ones. The percentage of visible-stream pictures is slightly higher with the 35mm camera (34% to 30%) and the percentage of pictures where I saw pee streams but they didn't come out in the pictures is a little lower (better) with the digital camera (20% to 25%). Again these percentages could be deceptive and I need to snap more pictures to verify it and better shooting techniques developed over the years could also be a factor. But I suspect as I snap more digital pictures they will prove to be better at bringing out details like pee streams and produce a higher percentage of them in my pictures, because I have noticed some shooting situations where the digital camera has produced 100% better results than 35mm: dark scenes, especially wet black areas (ground) that 35mm produced only a dark black blob with nothing in it visible. The digital camera nailed a picture of 2 ladies in short dresses who peed together in the rain on dark wet ground (desp 230 in album 13), bringing out clear and detailed views of both ladies' flowing pee streams. In the mid '90's I snapped a similar kind of picture, a lady in a short dress peeing on dark black wet ground in an alley after it rained with my 35mm camera. She came out good but the wet ground around her squatted lower legs was a dark black blob, no detail of anything or hint of the loud splattering pee stream she was peeing, with me having a perfect front angle between her spread thighs (desp 91 in album 2, she was pointing at me laughing).
Probably 3 of the 6 pee stream pictures I've gotten with the digital camera wouldn't have come out in 35mm pictures, digital imaging technology is able to accurately display differences in shades of black which brings out sharper detail and helps out greatly in my night shooting - in those 3 pictures bringing out the lighter visible pee streams in totally black backgrounds around the squatted ladies. Bright white colors do appear to be digicams' weakness, confusing the exposure meters and producing strange-looking pictures - like my New Years' Eve picture last year of the lady who peed by the RTD building that was severely darkened by the bright white snow bank next to me that fooled the camera's exposure meter when the flash fired and took all the light. But 35mm doesn't do much better with bright white either, camera exposure meters are made to produce the best results when there are contrasting colors in the scenes you shoot - which fortunately most scenes have.
So, there is your primer on digital photography. Amazing how much I've learned about other stuff, extending from my interest in sightings of women pissing and pee sightings photography. Now back to the home base that made all this possible, watching ladies pee!

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