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Desperate ladies peeing all over the night time pee sightings area.

Dear Readers,
Finally a dream July weekend where I see desperate ladies peeing all over the pee sightings area, 10 sightings!
I haven't had this big a weekend of sightings since New Years' Eve 2005 when I got 14 sightings, that actually wasn't a weekend but 1 night. I did get 10 sightings on a July weekend before but it was 3 nights, July 2, 3, and 4th (Sunday night) back in '93 in my first year of sightings. My biggest sightings weekend was 11 sightings in the 2nd weekend of August back in '93, 33 sightings that month: only the 37 sightings I got in July the month before was better and is still my most ever for a month.
My perseverance finally pays off, I know ladies are always going to pee and weekends like this still can happen at any time - particularly during the summer months! 12 sightings for July now, topping the 11 I got in July last year. With all the sightings happening before the 10th of the month it looks like I'm in for a big month, a throwback to my prosperous early years that spoiled me. 44 sightings for the year, just 25 on this date last year so this is turning into a more normal sightings year!
Looks like the ladies haven't changed as much as I thought in their peeing behavior, this weekend showed today's ladies can be just as out-of-control as in year's past! I could be back to my customary 100+ sightings this year if this continues, only once in the last 4 years have I reached 100+ sightings after doing it every year for the first 14 years of my sightings.

Many of the sightings were sexy, July continues it's tradition of having the sexiest sightings of the year. I had a few shot opportunities that I passed on (my mind remains on other things), I'll take a slam-dunk shot (a lady peeing alone with nobody around) but the ones this weekend had enough people nearby that I didn't risk it: ladies aren't as secretive about peeing outside which actually works against snapping shots of them.
Night temps were in the mid-60's both nights, crowd size was bigger than most weekends but not as big as the biggest 3 weekends this year. But July's crowds have typically been distinguished by more ladies among the crowds peeing, which happened this weekend. 4 sightings Friday night and 6 Saturday night. 4 of the sightings came in the busy area that cops are no longer blanketing every weekend, with them gone ladies have started peeing again.
On to the many stories, nice to have a long report to write again!

Saturday, 1:50 a.m.- With no cops I walked freely through Valentines' alley but nothing was happening. As crowds were spilling out of the bars I tried the alley on the other side of the busy block, another area the cops used to watch heavily. A 20's couple was waiting outside the alley, a petite blonde in jeans came out of the alley and rejoined them, I thought she had just peed. But she ran back into the alley just before I walked through and quickly disappeared, I thought she might have gone into a back entrance to one of the bars. When I was almost halfway through the alley she stood up from behind one of the dumpsters behind a building, quickly pulling up her jeans and darting out past me and running back to her waiting friends. Too dark there to see her puddle.
1:51 a.m.- Getting near the other end of the alley 2 ladies and a guy entered from that far end, one of the ladies quickly running up into a back doorway behind the corner building, the former warehouse dance club, as the other 2 stood guard in front of the dumpster by there. I stopped a couple of buildings down because the couple saw me and waited there, about 30 seconds later the desperate lady emerged from the back doorway snapping up the front of her jeans. She was tall and fat, long black hair and tight jeans. The doorway was wet from others peeing there before her.
1:53 a.m.- I went across the street to the former big active parking lot, a place I can walk through now with no cops there. A 20's couple turned into the alley across the street where the first 2 ladies peed, the lady going up between dumpsters next to the doorway where the last lady just peed. The boyfriend stood guard in front of the dumpster, the lady standing up and coming out about 25 seconds later. She was above average height with medium build, shoulder length blonde hair wearing a purple short dress and black leggings.
2:02 a.m.- another 20's couple went into that alley. In an unusual series of events the guy went between the same dumpsters to pee while the lady stood guard, which usually means the lady doesn't have to pee. But after he finished and came out she went back there and squatted with him standing guard. She came out after about 25 seconds, long blonde hair and wide curvy hips wearing tight jeans.

Sunday, 1:55 a.m.- Watching this same alley the next night 2 ladies and a guy turned in from the crowds leaving the busy block. The guy headed straight for the back of a building across the alley from the dumpsters where everybody peed the night before, one of the ladies heading for those dumpsters. She was a slim blonde wearing a white topless sheer ruffle short dress, she looked at the dumpster for a moment and didn't want to pee there. She stood with the other lady waiting for the guy, then suddenly she grabbed her crotch and ran into the back doorway where the fat lady peed last night. I could have gone over and probably gotten this shot, but with the other lady standing right by there and the guy nearby about to finish and re-appear any second I didn’t - and he did re-appear after about 10 seconds, waiting with lady 2 and the thin lady came out after about 15 seconds. As they walked out of the alley past me the lady who just peed reached under the front of her dress and wiped her right thigh just below her panties, I guess she splashed her thigh when she peed. Again the doorway was wet from people peeing there before her.
2:02 a.m.- Walking back over to the RTD block area I followed 2 ladies who went into the alley on the block before there. They walked all the way through and when reaching the dumpsters at the other end behind the corner bank building - where I've watched so many ladies pee from across the street on the RTD block - one of the ladies went up beside the 2nd dumpster and pushed down her jeans and squatted. I could see her from my end as I walked down the alley towards them, lady 2 was standing guard in front of her in the alley but left her unguarded from where I was. After about a 20 second piss she stood up and took her time pulling up her jeans, by now I was behind the parking garage not far from them. Lady 2, taller wearing a denim miniskirt, then grabbed the bottom sides and started to hike it up and squat before looking over and seeing me and stopping. The 2 then walked out of the alley and across the street to the RTD block, where they discovered the terminal building still open and lady 2 went in to use the bathroom. Had they not seen me she would have peed in the alley, I cost myself an 11th sighting here!
2:14 a.m.- At the south end of the RTD block watching that corner parking lot across the street I wasn't expecting much since the food cart vendor normally outside that lot took the weekend off so there weren't the usual crowds there. 2 Latina ladies were in the parking lot by cars in a space near the sidewalk talking, one of them left the other and went about 3 cars down before turning up between cars. I knew she was going to pee and crossed the street and went into the lot, she was average height with long black curly hair wearing a black/white horizontally striped knit short dress and heels. As I walked outside the lot looking over where she went I could hear splattering, saw her squatted in a mostly side view to me by the front tire of one of the cars. She looked over and saw me just as the other lady got there to stand guard and block my view, but the piss was over in just about 10 seconds so I couldn't have thought about a shot anyway. The 2 ladies walked out and I could see her average-sized puddle by the front tire.
2:16 a.m.- Just beyond them I saw a lady standing in the lot texting somebody on her cell phone. Was she waiting for somebody who was peeing? I looked back at the cars parked in that row by the building at the other end of the lot, saw a lady squatted between cars with her back to the building! She was just finishing as she stood up and pulled up her panties under her short dress, came out and was walking over to the texting lady. I looked further down the row towards the alley, saw a 2nd lady between cars near the alley who was also finishing and pulling up her panties under a blue short dress! She ran out to the other 2 ladies and the 3 left the lot, 2 of them just peed. All were early 20's, innocent-looking college types. They tried to flag down a cab for a few minutes before walking off.
2:25 a.m.- a black lady in her 20's entered the lot, walking back towards the alley. She was above average height and slim wearing a black sleeveless short dress with a silver glittery stripe across the bottom just above the hem. She went up between the 2 cars where the last lady just peed in the row by the building near the alley, turning her back to the wall (front view to me outside the lot) and pushing down her panties and squatting. I watched her for about 10 seconds before her boyfriend came over and stood guard in the gap, she peed about 20 seconds before standing up and the 2 walked out of the lot.
I hope for more of the same next weekend!

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