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One of the ladies was running - a woman desperate to pee!

Dear Readers,
The good times continue as I get 6 more pee sightings over the weekend to give me 18 for July and a nice total of 50 for the year - on pace once again for a 100-sightings year. Things suddenly seem normal again! This restores my faith in the dynamics of human nature, which was that women in my sightings area were going to go back to peeing in large numbers again at some point.
28 sightings on this date last year, I've almost doubled that this year. I last had this many sightings by now in 2009, 57 on this date and I finished that year with 104 - the last year I got 100 sightings.
My 19 year average is 51 sightings to start July so this year is getting closer to normal, my average by the end of July is 71.

The recent explosion in my pee sightings can be attributed to my working the busy area again this month, courtesy of cops not hanging out there anymore. The area has produced 10 of my 18 July sightings, including my first in Valentines' alley this weekend since I got a sighting there on New Years' Eve in 2004.
Night temps in the 70's both nights, producing the 2 biggest crowds of the year: Saturday night the biggest, Friday night about 200 ladies smaller than that but nearly 100 more than the 3rd biggest night. 4 sightings on the smaller Friday night and 2 Saturday, stories followed by an amazing good pee-fetish story for me for a change:

Saturday, 12:48 a.m.- In the busy area a 20's couple left the group of people standing outside the bars and went into Valentines' alley. I was across the street, watched them walk about halfway down the alley before turning up by dumpsters. I crossed the street and went into the alley, saw the lady's head go down below the top of the dumpster as the guy looked down at her for a moment then turned his back to her: yep, she was peeing! He looked over and saw me immediately, I continued walking down the alley about to pass them. "Someone's coming!" he said to her staring at me as I got closer. I heard her loud splattering, finally walking past the dumpster saw her squatted in a front view to the alley (and me), I had a partial view of her as he stood right in front of her. I couldn't look as he was staring at me as I walked by, we said nothing as I saw her stream running past him towards the middle of the alley and I heard her loud pee splattering, it sounded like she was going to be peeing for awhile. I walked to the other end of the alley where I had a clear view of her, it was about another 25 seconds before she stood up (about a 50 second piss) and the 2 walked back out of the busy end of the alley. She was about 5' 6" and slim, below shoulder black hair wearing a tan sheer flared short dress and sandals_ a cute one! I went over and saw her big splatter spot by the dumpster, 1 thick pee stream running to the middle of the alley and pooling up.
1:55 a.m.- I was again in the same part of the busy area as last week, watching the alley behind the warehouse dance club. A guy and 2 ladies among the crowds spilling out of the bars turned into the alley, one of the ladies running - she was desperate to pee! She was average height and skinny with short blonde hair wearing tight jeans and a button-down white blouse, lady 2 was petite with black curly below shoulder hair wearing torn blue-jean shorts. The group went about 2/3 of the way down the alley before turning up by a dumpster, I entered and started walking down the alley. As both ladies squatted down below the top of the dumpster the guy looked over and saw me, I stopped for a moment. He then turned to pee himself, I started walking down the alley towards them. As I got close he looked over at me, saying, "We have permission to pee here. There's 2 ladies pissin' too, don't look at them!" I could hear the ladies laughing, one of them saying she was splashing pee on herself. Lady 2 was starting to finish and pull up as I walked by, I held my hand up beside my eyes to make it look like I was trying not to see them - but of course I did! That relaxed them, they otherwise would have freaked out. Going to the end of the alley I was again on their open side, watched lady 1 finish and pull up her jeans (about 5 more seconds) and the 3 ran back to the other end of the alley where they entered. That area was wet from others peeing there before them.
2:16 a.m.- Going over to the RTD block nothing was happening so I came back to the busy area. I was in the former big active parking lot, mostly empty with people scattered along the street outside the lot. Among them was 2 pretty ladies talking and trying to flag down a cab, after a few minutes they entered the parking lot holding hands. Both were kinda tall and slim, lady 1 blonde hair in a bun wearing black tight shorts and heels and lady 2 with black thick hair wearing a navy denim miniskirt and heels. Lady 1 was pointing back to the alley, I knew she had to pee. They walked through the lot to the alley, lady 1 suddenly taking off running into the lighted driveway behind the 2nd building which now has 2 dumpsters in it. She ran to the far side of one of the dumpsters unsnapping the front waist of her shorts, squatting down out of view while lady 2 stood guard on the alley side of the dumpster. After about 35 seconds the blonde stood up, walked out snapping up the front waist of her shorts and the 2 returned to the sidewalk outside the lot where they shortly got a cab.

During my early pee sightings years I snapped several shots of women des[erate to pee in both these alleys, including the driveway where this blonde just peed. That was pre-cop days, now with them gone - they once again weren't there this week - it's like the good old days again.
Sunday, 2:02 a.m.- Outside the (former) big active parking lot I was watching that alley across the street behind the warehouse dance club and once again it delivered: from the crowds walking by coming from the busy area a 20's couple turned into the alley. The guy was pointing at the dumpsters, his lady - a petite blonde in a short white print knit dress, went into the alley and up between 2 of the dumpsters holding the bottom sides of her dress.
She pulled it up to just below her butt before disappearing between the dumpsters, turning around with her back to the building and squatting down. The guy went to the next dumpster and peed, she stood up and waited for him to finish so he could stand guard in the gap in front of her then she squatted down and peed.
3:07 a.m.- I hung around longer than usual with the people lingering around trying to get a late sighting, finally left and headed back to my car. Approaching a driveway area of a drive-through bank that is across the street from where I now park, I saw 2 ladies standing behind some tall bushes bordering the drive-through area. As I entered the driveway they saw me, one of the ladies got panicky and was quickly pulling on her gray stripe short dress around the butt area, adjusting the panties underneath; lady 2 was standing next to her paying no attention to me. I quickly realized what was going on when I saw a fresh puddle by lady 1's feet, a small splatter spot on the curb and a stream running down the gutter by the driveway towards me: she just peed! Both ladies were late 20's, about 5' 7" and on the slim side, the one who peed with long blonde hair. On the other side of the tall bushes is an alley, then a parking lot to a small bar on that half of the block with a small crowd of people from the bar by their cars in that parking lot talking, the ladies quickly left and went over there. The 2 had apparently left the crowd and come over here so the blonde could pee, how lucky can I get considering I'm usually gone by now? I'll now have to start paying attention to the crowds at this bar now!

Stunning luck:
A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from a lady I met online earlier in the year, we had stopped talking due to things she had been going through. We've been writing each other again, finally she called me Saturday and we had a several hour conversation before I went out for my sightings. She says she has been thinking about me and misses me, we've never met because we live in different cities but in the same state. We've written and talked some about my pee interests, a safe thing to do since she's miles away right? She said what made her think of me was times when she was bursting to pee, she's think "Kevin would like this!" I was shocked when she told me that!
She says she's now interested in something happening with us, is "intrigued" by my pee interests. We'll see what happens here, it reminds me of the early days of desperate when I used to get lots of e-mails from guys who thought I had a stable of "peeing women" or asked me for advice on how to get their women into peeing.
This one seems to be dropping into my lap, I think if a lady really likes you and is an open-minded type she would entertain that, but don't go there unless she show interest in it. This lady kept bringing it up and asking me more questions about the kinds of ladies and desperate situations I like to see, and of course she had to pee and I made her hold it until she finally dropped the phone and ran to the bathroom. When she got back she said, "You like that, making me hold it until I almost peed my pants didn't you?"
Geez, some excitement I wasn't expecting! It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

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