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A powerful pee stream was running out in front of her.

Dear Readers,

That's all I can say about Halloween weekend, which turned out to be the year's best...in late October! 11 sightings for the weekend to finish out the month tying my October sightings record with 24, 124 sightings now for the year making this my 11th best sightings year (out of 19) if I don't get another sighting. 10 of the sightings came on Saturday night, the best single night of the year and a total surprise! And true sightings destiny as I got the weekend's final sighting near where my car was parked as I was leaving to go home, after I left the sightings area!

The 24 sightings make October the year's 2nd best sightings month behind July's 25, the other year I had 24 October sightings (1998) it tied for that year's 2nd best month also (with June) behind July's 31 sightings. After not having a single month with 20 sightings since September 2007 this is my 4th consecutive month with more than 20 sightings (July thru October), haven't done that in 10 years when it happened June thru September in 2001. 92 sightings over this year's 4-month span, 104 sightings over that 4 month period in 2001. That was my best ever sightings year with 181 sightings, I had a 14-sightings night at Oktoberfest's first weekend that year where I snapped 2 of the year's 20 shots. The last time I had a 10-sightings night was New Years' Eve 2005, 15 sightings that night which is my best-ever night, and the 10 Saturday night sightings are a single-night record for October.

It was a cool weekend with night temps around 40, some Halloween parties on Friday night in the sightings area but as expected most all were Saturday night. It was a big crowd but not as big as the last 3 years, this was only the 6th biggest crowd this year: but far more ladies peed this year, this is the most ever sightings on a Halloween party night in the sightings area with 8 of the 11 ladies who peed dressed in Halloween costumes...I've always believed it's easier for ladies to do things like that when pretending to be somebody else, which is what Halloween has become. I was wrong about the rollback to standard time, it’s the first weekend of November which is next weekend. I snapped puddle shots of 2 of the sightings but decided not to include them today because this is such a long report, with so many stories on to them. 1 sighting Friday night and 10 Saturday, an update of my situation follows the stories:

Saturday, 1:50 a.m.- at the busy block end of active alley a group of 2 ladies and a guy stopped outside the alley and one of the ladies went in. She was a tall slim mid 20's black lady wearing a navy police uniform mini-dress with high heeled tall boots, the dark sunglasses and brimmed police hat. She went to the far side of the dumpster by the corner building, hiked up her dress and squatted down, taking about a 20 second piss.

Sunday, 12:58 a.m.- making my first pass through the busy area after arriving I was observing the mostly-full big active parking lot. I looked across the street at that big lot, just in time to see a guy standing guard between 2 cars near the end of one of the back rows. I could see a lady standing behind him and squatted legs between the 2, reflected light from a nearby light pole showing a piss puddle by the squatted legs. I crossed the street to just outside that lot for a better look, got an angle where I could see the 20's lady squatted behind the guy in a mostly front view with thighs spread, a mostly sitting position. I couldn't see her stream but the puddle was growing and I could see drops splashing up from the ground where her pee stream was hitting. This was an intense piss, finally after about 10 more seconds she stood up and pulled up her panties under her red flared miniskirt with white furry trim around the bottom: a cross between a Santa Claus like skirt or a playboy bunny outfit. The 3 walked out from the cars, she was a mid 20's blonde with long hair in pigtails on each side of her head, white blouse, white knee socks and black shoes with a buckle on them completed her costume. I went to the cars and found her average sized puddle, 2 thin streams running just a few inches from it. Getting this sighting right after getting to the area told me I was probably in for a big night.

1:57 a.m.- at the former big active lot people were walking by across the street at the warehouse music hall. A 20's lady suddenly runs into active alley behind the music hall, inspecting the dumpsters behind the building. She then waves to another lady, a petite blonde wearing black leggings with beige shorts over them painted to look like a diaper, who runs over and goes between the dumpsters and squats down with the first lady standing guard. She came out pulling up her shorts after about 15 seconds.

2:13 a.m.- on the RTD block 2 ladies and a guy entered that corner parking lot across the street. They headed back towards the alley, I tried to cross the street but had to wait for traffic to pass as I watched them turn into the alley. When I finally got across the street and went through the lot and looked into the alley, one of the ladies and the guy were standing in the alley near the 2nd building down waiting. About 10 seconds later the other lady comes out from a dumpster by there, snapping up the front of her jeans. They walk back towards me, going through the lot back out to the street. The lady who peed was petite with shoulder length black hair, one of the few ladies who peed this weekend that wasn't wearing a costume.

2:20 a.m.- at the north end of the RTD block 2 mid 20's ladies were walking by the alley across the street and one of them turned in. Both were wearing black leotard outfits with Mickey-Mouse ears on their hair, black shorts over the leotards with white words over the butt. Lady 1 went up to those dumpsters behind the corner bank building and squatted while lady 2 stood guard in front of her. She took a long time, about 2 minutes before coming out. They went out to several guys wearing red capes and a 3rd lady wearing the same leotard outfit, they crossed the street and passed me and I could see the words 'three' on the butt of one lady's shorts, 'blind' on lady 2's shorts and 'mice' on the 3rd lady's shorts.

Walking through the busy block on my way to leave, things got interesting:
2:36 a.m.- 2 guys and a lady who had been talking for awhile were now walking down the busy bock to leave. As they passed the corner block and big alleyway between the corner and 2nd building the guy pointed up there and one of the ladies went up there while the guy and other lady waited by the corner bar (jazz club). Several cars were parked in the alleyway and the lady went between 2 of them, unsnapping the front of her jeans and squatting down between 2 cars. Long piss, about a minute before she stood up and came out. She was a petite Latino lady as was the other lady, them and the guy early 20's. I stayed on the block because several ladies were lingering outside the closed bars.

2:52 a.m.- A guy was standing guard in front of a gap between buildings across the street. As I walked past there I saw what looked like a shadow of somebody between those buildings, waited on the corner across the street. After about 30 seconds he moved away, a lady comes out wearing a surgical scrub uniform tying up the drawstring waist of the pants; she was peeing back there! She was mid 20's, average height, black shoulder length hair.

2:54 a.m.- While watching them, 2 ladies and a guy I saw earlier on the block went into the front doorway of a building about 2 doors down. I walked back down the block where I could see into the doorway, the guy and one of the ladies were standing guard and I could see lower legs and feet behind them. The peeing lady was an early 20's hippie-looking blonde wearing an ankle-length long skirt, I waited them out and about 25 seconds later the 2 moved and the hippie lady was standing in the doorway pulling her skirt back into place before the 3 walked off. I wanted to go over there to look for her piss puddle in the doorway, but some exciting drama was building right behind me in what would be the most exciting part of the night...hell, probably the most exciting sequence of the year!

2:58 a.m.- 3 ladies were near me who had been standing outside a closed bar. One of them, a slim blonde wearing a minidress costume with black stockings and high heels under a baggy white jacket, announced she had to pee. She tried to go back in the bar and got panicky when they wouldn't let her in, saying she was going to pee on herself. Drama ensued from there with banter among the other ladies about where to go and what to do. Finally she started whining and getting hysterical, saying she was going to pee on herself. One of the other ladies suggested going back to the alley behind the block (Valentines' alley) and the group started walking towards me to the corner. As they passed me the desperate blonde was trying to talk one of the other ladies into peeing with her, but they wouldn't. As they turned up the corner towards the alley a guy who had been trying to flag down a cab also got interested, walked over and started talking to me. He asked if I was hanging around because I was interested in this desperate lady, then said, "Do you write a blog or something? It might be interesting to be down here with a video camera for some of these things." This cracked me up, I guess that's what you could call these reports but I've been doing this before the word 'blog' was ever invented!

The blonde now turned past the corner building into the alley behind it, none of the other ladies going with her! I started walking towards there, the guy looking at me. "You want to see this too, don't you!" he said walking with me. Now I didn't want him there, couldn't get out the camera! So I crossed the street, him shaking my hand and telling me he had to see the sighting. As I crossed I saw the blonde, squatted right by the back of the corner >>>>building facing the street in a mostly front view. A powerful pee stream was already running out in front of her, she didn't react to me or this guy seeing her, she was so desperate she didn't care. He went across Valentines' alley and just stood by a generator by the building there staring at her while she peed, she took nearly 2 minutes to empty her bladder. I watched her stand up, she didn't pull up any panties so was she naked under that minidress? She went back out to the sidewalk with her friends, the guy went over to talk to them. Finally the group walked back to the corner and back on the busy block, I went over to look at her puddle - average sized, smaller than I expected for such a long piss. I snapped a shot of it, just as I walked out of there the ladies came back around the corner walking towards there again.

3:12 a.m.- All 3 went up behind the building where the blonde just peed, somebody else must have to pee. They did, it was the tall proper lady in the group who wasn't wearing a costume: Long brown hair wearing a white shirt and dark-colored short skirt and boots. An SUV was parked by the building and she went to the far side of it starting to hike up her skirt, but 2 guys walking by noticed what was going on and stopped outside the alley to watch. The blonde who peed earlier got into a shouting match with them, telling them to "Just keep walking" while the lady about to pee stood by the SUV watching. Finally the guys walked off and she went further down to the 2nd building and hiked up her skirt and squatted, taking about 15 seconds before standing up and pulling her skirt back down. The 3 walked off, I went over to find her puddle and found it among another fresh puddle of piss that had been made shortly before.

3:27 a.m.- I got back to my car and started to drive off. 2 guys and a lady were coming down the street towards the intersection I would be stopping at, the lady suddenly stopped and squatted right there on the sidewalk. I thought she was going through a purse or something, but when she didn't get up and was still squatted after about 25 seconds I shut off the car. Finally around 40 seconds she stood up, I could see she was wearing another short dress costume with white stockings - a mid 20's blonde. The guys stood next to her talking while she squatted, the whole thing was so casual. I watched them walk off, she didn't pull up any panties when she stood up. But I think she peed as long as she was squatted, I got out of the car with the camera and walked over there. I was shocked to see a big puddle of pee, it wasn't on the sidewalk but just off the sidewalk on an empty parking lot; she just hiked up her skirt and peed when they were walking down the sidewalk! I snapped a shot of her big pee puddle, what a night...10 sightings!!

Next weekend is forecast to be cold and snowy so I won't be out. I will finally start the process of moving from here next weekend, unfortunately to my sister's house. I tried everything I could to prevent this, but just can not get any kind of job for 16 months now. I've had to deal with the bank's law firm about this house, ownership of it is being transferred to the bank and the process will be completed by mid November to mid-December and I set November as the month I will leave as I will not pay any November bills. The last job I applied for that I mentioned a few weeks ago, there is work available and they are short of a lot of people but (as usual) I have not heard from them either. I have been getting killed in this job market because I don't know anybody at the companies I apply to, that's 1000 times more important than qualifications as I'm overqualified for just about every job I apply for; either I'm ignored or I end up on waiting lists and if hires are made it's somebody else. Sis is still insisting I have to pay her rent whether I have a job or not, so this could get ugly quickly: I could be out on the street homeless by Thanksgiving. She still believes there are jobs out there I could get tomorrow, even though this last one that is going nowhere was one of her recommendations. Makes 100% sense to me why this economy is bad, companies do not care one whit about adding educated and talented people unless they know and/or like them, the primary concern is doing what they do on the cheap with no job security for employees. Educated people like me are perceived to be too expensive and wanting more job security than what today's mostly piecemeal jobs offer, my battle remains on keeping my sanity and dealing with my critics who still believe I'm in this situation because I'm lazy and stupid. Nobody has helped me at all, I remain 100% on my own for everything and that probably won't change. I'm doing OK in every area except this stupid job area, I remain trapped in hopelessness until something materializes there, but nothing has shown any signs of improving for 16 months now.

Not sure when I'll be out for sightings again. Last weekend made me realize I don't want to be out as much on cold nights as I used to be. It's been a great year of sightings, the ladies have told me loud and clear by peeing more (65% more than last year) they want me to keep going out so I will! They've brought me much happiness in this very troubled year, the best thing about this year for me definitely.

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