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It was very erotic when the woman finally got to pee.

Dear Readers,
no sightings the last 3 weekends but I decided to write today with my March preview.
This is the time of year when I think about retiring from sightings because it's too cold to go out much and the crowds are small with low energy, but as usual the time away makes me ready to see more desperate ladies.
I finish February with the 6 record-tying sightings I got early in the month, starting with Valentines' day weekend cold moved in (not that much snow) the final 3 weekends of the month so I didn't go out at all. We're in another of those frustrating weather patterns where it's warm during the week and cold on the weekends (night temps in the teens), typical for February and why it's been my worst sightings month.
But despite my limited outings this year I start March with 10 sightings already, far better than the 2 I had on this date last year and surprisingly, if I have an 'average' March I'll be back on pace for 100 sightings again, if my sightings pace the rest of this year is the same as last year's record-low pace that led to just 89 sightings for the year. Winter months can make a big difference and already it looks like this year will be a much better sightings year as I haven't gone out as much as last year so far. I'm rested and enjoying not having the usual cold symptoms I usually have from the nights out in the cold, ready to start seeing ladies pee again! No, this still isn't out of my system...
The momentum has been kept alive by a few female surveys I've gotten during February, from ladies who wrote about passionate peeing experiences.
I remain amazed by how many ladies are into peeing, most of them teens or early 20's which means this fetish is growing within yet another generation.
One girl wrote circumstances forced her one day to hold her pee longer than she wanted, to the point of pain and feeling like she was going to burst. It was very erotic when she finally got to pee, she said, and since then she likes holding it to that point of pain and has wet herself a few times and finds that sexy.
And 2 ladies in their 40's are hooked too, one writing she was so desperate when she went into a public bathroom one day she peed on the sink counter when she found all the stalls occupied and found it sexy to have to do that. The other 40's lady wrote she delights in seeing beautiful women in tight jeans desperate, she wants to grab their aching crotches and make them pee all over her hand.
Another lady wrote that she "sits down to pee, that's the way women do it: we sit and men stand." What is it about female desperation and peeing that is so powerful to people, so much more fascinating than men peeing?
On to my March preview:
110 sightings and 10 shots in the previous 16 years for averages of 6.9 sightings and .6 shot. Bests for the month are 17 sightings and 3 shots, worsts are 1 sighting and no shots. Last year I had 3 sightings and no shots. It's been hard to believe in these recessionary times that I'm off to a faster start with my sightings, really haven't seen much of a downturn in people going to the sightings area so far - that could change the next time I'm there since it's been almost a month now. Weather should be good enough to get out next weekend, it's March now and it's starting to get a little less cold as the days get longer. I'm expecting to see activity slow down in the sightings area at some point this year because of the slow economy, but if it continues not to I should have a revitalized sightings year. Hopefully I'll have some good sightings to write about next week.

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