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She had an average sized piss and pee puddle for a female.

Dear Readers,
I finally write again. The return of winter snow and cold wiped out the last 2 weekends but I was able to get out both nights last weekend, getting 3 sightings to start April. I finish March with 8 sightings, above it's monthly average which I've done in 2 of 3 months in this early year.

This weekend's 3 sightings give me 21 for the year, I had just 9 on this date last year and didn't get my 21st until May 25 so I'm almost 2 months ahead of last year's pace. No shot opportunities on any of the unspectacular sightings (I've gotten used to that), but it's still early in the year with cool weather.
My April preview will follow this week's stories.
Decent weather last weekend, in the low 40's both nights but now it gets warmer every weekend with the days getting longer. Friday night actually had a bigger crowd than Saturday night, both nights about typical for April but the crowd size about 80 below the average of this year's late hour lady-counts. I saw pee puddles (mostly male) in a lot of places, which means eventually ladies will pee too. The interesting thing this week is 2 of the ladies who peed were in an all-male group and peed in front of them, are ladies getting more comfortable about peeing in front of men? That could be another outcome of the popularity of female peeing I helped start, if I see more of that this year I'll say it's a trend. 1 sighting Friday night and 2 in Saturday night's smaller crowd, why do the smaller crowds so often produce more sightings?

On to the stories: Friday, 2:15 a.m .- At the north end of the RTD block I looked into the alley across the street. Good timing, a lady emerged from between dumpsters behind the corner bank building. She was zipping up the front of her jeans so it was clear she just peed, she was early 20's and average height with black below-shoulder frizzy hair. A guy was standing right by her in the alley, then a 2nd guy emerges from the other side of the dumpster and they all walk out of the alley towards me. She was comfortable peeing with and in front of them, I had seen several guys pee there before them so I didn't go over to look for her puddle.

Saturday, 1:47 a.m. - I had gone over to the parking lot across the street from 2 big corner dance clubs as the crowds were spilling out into the streets. A gray car had been parked in the lot in a space by the sidewalk with a lady and 2 guys inside that had been there for awhile, I noticed them when I passed by that area earlier. The lady, a slim long-haired blonde in her 20's, was sitting in the front passenger seat with a guy in the driver's seat and another in the back seat, as I walked by them this time the lady had the front passenger door open sitting on the seat with her legs out to the side looking down at the ground. I figured she was going to pee and stopped by the alley a few spaces from their car, she stood up and was holding the side waists of her black leggings ready to push them down. She said something to the guy in the driver's seat and he got out and went around the back of the car, while the guy in the back seat opened the back door on the passenger side - now I knew she was going to pee, shielded between the open front and back doors. The driver went around and stood behind the open back door to guard there, she quickly pushed down her leggings exposing part of her bare hips for a second before sitting down on the car seat with her legs out to the side. I walked back by the front of the car, saw her head above the open car door window as she was bent forward looking down at the ground. I could see her spread feet below the door and heard splattering but couldn't see her stream, the other guy standing guard behind the open rear door behind her had been watching her pee but stared at me as I walked by so I had to keep moving and couldn't stop to look for her stream. I walked a few cars down and turned and walked back by the front of that row of cars to the alley, still heard splattering and still couldn't see her stream but there was now a puddle between her spread feet and she was still peeing. The guy standing guard behind the back door was staring at her peeing and didn't notice me this time, about 10 seconds later she stood up and pulled up her leggings and got in the car and pulled the door shut. The guy behind the back door went around and got in the driver's seat as the guy in the back seat closed that door, but they sat there and didn't leave. I walked back past there as I left, seeing her splatter spot on the pavement below her door. I wanted to examine the puddle more closely, so I came back before I left for my car, but they were still sitting there so I never got to. But another lady who had no problem peeing in front of the guys with her!

2:33 a.m .- I had noticed another car of people hanging around, this one parked on the street with the group in it standing on the sidewalk talking. 4 ladies were in the group so I waited them out, I was on the corner and they were in the middle of the block. 2 of the ladies left the group and started walking towards the other end where a parking lot was between the corner and 2nd buildings, I figured somebody had to pee and started walking to that end of the block. As I passed the group the 2 ladies indeed turned into the parking lot, I hurried to that end of the block. Getting there I looked in, 2 cars were parked in middle spaces in the 1-row lot by the 2nd building and one of the ladies was standing in the gap between the 2 cars by the back bumpers facing the sidewalk. She saw me immediately as I passed by the driveway and started laughing nervously, lady 2 must have been squatted between the cars in front of her... yes, as I could see a thin stream running out from underneath the 1st car towards the end of the lot by me and the sidewalk. I had to stop by the corner building out of the view of lady 1 since she saw me, never want to let them know I'm aware somebody is peeing! I turned and walked back by the driveway, now they were both walking out and I stopped and let them pass by me. Both were quite young (barely 21 if that), lady 2 who peed was average height with short blonde hair and a stocky build wearing tight black jeans. Again they laughed nervously as they walked by me, embarrassed about peeing in a parking lot like she just did. I went in the lighted lot and found her puddle between the 2 parked cars, a small splatter spot with a single thin stream running underneath the car across about the next 2 car spaces. A guy had peed by there earlier, his evaporating puddle and stream next to hers and nearly twice the size with his thicker stream running almost 2 feet further than hers. She had an average sized piss and puddle for a female, took about 20 seconds to empty her bladder.

April preview: 140 sightings and 10 shots in it's previous 16 years (before last weekend) for averages of 8.7 sightings and .6 shot, ranking it 7th in sightings and tied for 7th in shots. Bests for the month are 16 sightings and 2 shots, worsts are 1 sighting and no shots, last year I had 6 sightings and no shots. My last April shot was in 2003, a side view of a partially-squatted lady in a black skirt who had just finished and was standing up and pulling up her panties (desp200, album 11), the month hasn't produced many shot opportunities since then. I don't expect it to this year either, with 3 sightings for the month I should get to my monthly average with 2 weekends left. Weather still is a factor, but by month's end it starts getting warmer and I'm able to go out more and be out longer. The sightings this weekend were all obscured where I couldn't see what I wanted to see, but it's still exciting to know a lady is peeing and making a puddle somewhere she's not supposed to because she's desperate and knows she can't get to a bathroom. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and sexier sightings where I can see more, even though there have been no shot opportunities in almost a year I will be more picky about what I shoot: just the sexiest pisses of sexy ladies, that I can get great revealing angles of as I want shots that will stand out among my large collection. That bar remains pretty high, I've got a lot of stunning shots from years ago I can't believe today I was able to get. I think it's definitely harder to get those great shots now because today's younger ladies are more careful about outdoor peeing because being caught could mean becoming an unwanted internet star.
In the years I was snapping all those great stream shots I walked up on so many of those ladies undetected, they had no awareness anyone would see them peeing or be interested in it. Today's ladies do a better job of hiding themselves and having friends guard them and most of them are aware of who is nearby so I couldn't sneak up on them undetected. On the flip side more ladies don't care that people nearby know they're peeing, it's not embarrassing to them - they just make sure they're carefully guarded so they won't be disturbed while they pee. Makes it more interesting, I really could see just about anything these days!

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